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Item #: SCP-4973
Object Class: Keter
Site Responsible: MUROVH Site-30
Director: Eric Riverson
Research Head: Lorraine Casper
Assigned Task Force: Mu-13
Level 4/4973


SCP-4973 (D-10000), formerly Gordon K. Markovitch.

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4973 is contained inside an Incorporeal Entity Vacuum Chamber under constant watch by members of MTF Mu-13 ("Ghostbusters"). Outside the entrance to SCP-4973's containment unit are four Harrington-Hollow Neutralizer Wards situated at the edges of the doorway to prevent SCP-4973 from escaping. The interiors of both the ceiling and the floor have also been lined with nPDNs for security measures.

The Department of Spectral Phenomena are to research methods of amnesticization and site-wide dispersal rituals for phantasmic entities, as SCP-4973 and others like it pose a serious threat to Foundation secrecy.

MTF Sigma-5 ("'; DROP TABLE taskforces —") is to routinely check the SCiPNET Database for any signs of informational breaches or if it was used through anomalous means.

Description: SCP-4973 refers to the spirit of D-10000, a D-Class known in life as Gordon Kardivachlus Markovitch1. Prior to SCP-4973's aggressive state, SCP-4973 was originally classified as an "inactive" or dormant phantasmic entity2, but quickly became aware of its surroundings and has breached containment numerous times in the past. SCP-4973, through some way, has managed to access the SCiPNET Database Terminal. This has caused SCP-4973 to learn about the numerous anomalous entities and phenomena documented within the database and the identities of the research, security, and administrative staff within Site-30 and its location.

SCP-4973 has been responsible for a total of twelve containment breaches, and has assisted in the suicides of at least six personnel.

History: After Foundation acquisition and immediate Class D induction, D-10000 was the subject of 25 controlled experiments involving various anomalous entities and phenomena. Among these experiments included repeated exposure to SCP-158. D-10000 perished during an experiment with SCP-████; the remains of D-10000 were later taken away to undergo processing in a waste disposal refinery nearby. Three months after, personnel reported anomalous activity within the site. Such anomalous phenomena reported has consisted of:

  • Unexplained noises emerging from the private domiciles of research staff and agents.
  • An immediate decrease in temperature when approaching the D-Class Block.
  • Disappearing items and objects belonging to personnel when alone in a room.
  • Hallucinations of a figure covered in blood and wearing a D-Class jumpsuit, appearing on mirrors or reflective surfaces.
  • Feelings of dread and being "watched and followed" by an unseen presence among staff.
  • A dark silhouette running away from view when observing the far end of a hallway.
  • Various server errors occurring within the database terminal.

While some of these issues were taken into account, most were largely ignored by Site-30's directorial board, citing that these incidents were due to the increasing amount of mental strain and pressure of working under the Foundation.

Addendum 4973.1: Spectral Classification Excerpt

Addendum 4973.2: Interview Log

Addendum 4973.3: Conversation between Dr. Casper and Director Riverson

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