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Statue at the center of SCP-4978, depicting town founder Donald J. Brook during his famous naked boxing match with his own horse.

Item #: SCP-4978

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Personnel assigned to the SCP-4978 outpost must undergo three months of Foundation Certified self-defense training.1 Advanced classes in hand-to-hand combat, Muay Thai, and Jiu Jitsu are available for all staff. While these classes are not mandatory, participation is recommended to avoid potential injury.

Checkpoints have been built on all roads leading to SCP-4978 to prevent non-resident access. Security personnel performing bi-weekly patrols of SCP-4978 must not carry firearms on town property.

Description: SCP-4978 is the town of White Brook, located in the American Midwest. The entire population of White Brook are genetically divergent from baseline humanity, possessing multiple adaptations that allow them to thrive in hostile environments. On average, these include:

  • Elevated serotonin levels.
  • 0.2mm more epidural padding.
  • Increased heart rate of 10-15 bpm.
  • Denser, more durable fatty tissues and blood vessels.
  • A thickened layer of cerebrospinal fluid around the skull.
  • An anomalous stem-cell like eukaryotic organism in the bloodstream.2

It is currently unknown if these anomalies are the cause of White Brook's eccentric culture, or merely the result.

The town of White Brook greatly favors organized hand-to-hand combat to resolve disputes, conduct electoral procedures, and celebrate most holidays. Firearms and other deadly weapons are banned throughout the town, and are treated as taboo. In contrast, most violent crimes have been outright decriminalized. Youth street gangs are not only tolerated, but encouraged as an extra-curricular activity. There is only a moderate police force in White Brook; most civil disputes are treated as laissez-faire. Despite expectations, criminals are not physically disciplined, but socially ostracized. This is considered the ultimate punishment in White Brook; offenders receive less daily violence overall, being excluded from most social and cultural events.

Combat-based traditions extend to nearly all levels of civic organization. While public officials are still elected by popular vote, voters have traditionally favored winners in the annual “Council Candidate Cage Match”.

Discovery: White Brook was first brought to Foundation attention in 1881, when rumors spread across the western United States about a small settlement where the town square had been replaced with a boxing ring. A group of Foundation researchers and field agents were dispatched.

Forward: The following transcript details the first meeting of Researcher Timothy Mulligan and White Brook Mayor Frances L. Foley outside of town hall.

Researcher Mulligan: Good afternoon.

Mayor Foley: Welcome to White Brook!

Mayor Foley punches Researcher Mulligan across the jaw, knocking him out. Agents Worth and Nolan draw their firearms, pointing them at the Mayor. All present White Brook residents look at the agents in confusion.

Mayor Foley: What?

A second attempt to open communications was later made, this time remotely. While measurably more successful, White Brook would not allow any formal diplomatic relationship until the Foundation completed a customary test of fortitude; “Fistball”.

This variation on American Football, played by 4 teams of 6 players simultaneously, involves holding possession of the ball for as long as possible while being physically assaulted by the other teams. MTF-Alpha-6 “Game Changers”3 were dispatched. While their defensive hit-and-run tactics were admonished by the White Brook populace, criticized as “cowardly” and “against the spirit of the game”, they did prove effective in countering the traditional body-launching techniques of the opposing teams. Alpha-6 achieved victory, and a permanent Foundation outpost was established.


SCP-4978, 1995/11/17.

Addendum 4978-01 - 1995/12/15: While mostly uneventful, active containment of SCP-4978 has become increasingly difficult in recent years. The growth of mass-media and popular entertainment has begun to influence newer generations, causing the deterioration of traditional isolationist values. In addition, the Foundation presence has caused some cultural contamination and unauthorized fraternization, as detailed below.

SCP-4978 | Evidence Log 1/4 | 1995/12/15

Forward: On November 17th, 1995, Security Officer Neil Lomen and Senior Security Officer Hentry Wentz inadvertently documented their own admissions of misconduct when Officer Lomen failed to switch off his body camera.

26 minutes of irrelevant data removed.

Begin excerpt.

Officer Lomen's security vest and body camera had been hung over the back of his chair. Feed shows the north-facing wall of the SCP-4978 Outpost rec-room. A wooden coat rack and row of storage lockers frame a large out-facing window, presenting a dark-blue sky and steady snow fall.

