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Item #: SCP-4940

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures:

SCP-4940's procedure corresponds to three different developmental stages that the object may be within.

  • At Stage One, SCP-4940 is to be contained within a standard security locker, made primarily of steel. Said container is to be kept within a room capable of sustaining a constant temperature of 0°C or lower.
  • At Stage Two, SCP-4940 is to be held within a Foundation-made Organ Care System, capable of holding masses of 1.4kg, or higher.
  • At Stage Three, SCP-4940 is to be contained within a Foundation-made Organ Care System, retrofitted to include approved modifications.

At all stages of SCP-4940's development, under no circumstances is introduction of non-living, solid, organic matter allowed without permission from a Security Clearance Level 3 researcher. SCP-4940 is to be housed within Research Site 87-Delta.


SCP-4940's appearance depends on the stage of its development.

  • At Stage One, the object is a small, black, spherical object three centimeters in diameter. The object's outer composition is a hard, black substance, made of tightly packed neurons, which encompasses the sphere in a one centimeter thickness. The inner layer of the object is made of a material unable to be identified through Foundation research personnel, or matched with any anomalous material on-record. The inner material is incapable of being damaged, preventing any sample being taken, and emits constant oscillatory frequency of at 1.5 Hz. This coincides with a constant ψ-Wave rating of █. SCP-4940 is capable of locomotion, attaining a maximum speed of two meters-per-second, via rolling, although it is unknown how the object is able to move in any capacity. Upon the surface of SCP-4940 appears heavily faded text, only the subsequent examples being legible enough to be transcribed:


  • The object is regarded as being in Stage Two when an approximate 1kg of neural biomass has been attached to the outer surface of SCP-4940. When in this phase, the object has been observed emitting electrical pulses to the surrounding neurons, from specific areas on the outer surface. The non-anomalous neurons are physically attached to the outer surface of the object, and can only be removed with high-frequency laser-cutters, or in a bath of hydrochloric acid. The object is capable of manipulating any muscle tissue in contact with the neural biomass. The effective range of this manipulation, if physically connected to the tissue in some form, can range to one kilometer, although effective movement diminishes the farther from the object. The object is capable of exhibiting a considerable amount of intelligence, able to construct objects out of the biomass it has gained, typically in the effort to kill, or maim other organisms to amalgamate their biomass into its own. SCP-4940 exhibits an oscillatory frequency of 5 Hz, and a consistent ψ-Wave rating of ██.
  • The object is regarded as being in Stage Three specifically when it exhibits full sapience similar to that of a human being. The intelligence of SCP-4940 can range from that of a human of five years, or of twenty-five, though the intelligence rapidly increases from the former when given enough time. SCP-4940 will have formed the neural biomass surrounding its core into that of a shape similar to a average human brain, developing from the brain-stem outwards, the last of the development forming the outer cerebral cortex. The object is capable of this development without any other type of biological material, but will typically have a large amount accompanying it due to the necessity in acquiring the required neural biomass. The object emits an oscillatory frequency of 30 Hz, and a ψ-Wave rating of ████.

Discovery and Acquisition:

SCP-4940 entered Foundation possession after anonymous reports were received of a start-up anomalous technology manufacturing company known as [REDACTED] Laboratories, a company founded by a Dr. [REDACTED], former head bio-technologies researcher for one of Prometheus Labs' bio-engineering facilities. The main laboratory of [REDACTED] was illegally constructed underground in ██████ State Park, ██████, ██. The company primarily deals with the engineering of anomalous objects though illegal and underground means. An investigation into black market transactions, the previously-unknown sources of SCP-████ and SCP-████, and missing-persons reports by MTF-Phi-1 ("Hostile Takeover") lead to a raid upon the facility, seizing it, and the remaining employees within. Of the reported anomalous items coming from the facility's inventory, a majority were missing, along with Dr. [REDACTED], leading to the formation of MTF-Delta-87 ("Hayflick Limit") to track down, and recover anomalous products produced by [REDACTED] Laboratories, as well as turning the laboratory into the now-established Research Site Delta-87

Heavily altered and censored digital documents concerning SCP-4940 were recovered from the lab's database, and were used to track down the object within the laboratory's perimeter. Using local animal population censuses, and higher-than-average carrion presence, the object was found within the corpse of an eastern ground squirrel, then subsequently retrieved and contained.

Addendum 4940.1: The following files were recovered from [REDACTED] Laboratories, and subsequently logged into the Foundation database.

Addendum 4940.2: The following documents are in-Foundation experiments in order to more-fully document SCP-4940's capabilities.

Addendum 4940.3:

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