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4/4945 LEVEL 4/4945
Item #: SCP-4945

SCP-4945 at rest during a 4945-Delta Event

Special Containment Procedures: The rails SCP-4945 drives on have been constructed into a circular loop with a length of 1km. A 10km2 exclusion zone around SCP-4945's loop is to be evacuated and public access is to be denied under the pretence of military testing. Unauthorised persons attempting to enter the exclusion zone are to be detained, questioned and subsequently administered Class-A amnestics. MTF-Theta-1 "Trainspotters" are to be stationed evenly at 250m intervals on both the inside and outside of the loop. Speed cameras are to be placed at 100m intervals constantly pointed towards SCP-4945 with updates and changes in speed relayed to MTF-Theta-1. Should SCP-4945's speed drop below 30km/h all units are to prepare for T-Delta Event. Any hostile instances of SCP-4945-1 exiting SCP-4945 are to be shot and neutralised on sight; non-hostile SCP-4945-1 are to be subdued, detained and questioned if possible, for the period of materialisation, unless otherwise ordered by level 4 or above research staff.

Description: SCP-4945 is a standard Royal Class DMU Passenger Train located at ███████ Railway, UK. Despite having no apparent driver, SCP-4945 is capable of movement, changes in speed and changes in direction. SCP-4945 requires no fuel and can run seemingly indefinitely. There is no discernible pattern to the speed and direction of SCP-4945's movement.

SCP-4945-1 is the collective designation given to entities materialised on SCP-4945. SCP-4945-1 instances are a range of varied objects and autonomous entities.1 Up to ~45 SCP-4945-1 instances can be visible at any one time; however, entities will sporadically materialise and dematerialise at intervals of 10-180 seconds.

While SCP-4945 is travelling above 20km/h SCP-4945-1 are unable to disembark SCP-4945. Should SCP-4945 be travelling below 20km/h SCP-4945-1 will attempt to exit SCP-4945; this is designated a 4945-Delta Event. Once SCP-4945-1 has disembarked SCP-4945 instances can last from anywhere between 4-10 minutes before dematerialising and range from harmless to extremely dangerous.

Discovery: Reports of a "ghost train" in local ███████, UK started gaining popularity with townsfolk. Local reports included descriptions of different SCP-4945-1 instances observed, including old western American cowboys and "Hot Wheels" branded toy cars among others. Embedded Foundation agents in ███████ investigated, discovering SCP-4945 moving at a pace of 55km/h with no apparent driver. Agents requested Foundation assistance and disinformation routines were enacted on ███████ and surrounding towns.

Incident Log: 4945-Delta Events
Log # Minimum Speed Description
4945-Delta-03 16km/h SCP-4945 was observed to have ~80 SCP-4945-1 in the form of origami foxes on board. Upon reaching 16km/h, all of the origami SCP-4945-1 attempted to jump from SCP-4945, resulting in most of them being blown away and the rest being crushed under SCP-4945's wheels. A large SCP-4945-1 in the form of an origami fox, measuring approximately 140cmx230cm, then departed from SCP-4945 and attacked nearby units. MTF-Theta-1 was able to neutralise the instance after 2 minutes, suffering two casualties.
4945-Delta-07 0km/h Upon hitting 20km/h, four SCP-4945-1 jumped off SCP-4945 in the form of monkeys and began hurling faeces at MTF-Theta-1 Units. SCP-4945-1 were promptly subdued as SCP-4945 came to a full stop. Another SCP-4945-1 emerged from SCP-4945 in the form of an Apollo-11 Spacesuit,2 and began vocalising a misquoted version of Neil Armstrong's first words on the moon, in a voice matching identically to Armstrong; "That's a small step for a man, but a big leap for another man."
4945-Delta-09 4km/h SCP-4945-1 in the form of a female child with long blonde hair and blue eyes departed from SCP-4945. SCP-4945-1 instance approached MTF-Theta-1 Units and vocalised, "Where's D█████? I love D█████! He's my favouritest in the whole world! Where are you D█████? I need you!", before dematerialising. This was the third time this specific form of SCP-4945-1 had manifested.3

Incident 4945-Delta-16:
Frequency of 4945-Delta events had increased exponentially since SCP-4945's discovery. On 25/07/20██ SCP-4945 came to a complete stop from 67km/h in under 0.02 seconds. Almost immediately an SCP-4945-1 instance, in the form of a middle-aged adult male, exited SCP-4945 and surrendered to MTF-Theta-1 forces compliantly. Questioning of the entity revealed major flaws in the original document for SCP-4945, and as such a new document has been produced. Special Containment Procedures have been updated accordingly, comply with new procedures immediately. Interview follows:

Interviewed: SCP-4945-1
Interviewer: MTF-Theta-1-04
Foreword: Theta-1 were briefed in interrogating non-threatening SCP-4945-1 instances and given a line of questioning to follow should it be required.

MTF-Theta-1-04: SCP-4945-1, Who or what are you?

SCP-4945-1: I assume you mean me? Well, I'm not all that important really.

MTF-Theta-1-04: Your importance is irrelevant. Who or what are you?

SCP-4945-1: Well isn't it obvious? I'm D█████'s dad. Well, I'm not D█████'s dad but that's what I represent for sure.

MTF-Theta-1-04: Who is D█████?

SCP-4945-1: I just told you, my son.

MTF-Theta-1-04: What do you and your son have to do with the train stopped behind you?

SCP-4945-1: I don't really have anything to do with it, of course, I can't say the same for D█████'s real father.

MTF-Theta-1-04: What are you talking about?

SCP-4945-1: I may just be an imagined version of him but I still hold some of his memories, at least the ones D█████ also experienced.

MTF-Theta-1-04: Can you explain what you mean by imagined version?

SCP-4945-1: None of this is real of course, we're all in D█████'s head. How could you not know that? You're here too?

MTF-Theta-1-04: Where's D█████'s location?

SCP-4945-1: Oh he's probably just-

SCP-4945-1 dematerialised as SCP-4945 began to move again. Investigations into D█████ were launched and facial recognition programs were run looking for a match with the SCP-4945-1 instance. A match for the SCP-4945-1 instance was found in ███████, UK and Foundation agents detained the match and designated them PoI-25053. His son D█████ was with him and was designated SCP-4945-A.

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