Wentz: Alright, it's nearly nine. The night-shift guys should be here soon. Hey, can I grab a ride with you? Those Foundation shuttle-bus seats are murder on my back.

Lomen: Sorry, no can do; seeing Wanda tonight.

A chair is heard being pulled in roughly, creating a grating noise.

Wentz: Damn, man, zip it up! What if someone heard you?

Lomen: Like who? C'mon, Look around. Everyone's already taken off, and who cares? It's not like we actually do anything out here. Y'know, when I heard this assignment required kung-fu lessons, I couldn't wait to sign up. I thought it'd be exciting!

Wentz: Wait, you asked for this posting?

Lomen: Yeah, of course. Didn’t you?

Wentz: Nah, they just assigned me here. I guess there was more of a staff shortage back in my day.

Lomen: Hah, yeah. These days people line up for 4978. I mean, it beats working underground all day. The “risk factor” and extra training means a bigger paycheck too. I just wish there was, y'know, more actual risk!

Wentz: So what, you thought you’d make your own? Is that why you’re dating Wanda?

Lomen: What? No man, it’s not like that. This isn't about thrill-seeking or anything. I-… well, take a look.

The camera shakes slightly as Lomen retrieves something from his pocket. A faint squeaking sound is heard, like a small case being opened.

Wentz: You’re shitting me.

Lomen: I shit you not.

Addendum 4978-2 - 1999/05/15: The people of White Brook are fully aware of the physical and cultural differences between themselves and the rest of humanity, whom they often remark on as being "comically backwards". To prevent cultural assimilation, White Brook has practiced strict self-imposed isolation. The Foundation has assisted in this containment for nearly a century, and in the process, has come to employ 38% of the population. These individuals have proven invaluable assets in security and high-threat containment efforts.

On-the-job training goes quite quickly for White Brook citizens; they're naturally disciplined, and most see the value in firearms after meeting our deadly little menagerie. Though, some are more begrudging than others, insisting they could still 'go ten rounds with that big ugly lizard'.

No, the real difficulty is in long-term social integration. Concepts like 'office drama' and 'tolerating workplace arrogance' are completely foreign to them. I admit, some of that difficulty is my own. It's a surreal experience trying to justify cultural practices that, quite honestly, don't actually make much sense.

(Dr. Vivienne Comeau, 4978-101 Project Director)

SCP-4978 | Evidence Log 2/4 | 1995/12/15

Wentz: You… look, Neil, I like you man. I like having someone to talk to out here; it's why I kept your whole little fling-thing under wraps. But this? This is going too far. How are you going to keep this a secret?

Lomen: I’m not. The Foundation can find out for all I care.

Wentz: Man, seriously?

Lomen: Seriously. I've even got my eye on a nice little two-story near the park.

Wentz: Okay you, Neil, have just gone off the rails. You actually want to live in that place!?

Lomen: You don’t get it, man. Stuff just makes sense in White Brook. If you spend enough time there, you start to see why they think everyone else is so backwards. We keep all our aggression pent up. We attack each other with words, or resentment, or, hell, with weapons! We let all our problems build up because we’ve got this taboo around violence. Sure, White Brook might have more fights, but there's less fighting, y'know? There's less resentment and hate and anger. It might sound crazy, but If you just look past all the street brawls, it’s a god damn paradise!

Wentz: You’re right, that does sound crazy. You’re talking people who celebrate Halloween by smashing pumpkins over each other's heads. In two weeks, the biggest, toughest SOB in town is going to put on a big red coat, and fight their way into people's homes to put presents under the tree. That's their Christmas. This is a crazy town.

Lomen: Yeah? When was the last time you celebrated Christmas?

Wentz: Like, last year! I went to my sister's place.

Lomen: Yeah, but did you actually celebrate? Or did you just sit around, drink eggnog, and pretend to like that ugly sweater you got.

Wentz: So, what, that’s your argument? It’s boring out here because we wash our hands before dinner instead of having a pre-meal fist fight?

Lomen: They wash their hands before dinner.

Wentz: After the fist fight!

Lomen: Well, yeah. You don’t want to eat dinner with bloody knuckles.

Wentz: Neil.

Lomen: I'm serious! There's more to it than that. It's a good town, and they're good people. Like, did I ever tell you how I met Wanda?

