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A native instance of SCP-4963-2.

Item #: SCP-4963

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4963 has been secured within a 1 km2 area in its location within Yellowstone National Park with a perimeter consisting of electrified fencing no less than three meters in height topped with barbed wire.

Interaction with SCP-4963-2 instances should never be conducted if the initiation of the interaction was performed by Foundation personnel; personnel should only enter SCP-4963 with the intent of further exploration and/or the survey of SCP-4963-1 instances. If interaction has been initiated by an SCP-4963-2 instance, the instance is to be tranquilized.

Description: SCP-4963 is a semi-transparent spacetime anomaly in the shape of an equilateral triangle which acts as an entryway into an extradimensional area (hereby referred to as SCP-4963-1) resembling a tundra. SCP-4963 is suspended .5 meters into the air with each of the portal's sides measuring 17.1 meters in length.

SCP-4963-1 appears to be endless and has a constantly altering geography while mostly remaining flat. SCP-4963-1's altering geography usually consists of a variety of irregular lodges1 made by native entities that are theorized to live within (hereby deemed SCP-4963-2 instances).

SCP-4963-1's most notable anomalous property is an effect which heavily limits visibility within itself. Due to this effect, subjects who enter SCP-4963-1 are only able to see approximately twenty-five meters in any direction with the sight leading into complete darkness following said distance in a manner similar to the way in which a flashlight operates.

SCP-4963-2 are sapient, typically-clothed humanoid entities extremely similar in appearance to a standard human male. The only differences between regular humans and SCP-4963-2 instances are the instances' extremely pale skin, lack of eyes, and irregular mouth. The mouths of SCP-4963-2 instances are entirely void of teeth, gums, a tongue, and other things commonly found in the mouths of sapient organisms. The mouths of SCP-4963-2 instances do not reflect any light, appearing to consist solely of darkness.

Upon an SCP-4963-2 instance noticing (a) human subject(s), said instance will calmly2 approach the subject(s) and emit a continuous vocalization similar in sound to radio static. Occasionally, these vocalizations will change from their ordinary sound to either the voices of multiple individuals or a radio broadcast.

Upon a varying amount of time of constant vocalization from the SCP-4963-2 instance(s), the entity will slowly proceed to go into a fetal position on the ground near the subject. Said instance will then rock in place, a motion commonly partnered with trembling.

Addendum 4963.1 - Official Initial Exploration: Upon the discovery of SCP-4963, a single D-Class personnel had been deployed into SCP-4963 with the intent of survey of SCP-4963-1. The subject was equipped with a head-mounted camera capable of recording and replaying video and sound. The following is a transcript of the exploration.


[For sake of brevity this transcript begins approximately two minutes and sixteen seconds into the recording. D-18219 has already entered SCP-4963 at this point in time. Due to SCP-4963-1's primary anomalous property, the visual recording is extremely dark and can only appear to pick up whatever is directly in front of D-18219.]

D-18219: Holy fuuuck, it's cold.

Dr. Callaghan: D-18219, please continue in any direction of your choice.

D-18219: Uh, okay. Do me a favor, yeah?

Dr. Callaghan: Hmm?

D-18219: The next person you send in here, send them with a jacket. Like, seriously.

[The sound of Dr. Callaghan chuckling briefly can be heard.]

Dr. Callaghan: Alright. Please continue.

[D-18219 begins to walk in a straight line directly from SCP-4963.]

Dr. Callaghan: D-18219, please describe what you see.

D-18219: Well, if I'm frank with you doc, I can't see shit. It's all fucking dark except for the flashlight-beam-thing in front of me, just like you said when—

[D-18219 stops talking as a set of trees come into view of the camera. D-18219 looks up in an attempt to find the top of the tree, but the anomalous light source does not reach the top of any tree.]

Dr. Callaghan: D-18219?

D-18219: Yeah, sorry. I found some really skinny trees. They're tall, doc. I can't see the top. Just darkness after about seventy feet or so.

Dr. Callaghan: How many do you see?

D-18219: Uh.. six? In a hexagon shape, almost like a perimeter of something. Except there's nothing in the middle. [Pause] I feel like there should be. It just doesn't look right, doc. I don't know what it is about it, but it makes me uneasy.

