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Item#: 4990
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SCP-4990-A1, the hypothetical initial site of the city state.

Special Containment Procedures: All beds Researcher Iga Niemczyk uses will be outfitted with various forms of monitoring equipment, positioned to view the underside of the bed and the space below it. This equipment will be enabled at the discretion of Research Team 4990 members. If awoken by anomalous activity, Niemczyk is to record details on the incident and notify researchers.

The location of the active SCP-4990-A is Site-201, where Researcher Niemczyk currently resides.

Description: SCP-4990 is a hypothetical city state which exists underneath any bed used by Researcher Iga Niemczyk. The beds, designated SCP-4990-A, must be used on a nightly basis for a period greater than one day to begin exhibiting anomalous properties. Switching to another bed will result in the initial instance losing its properties after two consecutive days of disuse. Switching beds daily results in properties being exhibited regardless of the one day time period.

All anomalies involving SCP-4990-A instances serve as evidence to the existence of SCP-4990. Signs of the city state have included the following:

  • Bright lights manifesting under SCP-4990-A instances, accompanied by sounds of traffic and speech interpreted to be swearing.
  • Small items (batteries, pens, socks, etc.) lost by Researcher Niemczyk within her domicile reappearing underneath the bed. All items will be marked with unidentified symbols and arabic numeral values, suspected to denote the objects as forms of currency or as materials that can be exchanged for currency.
  • Dust clump statuettes of crowned humanoid figures standing on pedestals, designed with a high level of detail.
  • Objects left under SCP-4990-A being branded with a yellow and cyan symbol of a crown placed over a bed.
    • Materials possessing text, such as books, will have the text altered to that of an as-of-yet untranslated language using the Polish alphabet. Images will be replaced with varying illustrations, including depictions of individuals praying around monuments resembling bedroom furniture, eleven individuals wearing pillow-shaped helmets, and maps of a rectangular city.
  • The sounds of cheering, music1, and fireworks on Researcher Niemczyk's birthday, along the feeling of said fireworks colliding with the bed. Examination of the bed mattress's has found burn marks on its underside following these events.

While the majority of SCP-4990 anomalies are localized under SCP-4990-A, at times they have spread beyond the boundaries of the instances. Moving lights and the noises of vehicles driving along the floor have been reported by Researcher Niemczyk, along with occasional sounds of conversation around her as she falls asleep.

If Researcher Niemczyk sleeps on a bed that lacks a gap between the bottom of the bed and the floor, she will hear the sounds of ritualistic chanting before the bed spontaneously breaks2. Sleeping on objects that cannot be considered an SCP-4990-A, such as the floor, will result in her hearing a voice3 shouting at her and the movements of tanks, which ends when she sleeps on an instance.

Attempts to verify the existence of SCP-4990 invariably fail. Active monitoring equipment placed under and around SCP-4990-A instances will not observe any abnormal phenomena when Researcher Niemczyk is sleeping, with the exception of dust being more prone to clumping together. Researcher Niemczyk has also been unable to see SCP-4990 in various attempts by her to observe the anomaly after being woken up. Research to determine the anomaly's exact nature is in progress.

Addendum.1: SCP-4990-A Recovered Items

Below is a condensed list of objects that have manifested underneath SCP-4990-A instances.

Item #: RO-4990-11

Description: Black and white photograph of two mountain climbers, smiling. One wears a pendant with a pillow-shaped medallion around their neck. Photo taken on top of Researcher Niemczyk's bedside lamp; her face is in view.

Item #: RO-4990-14

Description: Oil painting of a cityscape composed of skyscrapers, constructed in an art deco style, rising from the surface of a cellular phone and a TV remote. The underside of a bed stretches over the region, the main light sources being two massive kerosene lamps located behind the buildings. Both the phone and remote were objects Researcher Niemczyk had lost that week.

Item #: RO-4990-20

Description: Iron model. A person wearing a pillow-shaped helmet and holding a scepter, tipped with a rendition of Researcher Niemczyk's bedside alarm clock, sits in a throne similar in shape to a bed. This throne is built into the back of rodent whose feet are replaced with coins, positioned like wheels.

Item #: RO-4990-21

Description: Black and white photograph of a family of four embracing each other on the worn down stage of what seems to be a gameshow. Confetti falls from the ceiling and a large AA battery, with the currency symbol and "10000" written on it, is behind them.

Item #: RO-4990-22

Description: A flier. The upper half shows an AA battery with a cross over it, and an illustration of five individuals (one of which is wearing a pillow helmet) being blown up by a detonating battery. Below it is an image of earplugs with the currency symbol on it and a checkmark next to it.

A week later Researcher Niemczyk lost all of her earplugs.

Item #: RO-4990-23

Description: Limb-like machines built into the bed frame of SCP-4990-A32; the purpose these serve is unclear.

Item #: RO-4990-28

Description: 32 paper floor plans, each depicting Researcher Niemczyk's bedroom and hypothetical layouts for adjacent rooms. In all cases the rooms are accessible via the bedroom door. The continued appearances of such floor plans underneath SCP-4990-A32 indicates a high level of popularity for these floor plans within SCP-4990, assuming SCP-4990 exists in the manner it is hypothesized to be.

Item #: RO-4990-34

Description: Black and white photograph on newsprint. The photo is taken in a slum built from various enlarged household objects, showing a man driving a motorcycle-like vehicle constructed from a damaged earbud. A burning flag of Researcher Niemczyk's crowned head is on the vehicle's back. Bystanders can be seen cheering. A circle drawn with a red marker surrounds the man's head.

Item #: RO-4990-35

Description: Dust clump statuette of a crowned humanoid figure, broken in half. Barricade tape and small tank tread imprints in the floor surround the statue.

Item #: RO-4990-36

Description: A bloodied male human skull buried under large quantities of sand. The skull's cranium had been cut open and nailed back together, the interior filled with polyester stuffing matching that of Researcher Niemczyk's pillows. Analysis of the blood found that it had been likely exsanguinated from a human body recently, on the night of the skull's manifestation.

Item #: RO-4990-37

Description: Dust clump statuette of a crowned humanoid figure, repaired. The imprints were found to be missing.

Item #: RO-4990-41

Description: Mechanical legs that replaced the legs of SCP-4990-A32's bed frame, with flood lamps attached to each side of the bed and a miniature diesel electrical generator on the underside. Upon manifestation SCP-4990-A32 began to move towards the bedroom door, which ceased when Researcher Niemczyk woke up and turned on the bedroom lights. SCP-4990-A32 has been replaced with SCP-4990-A33.

Addendum.2: Incident 4990/O/1

On 16/Sept/2014, sounds of gunfire and shouting were heard by Researcher Niemczyk and monitoring equipment while she was attempting to sleep. Three minutes later a male individual (henceforth PoI-4990) crawled out from underneath the bed, carrying a pillow made of solid gold, emblazoned with the crown and bed symbol. He was quickly apprehended by security personnel. An interrogation was performed, though no information was obtained due to PoI-4990's inability to understand English; their spoken language was similar to Dutch.

After being brought to a holding cell, he feigned falling asleep then crawled under the cell's bed. The pillow, which had been confiscated, apportated into the holding cell and was dragged under the bed as well. Hidden microphones in the cell recorded cheering, songs similar to military marching music, and what is presumed to be a national anthem. Of note is that this anthem is greatly different to the one heard from SCP-4990.

SCP-4990 activity has lessened in the days after the incident. PoI-4990 and the pillow have not reappeared.

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