Addendum 4978-03 - 2001/02/23: Despite the best efforts of Dr. Comeau and her team, some sites have experienced minor physical altercations attributed to White Brook employees. It should be noted, no serious injuries have been reported in these events.


4978-REQ-04, a component in the standard field kit - Outpost-4978.

"… and will be making a swift recovery. A get well card is being passed around through Wing D. Be sure to sign it when you get the chance.

I'd like to thank everyone for their patience as we introduce our new co-workers to life at Site-61. Some cultural friction is, of course, to be expected. That said, there is no reason for the kind of passive-aggressive name-calling I've been hearing lately. I sit in the same lunch room as you, people. I'm no fly on the wall; I'm right in the cross-fire of this conversation.

White Brook is not our Arrakis. We are not "breeding grunts". We have been working with these people since the 19th century, and they have an inherent respect for our mission statement. They understand the need for containment. I expect you all to make a greater effort in welcoming them here.

On a completely unrelated note, four new postings have opened in the medical ward due to a recent uptick in workplace injuries. Expect to see more new faces this month!

The lunch menu has…"

(Takeru Kobayashi, Site-61 Director. May 2010 monthly communications statement, excerpt.)

SCP-4978 | Evidence Log 3/4 | 1995/12/15

Lomen: So, this was back when I was still friends with Sarah and Carter-

Wentz: Oh yeah, I remember those knuckleheads.

Lomen: I know, I know; but without them I never would have met Wanda. It was their idea to hit up White Brook that night. I mean, okay, I didn't want to drive four hours to get to a bar either, and if I'm being honest, I was curious as hell about 4978.

So, we sneak into town, flash our ID, and fight our way past the bouncer. We get our drinks and- Jesus, do you know how strong their drinks are? Canadian beer is like tap water to them. Anyway, we spent the next two hours watching a tap-room brawl like you couldn't believe. It just went on and on. Carter and Sarah mostly watched, and laughed, but I was in full scientist mode. I almost wanted to take notes! In all that chaos, there was a kind of… practiced grace, y'know? Nobody picked up bar stools, or smashed bottles; hell, they never so much as bumped into a table or spilled a drink! As brawlers rolled by on the floor, people would just lift up their feet, like when your room-mate is vacuuming.

After a while, the bar started getting busy, and I graduated from 'analytical drunk' to 'idiot drunk'. We kept trying to grab the bartender's attention for more drinks, but in White Brook, you have to literally grab the bartender. That man could duck and weave like Ali himself. I almost had the bastard when, out of nowhere, this young woman walks up and just grabs his collar. It was like one of those karate movies, where the old master catches a buzzing fly in his chopsticks. Just like 'zzzup!'. So quick! But, drunk as I was, I decided it'd be easier just to grab her arm. I figured, hey, aggression is just how you do it in White Brook!

Wentz: Isn’t it?

Lomen: Eeh, yes and no. Their whole culture- well, it’s a lot like the bar fight really. It might look chaotic and violent, but there's an order to it, y'know? I learned that the hard way, when Wanda grabbed my arm in turn, and judo-threw me to the ground.

God, I remember looking up at her, stars in my eyes. She had her hair tied up these neat little golden braids. There was a halo of blurry, florescent lights behind her head. She looked like an angel, man. She was the most beautiful woman I’d ever seen.

Wentz: From the floor of a bar where she threw your ass.

Lomen: Damn straight. First thing I did was curl up into a little ball. I was drunk, aching and love struck, but I still had that much good sense. I figured she'd follow up with a good kick, but nope. She helped me up, laughed an easy laugh, and have me a beer and an ice pack.

Wentz: Wait, she flirted with you? After all that?

Lomen: Hah. "Flirting" makes it sound subtle. She told me she liked the way I looked on my back.

Wentz: Damn!

Lomen: Right? I've always had trouble making the first move with women. Wanda… Wanda was something else. We talked for the whole night. She was witty, but never obnoxious. She was assertive, but quick to let an argument drop. There was never a sour note. Heck, before we all left she even showed me how to hold my hands up in a fight; to "protect my pretty jaw" as she said it. On the way back to the outpost, while Sarah and Carter were stumbling around and laughing, all I could think about was her.

Wentz is heard leaning back in his chair.

Wentz: Before you ran into me, you mean.