Dr. Callaghan: Hmm. Please continue.

[D-18219 begins to walk away from the trees to his left. He continues walking as he speaks.]

D-18219: So, what is all this? I mean, yeah, you told me what it does and stuff and all of that, but what is it?

Dr. Callaghan: That's classified.

D-18219: You're really sending me into a place where only a few other people entered when they found it and you're not going to tell me what exactly that place is? I think it's only fair.

Dr. Callaghan: Sorry. I don't feel like losing my job today.

D-18219: Fair enough, I guess.

[D-18219 continues to walk for thirty-seven seconds and then gasps, stopping in place. A wall constructed of wooden logs blocks his path.]

Dr. Callaghan: D-18219! Are you alright? What do you see?

D-18219: Yeah, um, sorry. I'm alright. Just didn't expect a fucking wooden wall to appear out of nowhere. Scared me a bit.

Dr. Callaghan: Does the wall appear to be a part of something? A building, possibly?

[D-18219 looks up, showing a roof-like structure on top of the wall.]

D-18219: Yeah. Could be. Want me to see if it's actually a building?

Dr. Callaghan: Please.

[D-18219 begins to walk alongside the perimeter of the wall. It stretches approximately thirty meters before turning, creating a corner.]

D-18219: It's a building.

Dr. Callaghan: Can you find a door?

D-18219: I'll try.

[D-18219 takes four steps and then stops. A window comes into view attached to the building. The window is boarded up next to a door leading inside.]

D-18219: Do you hear that? What the fuck is that?

Dr. Callaghan: I.. can't hear anything. What do you hear?

D-18219: Static. It's coming from inside. I can hear it through the window and through the door.

Dr. Callaghan: Do you hear anything else?

D-18219: Wind blowing. It just started now. [D-18219 shivers.] Shit, that does not help the already fucking freezing temperature. Nothing else, though. I'll consider myself lucky.

Dr. Callaghan: Seems appropriate to do. D-18219, can you see through the window?

D-18219: Barely. There are boards blocking it up like something you'd see in a zombie movie. It's making it really hard to see. [Pauses.] Wait. I see a weird light, getting stronger and then weaker and then stronger again. Almost like a.. flashlight running out of batteries. I can't make out where it's coming from, though.

Dr. Callaghan: Have you found a door?

D-18219: Yeah. It's right next to the window.

Dr. Callaghan: Please attempt to open it.

D-18219: …you're kidding.

Dr. Callaghan: I'm afraid I'm not. D-18219, attempt to open the door.

D-18219: Come on, man, I—

Dr. Callaghan: You're aware of the consequences of being insubordinate. Open the door.

D-18219: I…

[D-18219 takes multiple deep breaths and then suddenly grabs the handle, attempting to twist it. The handle moves to the left and then stops halfway through. D-18219 appears unable to make it go any further.]

D-18219: It's locked.

Dr. Callaghan: Are there any other entrances?

D-18219: It doesn't look like it, but I can look around.

Dr. Callaghan: Please.

[D-18219 walks around the perimeter of the building. The only possible entrances are windows which have been boarded up.]

D-18219: Nope. Just more windows.

Dr. Callaghan: Alright. Please continue, then.

[D-18219 begins to walk away from the building.]

D-18219: Do you know what the fuck that was?

Dr. Callaghan: Truthfully? No. That's the first time we've seen something like that.

D-18219: [Sarcastically] Oh boy. I sure do love being the guinea pig. [Pauses.] This place is so fucking weird. I just keep walking and it feels so empty. I've only run into two things and it's been what, ten, fifteen minutes? Seriously. Place gives me the creeps. I don't like it one bit, doc. Not one bit.

Dr. Callaghan: Please continue.

D-18219: Yeah, yeah, I'm walkin', I'm walkin'.

[The sound of a door opening and then slamming shut can be heard from behind D-18219. He turns around in an attempt to locate the origin of the noise. Nothing can be seen from the camera.]

D-18219: [Hesitantly, whispering] Doc, what do I do?

Dr. Callaghan: Head towards the origin of the slam.

