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Ottoman engineers clearing a path for SCP-4956, 1916.

Item #: SCP-4956

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: A small crew of researchers is monitoring SCP-4956's path and activity from a monitoring station located in the Bir Tawil region. Loudspeakers broadcasting a live feed of SCP-4956’s audio are stationed around the facility to deter trespassers. Unauthorized individuals entering Bir Tawil should be intercepted and given amnestics once the noise produced by SCP-4956 has driven them back. Cover stories shall be created for these individuals once they have been removed from the vicinity of the monitoring station.

Drones or other monitoring devices being sent to SCP-4956 by non-Foundation entities are to be sabotaged. There is no danger in outside sources monitoring SCP-4956 as its anomalous properties are not detectable by their instrumentation.

Description: SCP-4956 is an amalgamation of rock, metal, and synthetic materials which is emitting noise1 similar to an animistic scream. It is mildly autonomous if on solid ground, moving as though on a downhill slope towards nearby mineral deposits in spite of the elevation of the actual terrain it is situated on.

Although presently weighing over 85 tons, it is hypothesized that the origin of SCP-4956's effect is generated by a small pebble of unknown composition at its center.

As SCP-4956 comes into contact with solid masses of mineral, ore, or refined materials such as Iron, Copper, Tin, or Steel, they are integrated into the amalgamation. Outside forces can still affect these materials but there is no known method to removing them. There is a direct correlation between SCP-4956's size and the increasing energy of pressure waves SCP-4956 is generating.

Given the current size of SCP-4956, it is believed that any human coming within 16 km of it would be deafened and continuing to approach it would cause embolism and organ failure at the 10km mark. Depending on how earthquake-proof the buildings are, cities may be leveled once SCP-4956 approaches within 5km. There are no materials at the Foundation's disposal which would be able to contain SCP-4956 on Earth.

The first reports of SCP-4956 come from rural Bulgaria during the Second Balkan War, when peasants brought a "humming rock" to local magistrates. There are sporadic reports of SCP-4956 which do not mention an increase in its size or noise until Bulgaria joined the Central Powers of World War 1. At this point, it is believed that an attempt to experiment with SCP-4956 led to the initiation of its anomalous effect.

Throughout most of 1915, SCP-4956 was rolling along the bottom of the Black Sea before emerging on the shores of Anatolia and causing widespread destruction. SCP-4956 was subsequently launched into Earth orbit by the Ottoman Empire, with assistance of the Imperial German Army, in 1916. Although the artillery piece used did not survive the launch, the Paris Gun later used on the Western Front is believed to be derived from a prototype.

SCP-4956 escaped from Earth orbit in 1976, reaching Saturn's orbit by 1980. It has been stable since 2001.

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