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SCP-5003 Entry Tunnel

Item #: SCP-5003

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: The entrance to SCP-5003 has been sealed.

Description: SCP-5003 is a large piece of complex machinery 250m beneath Sublevel 39 of Site-19, capable of generating energy from an unknown source. SCP-5003 consists of three different components: a main power housing, a central control hub, and a vast tunnel system expanding from the control center.

The central control hub lies within a cavern located approximately 36km from the entrance with walls lined with wires and cables from the main power housing. Additionally, the cavern contains the following:

  • A control panel
  • Chairs
  • A whiteboard
  • Fluorescent lights
  • Four large scorch marks across the eastern and northern walls

The main power housing is presumed to be located in a chamber1 adjacent to the central control hub, since all cables in SCP-5003 have been traced back to that area. Initial attempts to locate an entrance to this chamber have failed. Therefore, there is no conclusive evidence that this is the power source of SCP-5003. The title "main power housing" has been given to the chamber for clearer communication.

The tunnel system is largely unexplored. Initial reconnaissance discovered that they are lit by fluorescent lights and lined with cables that are connected to the main power housing.

The only known entrance to SCP-5003 is through a metal door located in the service tunnels on Sublevel 39 of Site-19. Inspection of the Site-19 blueprints indicated that these tunnels were never originally meant to be part of the site's construction.

Testing to identify further effects of SCP-5003 is still underway.

Discovery: On 06/21/2014 Site-19 sensors picked up a spike in electromagnetic activity underneath the site. Searches of the lower levels of the site located the doorway to SCP-5003, which was open at time of discovery.

SCP-5003 Testing Operation: After the initial discovery of SCP-5003, Dr. Raven Koullette proposed a series of experiments to be run on SCP-5003 to determine the functionality of the control panel, and if the anomaly requires additional containment protocols. These experiments were to be carried out by a team consisting of Researcher Thomas DeWalt2, and D-34813 to act as a subject and assistant. Since the travel time from the entrance to the control center is approximately 7 hours, DeWalt and D-3481 were equipped with three days worth of water and rations, sleeping bags, flashlights and a standard-issue Foundation Fieldwork Radio to communicate test results back to Dr. Koullette. Testing was scheduled to take place over the course of two days.

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