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ITEM #: SCP-4983


SPECIAL CONTAINMENT PROCEDURES: SCP-4983 is to be contained in a standard humanoid cell, with the proper furnishings to support a single individual. All physical contact with SCP-4983 is restricted outside of testing.

DESCRIPTION: SCP-4983 is a 65-year-old male of European descent that measures 1.7 meters in height and weighs 64 kilograms. A prominent feature of its appearance is the discoloration of its pupils, indicative of its total blindness. SCP-4983 has the ability to transfer full-body hallucinations to other human beings through sustained direct contact, which it states are its "lost memories." The transfer process typically takes two to three seconds to complete. Individuals who have been subject to this effect have reported that these "memories" lack visual information, but contain all other methods of sensory input. Although SCP-4983 claims to be unable to directly control what memories it transfers, researchers have concluded that these hallucinations are solely dependent on who is being touched.1

DISCOVERY: SCP-4983 was recovered from the northwestern region of the Amazon rainforest, three miles from the village of Shêraa, Brazil. It was discovered by undercover Foundation personnel after reports from the local authorities stationed several miles away from the village mentioned a "John Doe" with no memories appearing within the village.

PSYCHOLOGICAL ANALYSIS SCP-4983's refusal to eat, drink, or communicate, as well as its claims of memory loss, have prompted the Foundation to investigate. A final analysis of its psychological state on 7/05/2019 indicate that the subject displays symptoms of retrograde amnesia, as well as schizoid personality disorder.


Interviewed: SCP-4983

Interviewer: Dr. Collins.

Foreword: Dr. Collins was instructed to perform the interview following several failed attempts at conversing or interacting with SCP-4983. Dr. Collins has a background in psychology and specializes in psychotherapy. He was instructed to use this training to converse with SCP-4983 and obtain information about its background and abilities.

<Begin Log>

Dr. Collins: Hello. How are you today?

SCP-4983 does not respond.

Dr. Collins: Is there anything I can do for you before we get started?

SCP-4983 does not respond.

Dr. Collins: You must be thirsty. There's some water on the table if you are.

Dr. Collins pours a glass of water.

Dr. Collins: Just feel free to drink it whenever you please. Let me go ahead before we actually get started, just to make sure everythi—

SCP-4983: Can I?

Dr. Collins: … is situated. I'm sorry, can you say that again?

SCP-4983: The water. Can I drink it?

Dr. Collins: Of course.

SCP-4983 grabs the cup and drinks for several seconds, returning it to Dr. Collins when it is empty.

SCP-4983: Thank you.

Dr. Collins: Yeah, no problem. We want you to be as comfortable as possible here. I know it's a bit jarring to suddenly be thrust into situations like this. With all of this technology around us, I find something as little as a glass of water to be quite… reflective, of how we all connect. In the end, I just want to do everything I can to make you feel a bit better.

There are several moments of silence.

Dr. Collins: Whenever you're ready SCP-4983, I'd like to ask you a few questions.

SCP-4983: That isn't my name.

Dr. Collins: Okay, what would you like me to call you?

SCP-4983: … Obidiah.

Dr. Collins: Nice to meet you, Obidiah. Before we begin, I was just a little confused about where you came from. Could you tell me where you were born?

SCP-4983: I don't know.

Dr. Collins: You don't know?

SCP-4983 does not respond.

Dr. Collins: Well… if you don't know, you don't know. Alright then, let's try this again. Do you know where you originally came from, before we found you in the Amazon rainforest?

SCP-4983: I don't know that either. Please understand, I don't remember anything. But, could you tell me before we continue, what's your name?

Dr. Collins: You can call me Collins.

SCP-4983: Collins… Collins, I do know one thing. It isn't much, but something is better than nothing.

SCP-4983 pauses

SCP-4983: I… I know that at one point, I used to love stories. I don't know when, but I used to memorize and retell these stories.

Dr. Collins: Hm… could you maybe tell me one, Obidiah?

SCP-4983: No. I can't remember them, so I can't really tell you anything.

SCP-4983 pauses.

SCP-4983: But… I can show you them. All you need to do is touch my hand.

Dr. Collins: Well, really I had hoped that it wouldn't come to this, but I guess it's a good thing that I've got the paperwork finished already. Besides, none of the other test subjects seem to have suffered any adverse effects. Alright Obidiah, could you tell me something important about your past, please?

Dr. Collins touches the arm of SCP-4983, and he appears to be unconscious for several seconds. Refer to Memory Log 4983.A for a detailed account of the events experienced by Dr. Collins.

SCP-4983: Are you awake?

Dr. Collins: I… yes, I'm here… I think. What, what even was that?

SCP-4983: I don't know. But… maybe it can help you?

Dr. Collins: Yes, Obidiah, it might. We'll have to do this again later. I don't want to forget what I saw—erm, experienced…

<End Log>


Interviewed: SCP-4983

Interviewer: Dr. Collins

Foreword: The following interview was conducted two weeks after Dr. Collins was exposed to SCP-4983. Dr. Collins has been instructed to continue questioning SCP-4983. At Dr. Collins request, the interview was held in a field nearby Site-49. His reasoning's was that the similar environment may help trigger specific memories from SCP-4983. Due to fact that this also removed the risk of bringing a child into a Foundation facility, security personnel accepted the request, with the condition that an armed escort be present. A translator, familiar with the Shêraan language, also assisted Dr. Collins.

<Begin Log>

Dr. Collins: Hello, Obidiah. Do you remember who I am?

SCP-4983: Yes. I think I do.

Dr. Collins: Do you remember my name?

SCP-4983: Collins, right?

Dr. Collins: That's right. I'm glad that you remembered me.

