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An advertisement flier found in SCP-4980-A.

Item #: SCP-4980

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4980 is to be housed in a standard Level-3 pen in the livestock section of Site 67. As offspring of SCP-4980 have been shown to be non-anomalous, mating is to be encouraged as described in Section 5/4980 of the Endangered Species Conservation Protocol. To encourage mating behavior, SCP-4980 are to be allowed to engage in combat once weekly during breeding season.

All researchers must be trained in the safety calls for SCP-4980, and all research must be conducted with an attuned handler present. In the event of an attuned handler's death, tryouts will be held at Site 67 to find a new, compatible handler who may become attuned.

In the event of safety call failure or escape of an instance from Site 67, MTF Beta-21 "Pied Pipers" are to be called in for subdual and/or retrieval.

Description: SCP-4980 is the collective name for twelve biologically, mechanically, and mentally enhanced members of the species Raphus cucullatus, or common dodo. The dodos, individually designated SCP-4980-1 through -12, vary greatly in appearance and enhancements. Enhancements that are of particular note for caretakers and researchers include:

  • High-intensity lasers (instances -1 and -11)
  • One flamethrower (instance -4)
  • A 35mm cannon (instance -3)
  • Poisonous needles (instances -2, -7, and -9)
  • Telepathic Pain Projection (instance -12)
  • Flight (instance -10)

All other known modifications are rendered harmless by proper use of Level III Anomalous Livestock Suits.

SCP-4980 have been modified to optimize combat tactics, increase pack communication, and enforce obedience.

SCP-4980 instances that remain within 20m of a human for over 24 hours develop a psychic bond. Such humans are able to direct the dodo using basic thoughts such as 'attack' and 'run away'.

Addendum 4980.1: Discovery

Rumors of an underground fight club for 'robot birds' were intercepted by Foundation operatives near the University of Tenessee. MTF Iota-10 "Damn Feds" were assigned to raid the fight club. Members Alpha and Beta went undercover as students to obtain entrance, while the remainder of the team posed as federal agents, raiding the club and obtaining the birds (see Addendum 4980.2).

MTF Iota-10 successfully retrieved the original shipping crate the birds arrived in (designated SCP-4980-A) together with accompanying documentation (found in Addendum 4980.3).

Addendum 4980.2: Audio Log

Addendum 4980.3: Recovered Documentation

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