There have to be more bodies for the wall.

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The following file is Level 4/4989 classified. Unauthorized access is forbidden.


Item #: SCP-4989 Level 4/4989
Object Class: Keter Neutralised Classified


Photograph found on the body of an SCP-4989-A instance, believed to show the approach to Site 89.

Special Containment Procedures: Following the events of Incident 4989-911, SCP-4989 is believed to be Neutralised. However, previous containment measures must remain in place:

A Foundation task force is still to monitor communications channels for any SCP-4989 incidents among the general public. All Foundation personnel are to remain on a heightened level of alertness and combat readiness, especially those in active combat roles, in case of an SCP-4989 incident targeting them.

Should an SCP-4989 incident occur in the vicinity of any Foundation personnel, they are to remove themselves from the vicinity as soon as possible. On no account allow any SCP-4989-A instances to make physical contact with you. If you survive an SCP-4989 incident, please file a report with Director Simon Kells Director Mary Mackenzie, Project Lead on SCP-4989.

Description: SCP-4989 refers to a series of anomalous events. These events consist of the sudden manifestation of multiple humanoids (hereafter referred to as SCP-4989-A instances) in the vicinity of a particular individual or individuals. SCP-4989-A instances will then attempt to make physical contact with their target(s), and if they are successful will demanifest, taking their target(s) with them.

SCP-4989-A entities all wear identical uniforms, emblazoned with the logo of the SCP Foundation. These uniforms appear to be designed for cold weather usage, and prevent any outside observers from seeing the entity beneath. As SCP-4989-A instances are able to demanifest at will, and appear to automatically demanifest upon suffering serious or fatal injury, no detailed observations or interrogrations have been made to date.

Approximately 79% of SCP-4989 events over the past 3 decades have targeted Foundation personnel, all of whom operated principally in combat-orientated roles. A further 16% of events have targeted members of the ORIA, 3% have targeted members of other GoIs, and 2% have targeted individuals with links to national militaries. No other trends have been noted in SCP-4989 events.

SCP-4989 events have been recorded as far back as 476 CE; a total of 909 events are known to have taken place, although the real figure is estimated to be much higher. Sharp increases in the number of events can be seen after the advent of firearms and following the establishment of the Foundation and the ORIA.

Addendum 1: Please note that due to the retirement of Dr. Mary Mackenzie, Dr. Simon Kells has temporarily taken over as Project Manager for SCP-4989. Due to Dr. Kells' impending [REDACTED] and his involvement with the design of the planned Site 89, a replacement is expected to be found by 24/12/2018.

Addendum 2: The following is a list of particularly notable SCP-4989 incidents.

Addendum 3: On 09/07/2018, an SCP-4989-A instance abruptly manifested outside the office of Dr. Kells. This instance had been fatally wounded with a gunshot to the chest. Unlike all other SCP-4989-A instances to date, it did not demanifest upon death. An autopsy revealed it to be an ordinary human female; analysis of teeth and DNA revealed that she had grown up in West Africa at some point in the 13th century.

Within the pockets of the instance's suit was an unknown electronic apparatus (which had been damaged irreparably by the gunshot) a photograph of the location of the planned Site 89 (see above) as well as three documents bearing an unknown Foundation letterhead. Their contents have been logged below.

Following this incident, Dr. Kells took the decision to cancel the planned construction of Site 89 and to forbid any further use of Item-89939, in an attempt to prevent further SCP-4989 manifestations.

Addendum 4: On 23/12/2018, an SCP-4989 event occurred outside Dr. Kells' office in Site 75. This event was notable for the highly unusual pattern of behaviour demonstrated by the SCP-4989-A instance, which communicated with Dr. Kells for several minutes. A video and audio feed had been installed by Dr. Kells in his office; a log of it can be found below.

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