SCP-4992-3 (left) next to SCP-4992-4 (right).

Item #: SCP-4992

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4992 is to be kept in a refrigerated, single-item drawer within B2 storage at Site-63. Removal is approved only for testing purposes, and with written permission from the Senior Containment Specialist and Lead Researcher.

Description: SCP-4992 is the designation given to four shallot (Allium cepa) bulbs, with each given a sub-designation; SCP-4992-1 through SCP-4992-4. SCP-4992 is visually indistinguishable from non-anomalous members of its species. Within moments of exposing or manipulating a clove of SCP-4992,1 an individual will report hearing music, designated SCP-4992-B, despite no detection of corresponding auditory signatures in the vicinity.

Instances of SCP-4992-B (thought to be auditory hallucinations) reportedly feature a minor tonality, sparse instrumentation, mournful lyrics that describe the hardships of low socioeconomic, rural life, and are of a heightened pitch relative to the included instruments.

SCP-4992-B may precipitate tearing, as is commonly observed with members of Allium cepa. However, tearing does not occur via syn-propanethial-S-oxide2 as, anomalously, no such molecules have been detected in, upon, or around SCP-4992. Furthermore, chemical reactivity to SCP-4992 has not been observed in the corneal nerve endings, as would otherwise be expected. Neural scans instead show increased activity in the auditory centers, the limbic system, and the substantia nigra.3 These findings are consistent with the brain's response to music.

Approximately 5% of SCP-4992-1, and 10% of SCP-4992-2 remain, as their anomalous properties were suspected only after being utilized for several dishes. SCP-4992-3 has been peeled of all its outer layers with a third removed by a utility knife. Aside from small incisions made during testing, SCP-4992-4 is undisturbed from its originally procured state. The relative rate of decay so far observed suggests that SCP-4992's shelf-life may exceed 1022 years.

The source of SCP-4992 could not be retraced, as Logistics expunges delivery receipts after shipments from Foundation front companies arrive at their destinations.


1. Initial Subject Interview

2. Research Update
Real-time monitoring of test subjects' auditory nerves has detected electrophysiological impulses that occur in rhythm with reported durations and tempos of SCP-B instances. This observation has disproved the previous assumption that SCP-B are auditory hallucinations, and has allowed researchers to convert the stimuli to objective auditory signatures.

3. SCP-4992-B Example Recording
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