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Item#: 4976
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Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4976-2 must be a member of Foundation personnel with a security clearance level of at least 2/4976 and must be either C- or B-Class personnel. Should the ability of SCP-4976-2 to possess SCP-4976-1 be compromised, a successor is to be chosen by the Project Director.

A given year's instance of SCP-4976-3 is to be confiscated from SCP-4976-2 one week after it is initially received. It is then to be stored in an archive publicly available to all site personnel with Level 3/4976 security clearance or higher. This excludes SCP-4976-2, who, after the initial week, may never view SCP-4976-3 instances without explicit permission from the Project Director.

Confirmation of SCP-4976-1's presence in the possession of SCP-4976-2 is to be performed 183 days after the most recent instance of SCP-4976-3 was received. Should SCP-4976-2 discover SCP-4976-1 is absent from their possession at any point, they are to immediately report it to the Project Director.

SCP-4976-1 is currently in the possession of Junior Researcher Jacob Hernandez due to his willingness to receive SCP-4976-3 and his involvement in its discovery.

Description: SCP-4976 is the collective designation given to a phenomenon involving a receipt (SCP-4976-1), a series of photo albums (SCP-4976-3), and individuals affected by both (SCP-4976-2).

SCP-4976-1 is a receipt, seemingly for the purchase of a commercially-produced vacation photo album, dated 17/09/1976. On the back, the words "Let's do it again sometime, shall we?" are written in what appears to be charcoal. SCP-4976-1 shows visible signs of mild to moderate water damage, but the writing is somehow not affected.

SCP-4976-1's anomalous effects manifest when it is in the possession of an individual who is aware of its presence in their possession. This individual is hereby designated SCP-4976-2.

SCP-4976-2 will begin to receive unmarked photo albums annually in mid-late September. These photo albums will not contain photos of SCP-4976-2 themselves, but photos taken by others for the purpose of vacation documentation in which SCP-4976-2 was unintentionally present. This presence does not need to be full, but usually includes SCP-4976-2's face, a significant or recognizable portion of the clothing SCP-4976-2 was wearing at the time, or other identifiable quality. These albums are designated SCP-4976-3, with each year's instance being designated based on the year it was received (the instance received in 2001 would be SCP-4976-3-2001, for example).

After approximately two weeks of continued exposure to SCP-4976-3 (exposure is considered to be possession and regular viewing of the album), SCP-4976-2's memories of the past year will begin to change. This change takes place in four stages.

  • Stage 1 is characterized by a marked increase in the clarity of SCP-4976-2's memories of the moments documented in SCP-4976-3.
  • Stage 2 begins after approximately one month of continued exposure, and is defined by SCP-4976-2 being resistant or unwilling to give up SCP-4976-3. If SCP-4976-3 is successfully confiscated, the effects of Stage 2 should subside within approximately a week. However, if it is not, SCP-4976-2 will soon progress to Stage 3.
  • During Stage 3, SCP-4976-2 will note the appearance of new memories alongside their old ones, seemingly from the perspective of the intended subjects of the photos in the album, and the content of which includes the events several seconds before, during, and after the capture of the photograph.
  • Upon reaching Stage 4, these new memories completely replace the old memories. If questioned on a given photograph, SCP-4976-2 will refer to the intended subject of the photograph in the first person, and to themselves in the third person. All other memories remain intact. While SCP-4976-2 is aware there has been a change in their memories, they are not aware what change has occurred unless explicitly told. It is unknown why this knowledge does not carry over between instances of Stage 4.
  • Stages 3 and 4 seemingly occur for different photographs at random rates, but all complete before the next instance of SCP-4976-3 is received.

Should the identity of SCP-4976-2 change throughout the year, SCP-4976-3 will be received by the current SCP-4976-2 within the expected time frame but will contain photographs containing each subject who acted as SCP-4976-2 for any significant portion of that year.

The proportion of the photographs of the secondary SCP-4976-2 instances to the total number of photos in the album will be approximately equal to the proportion of the year during which the given SCP-4976-2 instance, current or former, was in possession of SCP-4976-1.

If there are not enough photographs in which SCP-4976-2 was unintentionally included to meet this proportion, then all such photos will be included in the album and the remainder will be divided among the year's other SCP-4976-2 subjects based upon the same proportionate rules.

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