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SCP-4951-1 in an unpowered state.

Item #: SCP-4951

Object Class: Keter / Thaumiel

Special Containment Procedures: All physical components of SCP-4951-1 are to remain contained in a powered state with unfiltered internet connectivity.

Foundation assets are to maintain no less than 51% stock share in any publicly traded corporation created by SCP-4951.

All proposed insurance policies generated by SCP-4951 are to be immediately sealed, and delivered in their entirety to Overwatch command.

Description: SCP-4951 is a self-propagating digital cloud-based entity capable of writing portions of itself on any operating system to which it is exposed. At time of writing, 186 such devices are in containment, collectively designated SCP-4951-1.


SCP-4951-2 in an unpowered state.

Based on available information, SCP-4951 is believed to be the digitized consciousness of Horatio Avelar.1 By the account of SCP-4951, components of SCP-4951-1 within Foundation custody account for roughly 0.085% of all such devices hosting a portion of its consciousness worldwide.

SCP-4951 utilizes the combined computing power of its component parts in order to predict future anomalous activity. It utilizes this information to open shell corporations with the sole function of selling insurance policies covering very specific anomalous activities. Insurance policies generated in this way have proven successful in predicting anomalous activity and assisting with subsequent containment in 89% of cases.2

Addendum 4951 01: Abridged log of SCP-4951-1 components

Addendum 4951 02: SCP-4951 initial interview log

Addendum 4951 03: SCP-4951 entity psychological analysis

Addendum 4951 04: SCP-4951 interview log

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