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Threat Level: Green

Special Containment Procedures: The land surrounding SCP-4952 has been purchased by the Foundation from the United States government. Due to the nature of SCP-4952, no further containment measures are necessary beyond standard anti-trespassing measures.

Description: SCP-4952 is a recurring event associated with the exit of a decommissioned motor-vehicle tunnel, a nearby sinkhole, and the section of road connecting the aforementioned points, located in Frost National Park, Massachusetts.

SCP-4952 involves the following components:

  • SCP-4952-1 is a 1963 Chrysler 300, painted a light blue.
  • SCP-4952-2 is a human male resembling American poet Robert Frost as he appeared circa. 1910. SCP-4952-2 is seated in the driver's seat.
  • SCP-4952-3 are three corpses identical to SCP-4952-2 in appearance. SCP-4952-3 are seated in the back seats, secured with seat belts.
    • In approximately 0.8% of recorded cases, a single instance of SCP-4952-3 is replaced with SCP-4952-4, a corpse resembling American musician Mal Blum as they appeared circa. 2015.
  • In addition to SCP-4952-2 through -4, SCP-4952-1 almost always1 contains three two-liter canisters of kerosene, five neutralized instances of SCP-4065-1, an assortment of electrical wiring equipment, four to seventeen photographs of various North American musicians or poets2, several firearms, three briefcases containing approximately 15 million units of an unidentified currency3, and a single suitcase filled with damaged electronics of unknown make and function. A variety of miscellaneous office supplies may also be present between iterations.

During an iteration of SCP-4952, SCP-4952-1 will emerge from the tunnel at approximately 110 km/h, striking the last and second-to-last iterations of SCP-4952-1 and -2; SCP-4952-1 and -2 of the second-to-last iteration will be knocked into the sinkhole and subsequently disappear. SCP-4952-2 inevitably survives its initial SCP-4952 iteration, although its previous iteration is killed upon impact. SCP-4952-2 initially displays shock, then frustration upon the conclusion of SCP-4952.

New iterations of SCP-4952 are triggered under any of the following conditions:

  • SCP-4952-2 attempts to remove SCP-4952-3 or -4 from either iteration of SCP-4952-1.
  • SCP-4952-2 attempts to examine the corpse of its previous iteration.
  • Any attempt is made to transport any physical component of SCP-4952 outside the boundaries of SCP-4952.
  • Any attempt is made by external actors to prevent the immediate recurrence of SCP-4952.
  • An external actor addresses SCP-4952-2.
  • 3 hours, 56 minutes, and 27 seconds have passed since the last SCP-4952 event.

SCP-4952 was discovered on 21/03/1986, following a series of distress signals received by Foundation agents stationed in Frost National Park.

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