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Item #: SCP-496

Object Class: Keter


An antillian manatee showing symptoms of an SCP-496 infection.

Special Containment Procedures: MTF γ-6 ("Deep Feeders") are to assist MTF β-7 ("Maz Hatters") in monitoring and researching SCP-496. The current perimeter around SCP-496 is to be publicly designated as a Protected Marine Wildlife Reserve. All personnel located inside of the perimeter must wear waterproof protective gear that covers their entire person, and avoid any skin contact with water. Personnel studying SCP-496 are to focus their research on finding a way of slowing or halting the spread of SCP-496.

Description: SCP-496 is a substance composed primarily of calcium carbonate1 that covers a 35 square kilometer area of the sea floor 84 kilometers off the coast of Jakarta, Indonesia. The substance has characteristics of a waterborne contagion that is capable of infecting an organism via contact with the skin. Once SCP-496 has infected an organic substance, it will begin the process of converting all organic matter of the subject into SCP-496.

Signs and symptoms of an SCP-496 infection include:

  • Batches of red or skin-colored welts.2
  • Severe itching.3
  • Painful swelling of the lips, eyelids, and inside the throat.4

Once the SCP-496 infection reaches the brain, the victim may suffer from:

  • Delusions.
  • Disorganized thinking.
  • Extremely disorganized or abnormal motor behavior.
  • Hallucinations.5

Once the SCP-496 infection has spread throughout the entire body, the following symptoms will occur:6

  • Conversion of all organic matter into SCP-496.7

Addendum 496-1: SCP-496 was discovered by a Foundation research vessel while investigating reports of an abandoned fishing liner drifting in the middle of the ocean. Inspection of the fish hold of the ship revealed a large mass of SCP-496 which formed due to infected fish being stored in close proximity.

The ship was boarded by a local Foundation research vessel. Attempts to locate the missing crew failed, however an individual infected by SCP-496 was found inside of a locked room in the cargo hold of the ship. The state of the room showed signs of an aggressive struggle.

Addendum 496-2: Due to a lack of understanding of the contagious properties of SCP-496, Agent Viva became exposed to SCP-496 while inspecting the infected individual. The moment Foundation personnel became aware of the contagion, the subject was quarantined in a standard containment cell located on the research vessel. Agent Viva agreed to cooperate while under quarantine, and a portion of the video log from their observation has been added to this file.

Video Log

Agent Viva is locked inside of a containment room located in the storage hold of the ship. A camera has been placed in the room so Dr. Wilson may observe the infection as it advances. At the time of this segment, approximately 50% of the subjects body has been converted into SCP-496.

[[Begin Log]]

Dr. Wilson: Agent, are you still able to communicate?

Agent Viva: Yes… it's hard though —

The subject begins look around the room, causing flakes of SCP-496 to fall off of their neck.

Agent Viva: I — I'm seeing things. This isn't real.

Dr. Wilson: Agent, what are you seeing?

The subject is silent for 12 seconds.

Dr. Wilson: Agent Viv—

Agent Viva: A — a city made of stone… It's — It's under water. It's full of people, but they aren't drowning… they look happy. There is a temple decorated in… so many different shades of coral.

Dr. Wilson: Can you see the room you are in?

Agent Viva: Yes, but I can see the people too… the people going into the temple, and… praying. They look beautiful with the coral adorned on their face.

The subject walks to the door of her cell, and attempts to escape.

Agent Viva: We should go back… It's better down there. Please let me out.

Dr. Wilson: Agent Viva, please try and focus on what you are seeing. Step away from the—

Agent Viva: The water made us, and it wants us back…

The subject begins pounding on the door while pleading to be released. vocalization ended once Agent Viva's esophagus fully closed due to swelling. Agent Viva then expired due to suffocation.

[[End Log]]

Note: After the report of a contagion was received, MTF β-7 ("Maz Hatters"), and MTF γ-6 ("Deep Feeders") were dispatched to begin investigating the sea bed for signs of SCP-496. Controlled testing of SCP-496 on D-Class personnel is authorized in order to study its effects.

Addendum 496-3: Further investigations of the sea bed have revealed structures that resemble those described by Agent Viva buried underneath a 3 meter thick layer of SCP-4968. As of the writing of this document, 1,312 humanoids infected by SCP-496 have been discovered inside of these structures. The current perimeter of SCP-496, as of the writing of this addendum, spans a 35 kilometer area and is growing at a rate of 4.7 meters a year.

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