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Due to unforeseen technical issues, this document cannot currently be assigned as "Document 4947-A-I" or "-II" in Foundation databases, despite the nonexistence of relevant documentation in the aforementioned slots.

— Maria Jones, Director, RAISA

Document 4947-A-III: Exploration I of SCP-4947-A.

On [DATA LOST], D-947 was selected to explore SCP-4947-A. Subject was chosen on account of loyalty and wildland navigation skills. Subject had a history of violence against the elderly and 2nd degree murder. D-947 was equipped with standard wilderness exploration gear, climbing equipment, three days worth of rations, a disposable camera, an audiovisual communications headset, and a GPS tracking device. Dr. Rivka Yarkoni, the former head researcher of SCP-4947, oversaw the exploration.

Footage from Exploration III has survived [DATA LOST] days thus far. The significance of this is unknown.

D-947 is dropped off 100 meters east of SCP-4947-A24, a Leaf Point1.

D-947: [EXTRANEOUS COMPLAINTS EXPUNGED]. This place looks freaky, doc.

D-947 stands in a meadow, filled primarily with patches of meadow-grass and various flowers. Several patches of grass are missing, replaced with shallow holes in the ground.

Dr. Yarkoni: Noted. D-947, please examine some of the plants in detail.

D-947 bends down to pick up what appears to be a white tulip in the process of wilting. Its petals bear several holes of varying length. An examination of the other flowers reveals that most flora in the area are in a similar state.

D-947: Do these things even grow here? Never seen a wild tulip out in these parts. Christ, you'd think I'd get one day in a quiet forest. [DATA LOST] but really, can you blame me?

Dr. Yarkoni: I don't know if I can. Please proceed.

A treeline is visible a few hundred meters from D-947's location, which he proceeds towards. Within three minutes, the edge of SCP-4947-A-24 comes into view, beginning as a series of shallow fractures in the ground. Plants adjacent to these fractures are visibly dead/dying. Ambient sounds associated with animal activity are notably absent.

D-947 shows notable aversion to stepping on SCP-4947-A's fractures, despite receiving little warning of SCP-4947's anomalous properties. Much of the video footage in this stage is directed towards the ground, suggesting that this action is deliberate on D-947's part. D-947 eventually stops to examine a log approximately 20 meters from the treeline.


D-947 hurries away towards the treeline.

D-947: Damn worms. They'll eat you alive, fall asleep for too long in the wrong place.

Fractures in the ground become significantly more common once D-947 enters the forest. From here, each fracture visibly radiates from a much larger fracture, approximately .4 meters deep and 1 meter wide. Vegetation within the main fracture appears heavily decayed. No trees grow along the edges of or within the main fracture.

D-947: Doc, if I didn't know better, I'd say this is some kind of fungus. It's a goddamn cemetery for plants out here.

Dr. Yarkoni: Noted. Please proceed.

D-947: Assuming that means "further west".

As D-947 continues west, missing patches of vegetation increase in frequency. Aside from the previous [DATA LOST], no signs of animal life are present.

NOTE: At around this time, the video feed cuts out. The audio feed remains.

D-947 remains walking, occasionally whistling a fragment of 'The Lord is Good to Me'. Around two minutes and thirty seconds after video feed cuts off, the sound of walking abruptly stops, and D-947 appears to stumble before audibly swearing.

Dr. Yarkoni: Don't worry about that. The holes won't kill you.

D-947: No offense, doc, but you say that like they're going to kill me.

Video feed cuts back in around this point. Video quality is heavily degraded, and a small blind spot develops in the top-left corner of the feed.

D-947: Either way, what's wrong with this place? Holes don't just spring out of nowhere like this.

As D-947 continues into SCP-4947-A, an instance of SCP-4947-B that had previously been hidden behind the video feed's blind spot comes into view. Said instance, [DATA LOST], had yet to be recorded as of the exploration. D-947 fails to acknowledge [DATA LOST], continuing west.

Dr. Yarkoni: D-947, please stop to examine the structure to your left.

As D-947 stops and turns to face the structure, the right audio feed spontaneously cuts out.

D-947 stands in front of [DATA LOST], resembling a small toolshed. The entrance consists of a double door, the right half of which has been ripped from its hinges, presumably neutralizing its effects2. [DATA LOST] appears empty from this perspective.

D-947: Some kind of gamekeeper shack? Doc, I'd say this place's just about fucked. Gamekeeper's lucky if he keeps his job.

D-947 soon enters [DATA LOST] unprompted3, specifically through the hole where [DATA LOST] been. After a delay of three seconds, D-947 shines a flashlight across the interior. Much of the typical toolshed equipment is missing; what remains has been haphazardly piled into the southeast corner of the building.

[DATA LOST] inconsistent with [DATA LOST]. Given [DATA LOST] infestation in SCP-4947-B74, this is most likely the result of [DATA LOST] early discovery.

D-947: You've put me up against quite a bit, doc, but this is just curious.

D-947 stands silently for a period of six seconds, before exiting [DATA LOST] unprompted.

After 13 minutes of continued walking5, D-947 comes to a crevice in the forest, approximately 6 meters deep. Much of the surface area is covered with spotty patches of moss, growing sparser as it descends the wall. Aside from this, all plant life within a few meters of SCP-4947-A appears to have died.

At around this time, the right audio feed cuts back in. D-947 stares silently into the crevice for several seconds, occasionally shaking their head.

D-947: Doc, you can't expect me to…

D-947 continues shaking his head, occasionally muttering something before cutting himself off. This continues for forty seconds before D-947 abruptly falls into the crevice.6

Audio completely cuts out during the fall.

D-947 lands face up in the crevice. Heart-rate [DATA LOST] suggesting significant spinal trauma. Camera feed remains fixed in this position until 27:19:12, when video transmission cuts out. Medical readings cut out at approximately 58:22:01, but do not suggest death during this time.

From the camera's position, D-947 is stuck inside of a narrow crevice approximately 3 meters wide. D-947 has a clear view of the sky, as most of the trees in this area have already shed their leaves.

During this time, video feed captures several abnormalities:

  • At 3:14:28, a hole in the video feed appears on the edge of the crevice, and extends laterally until it reaches the other end. This hole remains for 2 hours and 18 minutes, until it suddenly begins laterally shrinking.
  • As expected, night falls at approximately 9:13:00. ƟU-736 automatically flags several incomplete areas in the expected starscape.
  • The date of exploration suggests a full moon. However, the appearance of the moon from the crevice7 is that of a waning crescent.
  • Audio briefly cuts back in at 16:41:22. In addition to the expected wilderness sounds, a low frequency hum can be heard in the left audio feed. Audio cuts back out at 16:43:59.
  • At 21:00:00, nothing happens8.

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