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Portion of SCP-4984-L.

Item #: SCP-4984

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Any personnel observing SCP-4984 instances at a distance of 2 meters or closer are to wear Level A vapour-tight hazmat suits.

Provisional containment areas are to be dedicated to housing SCP-4984 instances covering area larger than 100 m2. The perimeter of an SCP-4984 containment area is to be marked with simple concrete paving and equipped with detection devices at 10-meter intervals. Should growth from an SCP-4984 instance exceed the inner perimeter network, a biohazard team is to be dispatched.

Approved destruction of SCP-4984 instances is to be carried out using chemical dispersal units placed at the edge of an established outer perimeter border. After destruction procedures are completed, the instance of SCP-4984 is to remain under observation for two years. If significant reemergence is noted, the destruction procedures are to be re-initiated.

Preemptive searches for newly manifested instances of SCP-4984 are to be carried out at least once yearly. Any unique hyphae structures or still-living organisms within SCP-4984 are to be documented in detail; information regarding individual instances is to be submitted to the nearest major Foundation facility.

Description: SCP-4984 (provisional binomial name Mycelium memoriae) is a species of anomalous fungus occurring primarily in Europe and Africa.

Based on current observations1, it is believed that SCP-4984's primary anomaly is related to its feeding behaviour: specifically, SCP-4984 will engulf the entirety of its prey, and then feed off certain visual memories of the trapped individual rather than nutrients obtained from consuming organic material. SCP-4984 then uses its hyphae to create diorama-like physical representations of said memories seemingly as a form of nutrient storage. These dioramas vary from simple shapes to highly complex reconstructions, including in some cases miniature versions of landmarks in sharp detail and exact replications of animal facial features.

SCP-4984 is typically structured as large clusters of hyphae2 forming unusual structures, often mimicking nearby environmental features or wildlife. The networks of hyphae are abnormally sturdy and serve as one of SCP-4984's two main spreading mechanisms, the other being the use of spores. The germination period of these spores is markedly short, with initial fungal growth appearing within minutes of contact with suitable organic material.

The growth of SCP-4984 instances typically depends on the availability of prey; it is currently believed that each instance of SCP-4984 somehow "selects" a specific animal species to target as an exclusive food source. As preferred food becomes scarce, the actively growing hyphae will gradually cease the production of new diorama structures and enter a state of dormancy. Dormant instances of SCP-4984 exhibit hyphae with a hard outer shell, stonelike in quality and resistant to most forms of damage.

Large extracted samples of SCP-4984 material resemble carbonaceous chondrites (a class of primitive meteorites) in composition, with more complex SCP-4984 instances containing minuscule pieces of diamond.

Addendum SCP-4984-1: Partial excerpts of notable SCP-4984 instances, ordered by complexity.

SCP-4984 instance: SCP-4984-E
Total Size: ~50 m2
Location: Warwickshire, England
Notes: Hyphae structures grow sporadically in uneven patches, standing out as starkly white against the soil and lichen of the forest floor. The instance forms a rough approximation of a honey bee's "waggle dance"3 pattern on the ground.
Status: Active. Due to the hard outer shell of the hyphae, believed to be dormant.

SCP-4984 instance: SCP-4984-J
Total Size: ~350 m2 (primarily underground)
Location: Kalahari Desert, South Africa
Notes: Aboveground hyphae structures imitate a large network of thin tunnels, similar to those created by burrowing animals. The hyphae tunnels are hollow and rise to a height of 60 cm at tallest, forming an almost pipelike structure in midair. At the centre of the structure is a single meerkat (Suricata suricatta) formed of semi-porous hyphae filaments, seemingly standing at attention. Ultrasound scans indicate that the tunnels are a mirrored copy of the meerkat burrows directly underneath the structure.
Status: Active. Provisional perimeters have been established.

SCP-4984 instance: SCP-4984-B
Total Size: ~100 m2 (partially underwater)
Location: Edinburgh, Scotland
Notes: Extremely thin hyphae filaments spread across surface of water, forming slight silhouettes similar to the ripples created by hobbyist fishing boats. Occasional presence of hook-shaped objects formed of hardened hyphae, as well as structures imitating various common ocean debris.
Status: Neutralized, to prevent further spread through water. Foundation personnel recovered three live brown trout (Salmo trutta) specimens from within the SCP-4984 instance. Trout were noted to have lost some swimming ability, necessitating feeding by hand.

Addendum SCP-4984-2: Excerpts of SCP-4984 cases involving human victims.

SCP-4984 instance: SCP-4984-Q
Total Size: ~230 m2
Location: Collioure, France
Notes: Hyphae structures at the centre of the instance appear to form a series of geometric shapes arranged in an optical illusion-inducing pattern, located in an area of woodland close to a small facility often used for artistic conferences and retreats. The structure measures 4 m in diameter and is intact on all angles, seemingly breaking non-anomalous physics.
Status: Neutralized, following personnel experiencing negative effects from an apparent cognitohazard caused by the instance. Excavation of the instance's remains revealed the comatose body of a man known as ██████ ███████, a resident of France and an artist specializing in complex fractal illustrations whose career was last active 90 years prior to the discovery of the SCP-4984 instance. ██████ ███████ has been placed on life support in a quarantine ward at a Foundation-owned hospital.

SCP-4984 instance: SCP-4984-H
Total Size: ~3000 m2
Location: Cairo, Egypt
Notes: Unlike most other discovered SCP-4984 structures which are solely freestanding hyphae structures, SCP-4984-H appears to consist of filament structures that have overtaken the entirety of a rural village. Approximately 70% of the instance is observed to be dormant, with hard hyphae shells covering various landmarks and lifeforms, including huts and labour animals. The northernmost area contains an elaborate building believed to be of religious significance, standing in front of a cave. The entrance to the cave is currently sealed off by a wall of hyphae, etched with intricate patterns similar to Egyptian hieroglyphics commonly found on sarcophagi and other funeral items. Infrared imaging using inserted probes indicates the presence of at least 33 unmoving humanoid individuals within the cave, all seemingly arranged in various upright positions indicating worship or praise. These individuals are believed to be still living.
Status: Active, pending destruction procedures to be enacted as necessary and as possible. Preliminary investigation indicates the hyphae at the outermost portions of SCP-4984-H reach a depth of at least 50 meters, making excavation potentially inadvisable.
Additional Notes: SCP-4984-H is observed to spread at a rate of ██ m2 per year, consistently adding new hyphae structures to "populate" the overtaken village. The most recent structures to be added in this manner are highly realistic representations of two MTF agents, the first non-D-Class Foundation personnel sent to investigate the instance (it is noted that no replicas of any previously sent personnel are present within SCP-4984-H). When approached closely by one of the agents, the structures emitted large clouds of spores, temporarily halting the investigation. It is unknown whether this incident was due to a natural defence mechanism or SCP-4984 purposely drawing the MTF agent closer using their likeness as a lure.

Endnote: Whether SCP-4984 is truly sapient or not remains unconfirmed. Many are of the mindset that SCP-4984 is, in fact, conscious and aware of its own existence, due to the complexity of some of its behaviours. Additionally, with the investigation of SCP-4984-H, it was noted that the hyphae structures forming the MTF agents' likenesses were seemingly constructed based on the perspective of someone looking out of the sealed cave. Discussion regarding the potential retrieval of the humans within the cave is underway. - Dr Nohavica, Director of Sentience research, Site-26

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