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Item #: SCP-4961


Site-114 shortly after acquisition.

Special Containment Procedures: As of 1/10/2019, SCP-4961 has been declared Neutralized, and all previous Containment Procedures have been rescinded; remaining procedures consist of maintaining legal and financial ownership of Provisional Site-114 and continuation of standard Foundation secrecy protocols. Personnel initially assigned to Site-114 are to be reassigned as well; at least two personnel are to remain on-site as groundskeepers for upkeep and maintenance from now on.

Description: SCP-4961 was a phenomenon affecting an unaddressed property located southwest of Noxon, Montana, through which any domesticated or tamed canines present on the property would undergo anomalous physical enhancement while within the area of effect, designated Site-114.

These enhancements exclusively affected present domesticated or tamed canines, which would experience a variety of summarily positive effects while under SCP-4961’s effect; these enhancements were observed to occur in such ways so as to counteract any existing ailments the subject may have already possessed, or otherwise enhance net physical output to compensate in the case of ailments such as missing or deformed limbs. Canines exposed to SCP-4961 were also observed to exhibit little to no aggressive behavior while on-site.

SCP-4961 functioned strictly within the legal borders of Site-114's property, being a rough rectangle encompassing approximately 120 acres of land as well as having extended an undetermined distance vertically. Upon leaving these boundaries, SCP-4961 would, for the most part, cease to affect subjects. (See Addendum 4961.1)

SCP-4961-1 was a male mutt believed to be a Golden Labrador mix that resided within Site-114. SCP-4961-1 exhibited no anomalous effects beyond a complete inability to leave or be removed from the property. All attempts to physically relocate SCP-4961-1 beyond Site-114's legal boundaries invariably failed, being attributed to a variety of phenomenon ranging from sudden malfunctioning of present equipment to the manifestation of a seemingly ethereal border over which SCP-4961-1 was unable be moved. SCP-4961-1 exhibited no hostile behavior whatsoever, and was noted to attract other members of its species for socialization at an unusually high rate.

Notably, a grave marked by a headstone covered with undeciphered script lies in the garden area of Site-114. Scans indicate one female has been buried at the site. Exhumation of the corpse for study has been deemed unnecessary.

Discovery: On 6/15/2010, a Foundation analyst purchased the property in question with the intent of restructuring the present residence as a retirement home. During construction, the agent's pet dog entered the property and regained use of a previously missing eye. After noticing the spontaneous regeneration of the organ, the analyst contacted the Foundation about the possibility of anomalous interference, and following additional testing, the property itself was found to be anomalous; Site-114 was established later that year.

During the process of securing the Site, the then-unidentified SCP-4961-1 was discovered and assumed to be a stray; upon attempted removal from the Site, it was discovered that SCP-4961-1 could not be physically removed from area, and was subsequently logged as a part of SCP-4961.

Addendum 4961.1:
Specimen Description Affliction Result from exposure to SCP-4961 Other Notes
Beagle-Dachshund mix (Male, 5 years old) Left eye blinded from chemical accident. Subject’s affected eye gradually regained correct coloration and regenerated lost cells, re-enabling binocular sight. The subject maintained ocular integrity even after having left the range of SCP-4961 and has since had no major issues pertaining to sight.
German Shepard (Female, 9 years old) Multiple cancerous growths throughout body, corresponding respiratory issues. Topical growths quickly began shrinking upon entry into SCP-4961’s range, and the subject regained full respiratory functionality. Scans done after the subject had exited SCP-4961 showed a total absence of malignant growths anywhere in the body; cancerous growths reappeared several months later, though were noted to be noticeably weaker and were easily treated. The subject has since been cancer-free.
Black Lab (Female, 10 years old) Limp due to deformed back right leg from an auto accident. The affected limb visibly began realigning upon entry into SCP-4961. Subject ceased limping and was able to move unimpeded while under the effect of SCP-4961. Subject resumed limping upon exiting SCP-4961, although walked with visibly greater ease.
American Staffordshire Terrier (Female, 5 years old) Front right leg amputated after complications during birth. Subject displayed noticeably increased agility and strength with its remaining limbs and was easily able to reach speeds of nearly 50 km/h, much faster than average domestic dog running speed, while running. Subject’s enhanced physical capabilities gradually waned over the course of several hours upon leaving the range of SCP-4961.
Dutch Mastiff (Male, 4 years old) Parasitised by approximately 160 heartworms, with corresponding health issues. Immediate results could not be determined upon subject's entry into SCP-4961. A medical check-up two weeks after the subject left Site-114 revealed a total absence of heartworms anywhere in the subjects cardiovascular system. Subject has since then remained summarily free of heartworms and similar parasites.
Gray Wolf (Male, 15 years old) Arthritis of the legs. Subject immediately began behaving much more actively expected for a specimen of its age. Movement appeared not to cause pain, suggesting a near to complete alleviation of arthritic symptoms. Enhancements enabled by SCP-4961 quickly subsided after the subject left the anomaly's range. The enhancement of the subject also implies that SCP-4961 is able to affect more than one canine species.
Shar Pei (Female, 8 years old) Atopic Dermatitis and minor demodicosis of the front elbows. Subject's affected skin gradually began to soothe and moisturize and quickly regrew absent fur within minutes of entering SCP-4961's range. Subject's breathing capacity also improved, possibly due to SCP-4961's correction of an undiagnosed ailment. Demodex canis infestations in affected areas vanished entirely; no further epidermal ailments have been reported since.
Tibetan Mastiff (Male, 16 years old) Advanced age and associated miscellaneous aliments. Subject immediately began moving with visibly increased energy surpassing expected output of a specimen of its age, and appeared not to feel pain from any actions performed. Specimen remained on-site for 9 days, until passing away from natural causes on 8/26/2018. Shortly before expiring, other specimens present congregated around the subject and grew quiet. Upon expiration, numerous instances of an undefined species of the Syringa, or lilac flower, manifested in the grass surrounding the subject. Instances were confirmed to function as mild cognitohazards that inspired a sense of calm in individuals directly viewing them; these were immediately removed from Site-114 and are currently in cold-storage at Site-19 if further study should be deemed necessary.

