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View of SCP-4957's interior.

Item #: SCP-4957

Object Class: Neutralized (Formerly Euclid)

Special Containment Procedures: The gas station which originally housed SCP-4957 has been demolished. The Foundation front corporation Special-Purpose Concrete Providers Inc. has laid down a parking lot which is to be leased as part of regional revenue-gathering operations.

SCP-4957 is housed in one of Site-77's high-volume containment vaults. No further testing is to be conducted. Description has been slated for further revision.

Description: SCP-4957 is a spatial anomaly inside of a freestanding retail beverage cooler. Assessed as a potential source of inter-dimensional portals, these properties have not been fully explored and their final locations have not been identified.

Prior to reclassification, the temperature within SCP-4957 remained at a constant 1°C. All water, beverages, and foodstuffs within SCP-4957 would only spoil after their printed expiration date. This would occur even without being connected to an electrical current.

Other presumed properties of SCP-4957 were the manipulation of video recording systems and transporting subjects who entered to an unknown location after the door closed. It is not known whether or not these individuals left voluntarily after the closure of the door. Attempts to monitor the interior of SCP-4957 have not succeeded, with lights shutting off after the doors close to prevent visual inspection. Machine-assisted monitoring only shows an empty non-anomalous beverage cooler interior.

Regional agents in Little Rock, Arkansas discovered SCP-4957 after several employees were reported missing after entering it. Upon the loss of multiple autonomous drones and D-Class personnel, the original containment procedures were enacted.

Addendum: Interview Log 4957-Gamma

Interviewed: Unknown Subject

Interviewer: Dr. Serenati

Foreword: A wireless microphone-enabled drone was sent into SCP-4957 after more sophisticated monitoring systems failed shortly after entering. Approximately half an hour after entering, an unidentified individual was encountered. Following this conversation, SCP-4957 is considered to be neutralized.

<Begin Log>

UNSUB: Hello? Is there someone on the other end of this thing?

Dr. Serenati: Oh! Hello, we are here, here to help. What is your name?

UNSUB: Martin. Are you getting me out of here?

Dr. Serenati: Working on it Martin. Can you tell us anything about where you are?

UNSUB: It's… dark. But I've been seeing things. How long have I been in here?

Dr. Serenati: Not long, Martin. What are you seeing in there?

UNSUB: This place is so old. Crystal Pepsi, Tab, New Coke, it's here with dust but it's still bubbly.

Dr. Serenati: What have you seen, Martin? We need to know to locate you.

UNSUB: There's… I saw a guy in a Gulf War t-shirt with a coconut for a head grabbing beer through the slats. All the shelves keep changing out there, it's hard to see past the drinks and I don't want to move things. They might know I'm here.

Dr. Serenati: Martin, you're doing great. We're coming to help you now. What else are you seeing?

UNSUB: There was a black guy with a mustache, his limbs were too long. He reached all the way to the back. I thought he was gonna grab me. All he took was a Natty Daddy. God, it's so nice to hear another person. After I found the bodies I thought this was a deathtrap.

Dr. Serenati: Bodies? Are you in danger, Martin? You need to tell us everything you've seen so we know how to prepare for rescuing you.

UNSUB: Guys in orange jumpsuits. They had ripped-up lotto tickets stuffed into their faceholes. It was disgusting. The only thing I could think of when I saw them was how I wished something was here to cook with. I can't live on mold and R.C Cola forever. I'm sorry. I know it's horrible.

Dr. Serenati: You're just doing what you have to do for survival, Martin. There's nothing wrong with you.

UNSUB: Are you really going to help me?

Dr. Serenati: Of course, Martin. Just stay put.

UNSUB: Thank you so much, sir. I just have one more thing I think it's important to tell you.

Dr. Serenati: What is it?

UNSUB: I've just made everything up. This was all designed to waste the Foundation's time.

Dr. Serenati: E-excuse me?

UNSUB: Yeah, it's just an endless loop that you can't see into from the outside. We've got a hatch here that lets us get out. I'm the last one out, gonna burn it after I bail. Oh, and all the guys that you sent through here? We're going to be taking them on a cruise vacation to celebrate their not being disposed. You guys are animals, you know that?

Dr. Serenati: That's- what- you- even if you're telling the truth, you're not getting far.

UNSUB: Yeah, yeah. Talk to the Hand.

<End Log>

Closing Statement: SCP-4957 re-classified as Neutralized. All individuals known to have been lost to SCP-4957 are considered persons of interest and are to be detained immediately upon being discovered. As of 09/18/2019, none of these PoI's have been returned to Foundation custody.

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