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Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4996 is to be contained in a standard humanoid cell, with the door engraved with the glyphs depicted in Technical Document 4996-2. Any restraints placed on SCP-4996 must be constructed from iron that was quenched in river water.

Description: SCP-4996 is a Tartarean-Class demonic entity that will attempt to orchestrate deals with any person who comes near to them. Any deals will be interpreted by the meaning of the request, often resulting in a beneficial outcome for the other party, but this is accompanied by an unintended side effect1. These effects seem to be largely unrelated to the terms of the original deal, though the effects' severity will often scale with the deal's complexity.

Discovery: SCP-4996 was discovered on 10.07.2019, after a raid on a cult known as The Watchers of Purgatory was conducted by Mobile Task Force Upsilon-11 ("Avalon's Wake") after the disappearance of the first team, Omicron-1. The following video was recovered from the ruins of the warehouse.

The Task Force member in the above video was confirmed to be from Omicron-1. SCP-4996 was found sitting in the kitchen of the ritual site, smoking a cigarette and playing solitaire. The tome used to summon SCP-4996 has been cataloged and transcripts are available to all personnel with Level 2 clearances.

Addendum-01 | Interview-01: The following interview was conducted after SCP-4996 was transported to Site-12 in an attempt to discover the whereabouts of the missing Task Force, as well as additional information.

Addendum-02 | Test Logs: A sample of conducted tests is provided below. SCP-4996 was not prompted or coerced at any point and only willing personnel were utilized.

Test Number: 00 - Not Authorized

Subject: Jeffrey Helms, Security Guard.

Request: A candy bar wrapper that, when kept in a pocket, will produce a new candy bar instantaneously.

Price: A small portion of the original candy bar.

Outcome: Helms developed a minor cavity on his upper left molar. Originally believed to be nonanomalous, all known dental techniques have proven incapable of filling the cavity. Helms has described the cavity as "a super minor inconvenience."

Test Number: 03

Subject: D-27631, convicted of three homicides. Permitted in testing based on loyalty to the Foundation and good behavior.

Request: Peace for the families he had hurt.

Price: N/A

Outcome: SCP-4996 declined and said that this was outside of its abilities, but offered to make D-27631 forget about it, which D-27631 accepted. A ten-year gap in memory was noted in the subject. Following the test, other D-Class began to have dreams consistent with D-27631's forgotten memories.

Test Number: 05

Subject: Doctor Bradley Robins

Request: The ability to paint at a professional level.

Price: A painting for SCP-4996's cell, subject of said painting not specified.

Outcome: Dr. Robins gained the ability to paint with a technique and style similar to Rembrandt. In the week following the test, a zipper manifested across Dr. Robins' torso. Over the course of the next six days, the contents of his torso (lungs, heart, digestive system) transformed into a liquid chemically similar to oil-based paint and permeated his bloodstream, leaving his torso completely hollow. Dr. Robins noted no loss of functionality and has begun to use the space to store art supplies.

Test Number: 07

Subject: Doctor Janet Shelby

Request: To be five centimeters taller.

Price: N/A

Outcome: Dr. Shelby began to experience rapid skeletal growth, with the bones of her forearms and calves bursting through the skin in less than ten seconds. Examination of Dr. Shelby showed that her skin was "rippling like water," with all of her bones shattering and reforming several times every second. The repeated fracturing of all skeletal structures within Dr. Shelby's body generated cracking sounds in excess of 165 decibels at ten meters away. After thirty minutes, bone fragments exited the body through various orifices and solidified on her skin. After ten minutes, Dr. Shelby was completely covered in a calcium-based exoskeleton.

All growth and movement stopped fifteen minutes later. After six hours, Dr. Shelby emerged from the exoskeleton and immediately informed the other researchers that she had felt no pain during the process. Testing showed that she was in perfect health, with the only abnormality being that her skin was now primarily composed of a calcium-based material that was able to harden reflexively to prevent damage. Total growth was marked at six centimeters.

Test Number: 10

Subject: Doctor Jeremy Blake, Marine Parabiologist

Request: The ability to breathe underwater.

Price: A pool party that SCP-4996 could attend.

Outcome: Dr. Blake manifested gills on his wrists that sealed completely when not submerged. During the three tests of this ability, Dr. Blake was harassed by seven species of fish, two species of sharks, and one octopus. Upon reviewing the footage, Dr. Blake concluded that each animal was attempting to engage in sexual intercourse with him. This effect does not seem to extend to aquatic mammals.

Addendum: Dr. Blake was hospitalized on 29.11.2019 after an encounter with a Physeter macrocephalus on a research expedition.

Test-11 - Redacted
Staff are no longer allowed to request anything related to their bodies or psyche.

Test Number: 12

Subject: One Homarus Americanus

Request: Not Disclosed.

Price: N/A

Outcome: No visible physical changes were initially noted within Specimen-12. SCP-4996 did not share the details of the deal with staff members, only remarking that “she [the lobster] should have an easier time changing clothes now.” Specimen-12, previously suffering from a parasite, displayed no signs of infection afterwards. Following the test, termination was attempted via boiling water to no effect. Specimen-12 currently resides in a large aquarium on site.

Test Number: 13

Subject: Doctor Amanda Waleck

Request: To return her pet cat, Elvis, to life.

Price: To pet said cat following its resurrection.

Outcome: No signs of life were detected from the cat. That night, Dr. Waleck reported that possums with the tails of cats began to manifest in her proximity whenever she was alone. Several of these opossums, of the species Didelphis virginiana, were captured for study. All instances, designated SCP-4996-P, are capable of verbal communication, speaking an unknown amount of languages with the voice of the late Elvis Presley, but prefer to communicate with humans and other SCP-4996-P instances with deep human-like meows3. Instances disappear after one hour.

Addendum-03 | Interview-02: The following interview was conducted after Test-13.

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