Incident Log 4961.A: On 1/10/2019 at approximately 10:34 PM GMT, SCP-4961-1 expired from natural causes due to old age; SCP-4961's age at its time of death remains unknown, as it is expected to have experienced an anomalously-extended lifespan. On-site personnel described SCP-4961-1's behavior in the days before its passing as "at-ease" and "placid," and during this time, other canines present at the Site appeared to congregate around SCP-4961-1, socialize in its vicinity, and interact with SCP-4961-1 itself at a drastically increased rate. Seven hours before expiration, SCP-4961-1 began scratching at the base of Site-114's main stairwell, alerting present agents to the existence of a small cavity inside the stairwell that contained a sealed letter and an aged photo of an unidentified woman (designated P.o.I. 291115) within the cavity (See Addendum 4961.2). Following SCP-4961-1's death, hundreds of different species of flowering plants bloomed around its body; similarly to the case of the Tibetan Mastiff, the flowers carried a mild cognitohazard, though in the case of the new instances the effect was noticeably more potent. Removal of these plants failed whenever attempted, as the specimens would simply regrow to full size in their original location within minutes, even after being uprooted and relocated. As such, removal of these instances is no longer to be attempted.

Addendum 4961.2: The following is the transcription of the letter discovered in the cavity in the stairwell, presumably written by the original owner of the property, designated P.o.I. 291114, who remains otherwise unidentified.

If you’re reading this, that must mean it’s over.

When we escaped to this world, my wife and I, we never thought that we’d end up here of all places.

A part of us had been longing for it, I suppose, the vastness, the quiet, and the inhabitants to an extent.

The scars of the War we had left were fresh in our minds when we arrived all those years ago, and

it became quite evident even months after our arrival here. Poor Ruta would wake up in the middle

of the night screaming about the Striders and break down crying in my arms. One day I happened

into town to pick up supplies and there was a stray on the side of the road. I’d never been much of

a pet person, but I figured why not give it a try? The little thing was shivering and looked

like it was starving. The moment Ruta saw me walk in with that little guy in the crook of my arm her

face lit up like I had never seen in years, even before the War. She never left its side, even gave

it a name— Radek. She loved that dog almost more than me, I gotta say!

But compared to us, Radek was fated to live a brief life. Ruta couldn’t stand the idea of it, she

would change the subject any time I mentioned Radek was getting more gray on his muzzle,

or a bit slower on walks, and eventually she decided to do something about it.

Since I’m guessing whoever is reading this doesn’t know much about Ruta and I’s kind, the

gist of it is Ruta gave some of her “life,” I guess you could call it, to Radek. Now, the three of us

could keep on living, one way or another.

But fate has a way of forcing its own hand, it seems.

In sharing her life, her love, with Radek, she weakened herself. Only fifty years had passed before

I had to bury my precious Ruta with my own hands. Radek didn’t take it too well, I assume. Neither

of us did, as I’m sure you understand. Poor thing wouldn’t leave Ruta’s grave for weeks, barely ate

or drank either. Eventually the both of us grew to accept it, though it was hell.

For weeks after, Radek still refused to leave the property. One evening I figured it would be healthy

to get out and have a walk by the lake not too far from here. Radek refused to come, kept tugging

at the leash until it slipped off or eventually just snapped. By the time I just scooped him up and tried

carrying him out, I connected the dots and realized at least one aspect of the “parting gift” my beloved

had left me, left us. Strays would occasionally drift in and out, their mange curing itself in seconds,

blind eyes seeing again in minutes. Every time, I could feel that twinge, that presence, so familiar

but not quite there. Ruta, or at least something she left, is still here.

As much as I love Radek, I can’t bear to be here much longer. Too many memories, I guess.

I suppose I’ll travel, see the sights this world has to offer. It’s what she would have wanted, after all.

I know Radek will be in good hands while I’m gone, one way or another, but just in case I’ve pulled

some strings, and if everything goes as planned, whoever inherits this estate after us will have

found this. If this world has anything like the Organization back home, this place will come to their

attention sooner or later.

I will be back one day. I’d love nothing more than to lie down beside Ruta for the last time, be it

in death as it was in life.

Bury Radek between the lilac beds in the garden, next to the willow tree, if you would.

Lilacs were always Ruta’s favorite.

Remember us,



The photograph discovered with the above letter, believed to feature P.o.I. 291115. The exact age of the photo remains unknown but is thought to have been taken sometime in the early 20th century.

Incident Log 4961.B: On 1/10/21, an elderly man entered Site-114 without authorization. Only identifying himself as Quin, the man hurriedly proceeded to the Site’s garden and approached the section of the garden containing flowers and knelt at the burial site of SCP-4961-1, which had been buried there following its death exactly two years prior. The man reportedly lowered his head to the grave and began crying, also speaking a variety of phrases including “You did a great job,” and “You can rest now,” while Site personnel attempted to restrain him.

The man then collapsed to the ground and rasped “Letter.” The man then attempted to crawl in the direction of the original grave found during the establishment of Site-114 with his hand outstretched, whispering “Ruta,” while smiling. The subject then suffered severe cardiac arrest and expired minutes later.

By order of Dr. Caballero, the subject, later identified as P.o.I. 291114, was buried alongside the original grave nearby. No additional incidents pertaining to Site-114 have occurred since.

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