SCP-4983 does not respond.

Dr. Collins: Well, let's get started. Are you ready, Obidiah?

SCP-4983 nods.

Dr. Collins: Do you remember Obidiah, when you showed me one of your memories?

SCP-4983: Yes, I do remember. Did it help you?

Dr. Collins: Yes, it did. Here, give me just a moment, Obidiah…

Dr. Collins walks away from the frame, shouts something inaudible, and then returns with a small girl.

Dr. Collins: Ah, here we go. You can go ahead and sit down if you want.

She pulls a seat next to Dr. Collins.

Dr. Collins: Here is my first question, Obidiah. In your vision, I met someone. Tell me, do you remember who Shriena is?

SCP-4983 does not respond.

Dr. Collins: Well, she's here with us today. She doesn't speak English, so let me know if that becomes an issue. Alright Shriena, you've met Obidiah, yes?

Shriena: Yes, I have.

SCP-4983 does not respond.

Shriena: Do you remember me, Obidiah?

SCP-4983 flinches.

SCP-4983: I… I don't. I'm sorry.

Shriena: It is… okay.

The room becomes silent for several seconds.

Dr. Collins: Well, let's start this from the beginning, okay? Shriena, can you tell me a bit about Obidiah here?

Shriena: Well… Obidiah was… important, to us. He read many things and told us many stories. Every pomorfi4 he would have us come to him, and he would tell us things about demons, or things about the world that we didn't understand.

SCP-4983: I don't remember any of this.

Shriena: How could you forget? You told me so many stories. Even when I was on my bed, with the sickness, you spoke about them.

Dr. Collins: Obidiah, are you sure that you don't remember any of your tales?

SCP-4983: I don't.

Shriena: You don't remember them, Obidiah?

SCP-4983 shakes its head.

SCP-4983: I wish I could. Please, can you tell me what stories I've told you? Or did they help you, at least?

Shriena: Yes, they did. They helped me very much.

SCP-4983: That's good…

Shriena nods.

SCP-4983: After this, I ask that you tell me about them soon. I hope you can forgive me for not remembering.

Shriena: It is okay. Truly, it is okay.

Several moments of silence follows.

Dr. Collins: Well… if nothing else, I think I have an idea.

Dr. Collins stands up, and extends his hand out towards Shriena and SCP-4983.

Dr. Collins: Last time, you said that in order for me to know your memories, I had to see your memories. Maybe with Shriena's help, we can see one of your memories again?

Dr. Collins: Shriena, please take my hand.

Shriena grabs his hand.

Dr. Collins: Shriena, could you tell me about one of the stories you remember about Obidiah?

Shriena: I… yes, I can. I think I remember one that was really important. Obidiah, can I ask you something?

SCP-4983: Yes, of course. What question do you have?

Shriena: Do you know about the story of the Viper?

SCP-4983 shakes his head as he grabs the hands of Shriena and Dr. Collins. They are silent for several seconds. Please refer to Memory Log 4983.B

Dr. Collins: Wow…

Dr. Collins shakes his head, as Shriena sits down in her chair.

Dr. Collins: That was… that was different. Obidiah did you…?

SCP-4983 remains silent.

Dr. Collins: Obidiah?

Shriena: Are you there?

SCP-4983: I think… I think I can… I think…

SCP-4983 falls from his chair, onto the ground.

Dr. Collins: Obidiah! Shit, hey! Go get us some help! Tell them that it's a code yellow!

<End Log>

Closing Statement: SCP-4983 was rendered unconscious several moments after the interview was concluded. SCP-4983 was sent to the on-site infirmary for treatment. Dr. Collins then ordered the return of Shriena to the Shêraan tribe, which was granted on 07/11/19.


Dear Shriena,

I know that if you get this writing, you will be very confused. I know that in your tribe, they do not have such things as this. However, I have been given this paper in order to communicate with you. I hope you are proficient in your language. I know that Shêraan letters are rarely taught. But, in the event that you are not, I have asked that this letter is sent to your father, who I know is knowledgeable of the dialect. I know that once he sees it, he will gladly read it to you. If he does not recognize my writing, it is because someone else is doing it for me.

It has been a long time since we last talked to each other. I am very grateful that the men who have imprisoned me were able to find you. I am also happy to know that my goals of saving you have worked. I did not know it then, but they told me that your eyes are now healed. Im sure you also looked much better than when I last talked to you. That truly makes me happy.

I am sure you are still confused. I too am at a loss. All I know is that after you and I touched, I began to remember. Of course, I don't remember everything. However, I do remember who you are now. It is a miracle, in all honesty. How I remember is still unknown to me. But it seems like the Viper is not as powerful as your people believed.

I find it funny that it was you who found me. After all, your name translates to "angel" based off the mythological greghial in Shêraan writings. It's almost like you were supposed to help me. But, now that I think about it, I guess that would be a bit too easy. Your people do not believe in life being easy, which makes sense.

These strange men… they are very different from your people. I do not understand why they hold me here. I have asked Collins to send me back to your village, but he always says no. Recently I have asked him if I could visit, but he has not responded as of now. But if I cannot come to see you all, do not worry. These men are afraid of me because they do not understand why I exist. They do not understand why I had to save you. Even when I told them how much your people have done for me, and how my father was Shêraan. Really, I do not think they care much about my reasons. I think they are too concerned about Hikarktre, and how they can find him.

Please stay well, Shriena. And once again, thank you for helping me return.


Researcher's Note: As requested by SCP-4983, visitations to the people of Shêraa have been granted on a bi-yearly basis for no longer than two days. This privilege is to be removed if SCP-4983 refuses to cooperate with Foundation personnel.

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