D-18219: [Still whispering] Fuck no! Are you kidding? Look, I tried to open that door before and fought back all of my instincts, but there is no fucking way I'm going to go towards the damn thing that just—

[Suddenly, an SCP-4963-2 instance begins to sprint towards D-18219 from the direction of the sound. D-18219 shouts as SCP-4963-2 begins to begin a vocalization. D-18219 quickly begins to sprint in the direction he was originally traveling.]

D-18219: Holy shit! Holy fucking shit! Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god!

Dr. Callaghan: D-18219, what is it?

D-18219: [Panting] It's a fucking thing, dude! I don't know, it's fucking screaming in static and it's.. fuck, it's fast!

[The SCP-4963-2 instance gradually picks up speed, eventually reaching a point where said instance is directly behind D-18219.]

D-18219: No, fuck! It's right behind me! I can hear the fucking static like it's a whisper in my ear! God, please help me!

[The SCP-4963-2 instance violently tackles D-18219 from behind, getting on top of the subject and vocalizing directly into D-18219's face. The instance's static vocalizations alter into what sounds to be a radio broadcast as this occurs.]

SCP-4963-2: [Static.] …two bodies found in Yellowstone National Park— [Static.] …deep lacerations cover the victims— [Static.] …a large tooth was found within one of the victim's chest cavity— [Static.] …taking in for further study. Police say that the incident is a bear attack, though— [Static.] …doesn't match the tooth of any known animal. Investigations are ongoing. [Static.]

D-18219: Get the FUCK

[D-18219 punches the instance in the temple, causing a loud crack to be heard. The instance suddenly falls off of D-18219 and enters a fetal position on the ground. D-18219 stands near the instance attempting to catch his breath.]

D-18219: Fuck you, too. I'm getting the fuck out of here.

Dr. Callaghan: D-18219, are you alright? Any injuries?

D-18219: I don't think so. Nothing bleeding, at least. There's no way I don't have bruises, though. It tackled me hard.

Dr. Callaghan: Do you remember which direction you came from?

D-18219: Roughly.

Dr. Callaghan: Begin walking in that direction. You'll be extracted by mobile task force personnel with—

[A loud, violent roar can be heard in the distance. D-18219 jumps in place, seemingly from fear.]

D-18219: Gah, shit!

[D-18219 begins to sprint in the direction of SCP-4963.]

Dr. Callaghan: D-18219, get out of there!

D-18219: I'm fucking trying, doc!

[D-18219 spots SCP-4963 and accelerates in speed, sprinting through and entering baseline reality.]


Afterword: Following investigation by Dr. Callaghan and the remainder of the SCP-4963 research team, it was discovered that the broadcast from the SCP-4963-2 instance did not actually occur.

Addendum 4963.2 - Mobile Task Force Exploration: Following the incident of SCP-4963's initial exploration, Mobile Task Force Delta-14 ("Dynamic Triumphs Over Static")3 was sent into SCP-4963-1 with the intent of further surveying the area whilst armed for defensive purposes.

The following is a transcript of the incident.


[The mounted headcams on four Delta-14 agents activate. The footage begins with the agents standing near SCP-4963 with the SCP-4963 research team spectating. The agents are carrying firearms and have large, military-grade backpacks on their backs which appear to be completely full.]

Riley: Stating names for the record; Delta-14 JCO Riley, reporting.

Yepps: Delta-14 Agent Yepps, reporting.

Pi: Delta-14 Agent Pi, reporting.

Neve: Delta-14 Agent Neve, reporting.

Riley: Alright, that's all of us. Entrance to SCP-4963 begins in three, two, one…

[All four agents step through SCP-4963 and enter SCP-4963-1. Similarly to the initial exploration, the cameras mounted on each of the agents' heads seem to have lower visibility than the personnel themselves. The agents quickly enter a diamond formation and raise their weaponry, flicking the safety off to their firearms simultaneously. After eleven seconds of silence, JCO Riley speaks.]

Riley: Clear.

[The agents lower their weapons with the safety remaining disengaged.]

Riley: Let's head out. This place is always changing, so I'd assume it doesn't really matter what direction we go in. [Pauses.] Neve, you make the call.

Neve: Right.

[The four agents disembark to their right and begin to cautiously navigate SCP-4963-1.]

