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Item #: SCP-4995

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: All routine interaction with persons affected by SCP-4995 is to be performed remotely or by D-class personnel. Exposure to SCP-4995-affected persons for continuous periods of 15 minutes or greater is prohibited; personnel inadvertently exposed require quarantine in a Faraday-shielded environment for no fewer than 14 days until their infection status can be determined. Individuals affected by SCP-4995 are to be housed in Faraday-shielded humanoid containment cells and receive standard amenities for humanoid anomalies. Regular medical assessments should be conducted and a dedicated medical emergency team is to be present onsite to respond to incidents.

Description: SCP-4995 is an anomalous infectious medical syndrome. The pathogenesis of SCP-4995 and its routes of transmission are poorly understood, as no infectious agent has been observed, but being in proximity (a distance of <10m) to an infected person is sufficient to contract SCP-4995, with the likelihood of this increasing with time. The use of personal protective equipment and other biohazard safety precautions has not been shown to impede transmission of SCP-4995.

The main symptom of SCP-4995 infection is the spontaneous generation of currency in the digestive, respiratory and urinary tracts. This appears in the form of coins of various denominations, with US dollars, euros, British pounds and Chinese renminbi being most common. Amounts of between US $0.01 and $241.40 have been observed, with an average of $3. These manifestations occur with variable frequency, but are generally on a daily to weekly basis. Currency produced by SCP-4995 has no anomalous properties. When produced in the digestive tract, excretion occurs without incident, but the appearance of SCP-4995-related currency in the respiratory system may be lethal and requires immediate medical intervention. Manifestations involving the urinary system are particularly distressing to affected individuals and also require intervention to clear obstructions.

Approximately 75% of persons affected by SCP-4995 experience no noticeable symptoms beyond the anomalous appearance of currency and are classified as Stage 1. The remainder are classified as Stage 2 and are affected by a variety of medical conditions and their attendant symptoms related to organ dysfunction, most commonly including;

  • congestive heart failure
  • idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis and other restrictive lung diseases
  • malabsorption syndromes and malnutrition
  • chronic renal impairment

Symptoms of fatigue, hypersomnolence and cognitive slowing are also frequently noted.

These conditions do not possess inherent anomalous properties and are treatable by similar methods to their non-anomalous counterparts. However, Stage 2 SCP-4995 infection remains a progressive condition which leads to death by single organ failure or multiple organ dysfunction syndrome. The five-year survival of persons with Stage 2 SCP-4995 is 62% with ideal standards of medical care.

Studies of persons in Stage 1 have noted statistically significant reductions in cardiorespiratory function (as measured by vital signs, FEV1/FVC and peripheral oxygen saturation), renal function (measured by eGFR), weight and mental alertness, despite not meeting the threshold for clinical disorders.

Addendum 4995-1: On 06/09/2012, all individuals affected by SCP-4995 began to emit a 2.4 GHz WiFi signal. Prolonged exposure to this signal was found to increase the risk of SCP-4995 infection, and containment procedures were altered to incorporate Faraday cage shielding for affected persons. Attempting to access this network redirected browsers to a webpage containing a variety of messages, of similar format but differing in content between individuals. Example messages on a website associated with an affected individual (D-1855000) have been attached below.

D-1855000 professed no familiarity with the content of the messages, and efforts to trace persons involved have been unsuccessful.

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