Lomen: Before we ran into you, yeah. Have I mentioned how glad I am you didn’t turn us in that night?

Wentz: Not lately.

Lomen: I’m really glad you didn’t-

Wentz: Oh shut up. I’m more glad Sarah and Carter transferred back to Site-12. They were a couple of S.O.B.'s.

Lomen laughs, shifting sideways in his seat to return the case to his pocket.

Lomen: Yeah, I don't miss those idiots. I miss her though. Every day. I know it sounds sappy, but I count the seconds until I see her again. She’s the only one for me, Henry. If the Foundation doesn’t like it, well, they can fire me. Wanda’s dad runs the town sawmill. They only fight during their lunch break, because of the sharp tools and all. I think I could be happy there.

Wentz: I'm pretty sure the Foundation will just amnestisize you and put you on Keter duty.

Lomen: C'mon, that's not a real thing. Though, If they do, you have to come rescue me. You bring me right back here and make me remember how much I love Wanda.

Wentz: And why the hell would I do that?

Lomen: Because you’re a big old softie. You were so ready to pick up that big red phone that night. But then I started blubbering about Wanda, and all of a sudden we were "off with a warning". Don't lie. You love love.

Wentz: Yeah, right. I just didn't want to fill out any paperwork on your dumb ass.

Lomen: Softie.

Wentz: Shut up.

Addendum 4978-04 - 2019/02/23: Given their long-standing compliance, loyal service, and overall benign nature, the Foundation has ruled to reduce containment protocols surrounding SCP-4978. Outposts and boundary patrols will continue operating around the town proper, but no efforts will be made to reduce the spread of its population. Former citizens will be required to report for bi-yearly check ins, and avoid all non-Foundation medical examination. This is not expected to be a concern, given the typical White Brook aversion to all things medical. This policy change is considered mostly a formality, as 98% of all White Brook residents choose to live in the town for their entire lives.

"Why would anyone ever leave? This is the best town in the whole damn world! Now come on, I heard Old Lady Gifford finally cornered that bear that's been picking through her trash! If we hurry, we might get to see the famous 'Gifford Suplex' in action!"

(Brandon Foley, White Brook Mayor, 2019/01/03)

SCP-4978 | Evidence Log 4/4 | 1995/12/15

Officer Wentz enters the cameras field of view, taking a coat off the rack and pulling it on. A brief flash of light reflects off the window.

Lomen: Oh, hey, that must be the night shift guys pulling up. Time to bounce!

Wentz: Yeah yeah, hold up, I’m just putting on my coat.

Lomen: Hey, is that new? It looks good on you man.

Wentz: Thanks. Paul picked it out.

Lomen: Well he’d know best. Hey, if Wanda says yes tonight, you should bring him to the wedding.

Wentz gives a short laugh, zipping up his coat.

Wentz: I bet he’d enjoy that. You know he nearly got into a fist-fight at our wedding? My cousin kept running his mouth. He’d love- hell, what are White Brook weddings even like?

Lomen: Oh, same as most, except you don’t walk down the aisle; you run down it. The bride and groom have to shove past all the groomsmen and bridesmaids, who smack them with bouquets. Oh, and the after party-

Wentz: Alright, I get it! Damn… I’ll have to rent a tux. I’m not getting bloodstains on my good blue one.

Lomen: Wait, you mean you’ll actually come?

Wentz doesn’t respond. He pockets his keys, and heads towards the door. Lomen enters frame, hopping on one foot as he hastily pulls on his boots.

Lomen: Hah! Seriously? Oh, wow. Do you want to be best man?

Wentz: I don’t even want to know what that involves.

Lomen: Nothing, really. Just some light best-of-three pit wrestling with the in-laws. Come on, please?

Wentz grumbles as he and Lomen exit the outpost together, stepping out into a quiet winter evening.

Afterward: After serving a one-month suspension for their misconduct, Officer Wentz returned to the 4978 outpost, and Officer Lomen resigned his position. Given Mr. Lomen intended to take up residence in White Brook, amnestic treatment was deemed unnecessary.

As of 2019/09/01, Security Chief Wentz reports continued tranquility within SCP-4978, excluding the predictable town-wide brawls. Mr. Lomen has taken over as owner of the Cunningham Sawmill, and continues to reside in his two-story home with his wife and their three children.

End Log.

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