Pi: Do you all hear that?

Neve: No?

Yepps: Me neither.

Riley: What're you hearin', Pi?

Pi: [Hesitantly] Static. In the direction we're headed.4

[Riley makes eye contact with the two other agents while nodding, signalling them to raise their weapons. The agents aim their firearms while Pi slowly does the same. Once all agents have their weapons risen, Delta-14 continues forward in the supposed direction.]

[After three consecutive minutes of advancing in the same direction, the agents stop.]

Yepps: Tree.

Neve: Trees. There's multiple.

[The agents take a few steps closer towards the collection of trees, allowing the camera to view them.]

Pi: I… don't hear it anymore. There's nothing. Just the wind. [Pauses.] Wait, was there wind a second ago?

Riley: No.

Pi: [Whispering] Shit.

Neve: There's an absolutely fucking awful smell. What is that?

[Yepps takes multiple steps forward towards the trees while the remaining agents keep their weapons aimed. Yepps suddenly stops.]

Yepps: Uh, this.

[The remaining Delta-14 personnel walk towards Yepps, revealing the heavily mutated SCP-4963-2 instance. The instance is laying on its stomach with no movement. Flies surround the area.]

Riley: Jesus…

Neve: Requesting permission to examine the corpse.

Riley: Granted. Be careful.

[Neve slowly crouches down next to the SCP-4963-2 instance. Suddenly, the instance turns over, still on the ground, and begins a vocalization. Neve jumps and quickly aims down his weapon at the instance while the other three agents do the same.]

SCP-4963-2: [Static.] …begin log. State your— [Static.] …reason for your homicidal tendencies, SCP-4963? Simply survival? [Static.] …afraid we cannot do that. [Static.] …what? No, I— [Static.] SCP-4963, we cannot just— [Static. Following the pause of static, a siren can be heard.] …class containment breach. All personnel— [Static.]

Neve: What in God's name…

Riley: Yepps, try and contact the research team. Is something going on?

Yepps: On it.

[Yepps pulls up a Foundation-issued PDA from within his backpack. He begins to type on it. After 37 seconds of typing, pausing, and then typing again, Yepps looks back up from the PDA.]

Yepps: It's all clear over there. [Pauses.] Say, we don't happen to have another SCP-4963, do we?

Riley: No. Absolutely not. I don't know why a broadcast of something like that would ever be transmitted if it's nonexistent.

Neve: The other transmission was like that, too. Just.. not real.

[The SCP-4963-2 instance suddenly begins to vocalize once more, with the broadcast-like speech being much more distorted and a collection of voices rather than one.]

SCP-4963-2: [Static.] We— [Static.] …are— [Static.] …being— [Static.] …hunted— [Static.]

[The SCP-4963-2 instance goes entirely limp and completely halts all vocalizations.]


Dr. Callaghan finishes reading the document as he scrolls back up to read once more. A single sentence from the file repeats in his head, growing louder each time.

…it was discovered that the broadcast from the SCP-4963-2 instance did not actually occur.

He was right. Was.

Dr. Callaghan finally breaks eye contact with the monitor, looking to the file now resting near the keyboard of the terminal. He shakes his head as he reads it.



Author: Dr. Owen Callaghan
Date: 1/25/2019
File Category: Autopsy/Corpse Examination
Subjects Involved/Status of Subjects: Unidentified/Deceased

Body: At 12:03 AM, January 25, 2019, Mobile Task Force Delta-19 ("Dynamic Triumphs Over Static") was deployed to investigate an apparent loud crash and screaming around the perimeter of SCP-4963's containment heard by Junior Researcher Kennith Wjertulevski.

Upon arrival at the location reported by Wjertulevski, Delta-19 discovered two recently deceased bodies which appeared to have been mauled by a large animal. The animal was presumed to be a bear until a tooth measuring approximately 12.7 cm. was found within one of the deceased subject's chest cavity.

Upon further DNA analysis, the tooth which the organism belonged to did not match with the teeth of any creatures within the Foundation database.

The two deceased subjects had been heavily dismembered with multiple limbs alongside long strings of intestines stretching across the area around them. Due to their heavily damaged status, the two subjects were unable to be unidentified.

Further investigation is pending.

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