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Item #: SCP-4970

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: The office building housing SCP-4970 has been purchased by the Foundation, and all non-Foundation employees have been dismissed under the guise of bankruptcy of █████ ███ Electronics. Employees that were involved with SCP-4970 have been administered amnestics and released.

Description: SCP-4970 is an ISDN type videophone, primarily used for home offices and small businesses, situated in the former █████ ███ Electronics office. SCP-4970 is functionally identical to its non-anomalous counterparts, apart from the display, which seems defective when used for a video call.

A single phone number (hereafter referred to as SCP-4970-1) is stored in SCP-4970's internal memory, which has more digits than can be displayed on SCP-4970's screen. Attempting to call SCP-4970-1 on any other device results in failure. SCP-4970 is not able to call non-anomalous phone numbers.

Selecting SCP-4970-1 instantaneously connects the caller with an automated selection bot, which speaks to the user in 17 languages before English is offered. In a separate test, over 4093 different dialects were discerned before the test was terminated after 13 hours. Most of these languages have no resemblance to any languages used throughout history. Some vocalisations are unable to be reproduced by human vocal chords or are outside of the frequency spectrum audible to the human ear. After English is selected, the user will be connected to a representative of SCP-4970-A, an anomalous help-desk named ''Universal Information Technology''. The caller can then inquire on various topics, even abstract queries like the laws of physics, philosophical problems and metaphysical concepts.

It is unknown who registered the number in SCP-4970's memory, but SCP-4970-A was seemingly used to provide █████ ███ Electronics with information that could be used to improve electronic devices rapidly, giving the company an edge over their competitors.

Note: An additional 7 conversations have taken place since first discovery, transcripts of which are available on request. These requests may be filed to Dr. Belrose.

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