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All images of SCP-496 have been redacted by order of Dr. Alto Clef.

Item #: SCP-496

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: As SCP-496 is only contained for her own protection, she is to be contained in a standard humanoid containment cell at Site 19 which has been renovated to match regular senior staff member housing. SCP-496 may not leave the site, but should be provided with anything she needs for her research or personal use upon request.

Description: SCP-496, who is to be addressed as Senior Researcher Dr. Margaret Sawyer-Sheen, is a 21-year old Caucasian female with deep purple-violet eyes and silver (not gray) hair with gold (not blonde) streaks. She graduated from Harvard University at the age of 17 and at the head of her class, and holds a Ph.D in Medicine, Applied Physics, and Biology. She has two small, atrophied protrusions on her back (approximately 40 cm in length when extended) resembling dove wings with pure white feathers. She is unable to move these "wings" and is not sure how they came to be, other than they appeared on her 16th birthday. Despite not being completely human, she has been unanimously voted as the most beautiful researcher at Site 19 by staff.

Dr. Sawyer-Sheen was voluntarily contained by the Foundation in 2008 after learning about the Foundation through the Internet and determining that turning herself in was the right thing to do. She was initially turned down, but was able to convince the undercover agents that letting her in would be for the greater good. Upon being accepted by the Foundation, she worked extra hard to prove that she could be a valuable addition to the Foundation research team, and became a Senior Researcher by the age of 20.

Margaret is the head of the medical research department of Site 19, where she develops new medicines and tools to improve the lives and health of agents and researchers stationed there. She has been described as "caring" and "kind" and is often requested by name by injured personnel, which takes up most of her time but she doesn't mind. She prefers to be called "Maggie", and will get upset if referred to as SCP-496. Dr. Sawyer-Sheen also has unrestricted access to SCP-500 and SCP-914 for the purpose of research and development, as the O5 Council has determined that she is more than responsible enough to make proper use of them.

At her request, Dr. Sawyer-Sheen's salary is to be donated to the Humane Society and International Red Cross as she doesn't need it.

Addendum 496-1: Incident 496-07-11

Dr. Sawyer-Sheen has been reprimanded for unprofessional conduct for being engaged in a romantic relationship with Dr. Alto Clef. We will not condone this kind of behavior at the Foundation, and the two are to be separated immediately.

Dr. Jack Bright
Site Director, Site 19

Addendum 496-2: Senior Staff Notation

Bright, you bastard, don't think I don't know what you're doing. My relationship with Maggie may be non-sexual since we aren't married yet, but we love each other and I won't let you come between us. If you think you can get away with this, just you wait! This means war!

Dr. Alto Clef
Senior Researcher

Addendum 496-3: Incident 496-07-14

After a lot of fighting, tears, and a dramatic confession set against a beautiful sunset, Drs. Bright and Clef have agreed that Dr. Sawyer-Sheen is to be Dr. Clef's girlfriend, but Dr. Bright can still hang out with her once a week but only as a friend.

Dr. Agatha Rights
Senior Researcher

Addendum 496-4: Researcher Note

It's absolutely stupid to suggest that I don't feel anything for women. I just had to save myself for the perfect woman by pushing everyone else away.

Dr. Alto Clef
Senior Researcher

Addendum 496-5: Researcher Note

No, I don't want another number. 496 is a perfect number and I like it.

Dr. Margaret Sawyer-Sheen
Senior Researcher

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