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Item #: SCP-494

Object Class: Safe/Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Although SCP-494 is immobile and emits no radiation, full-body HAZMAT suits must be worn by personnel attempting to remove it from its holding facility. SCP-494 must be stored in a 0.1 m x 0.1 m x 0.1 m glass container with a removable top, and a piece of specially inscribed paper of 10 cm x 25 cm is to be placed atop the container as a means of containing the object's effects.

Description: SCP-494 is an oblong torus 7.6 centimetres long which appears to be suspended in some sort of unknown blue-green liquid or gel (designated SCP-494-A). The viscosity of the liquid can and will change drastically without notice. SCP-494 itself appears to be made of limestone, and is dyed with ochre to form crude line patterns. SCP-494 appears to float in mid-air, in defiance of the laws of gravity. The ochre dye glows at random intervals; the cause of this effect is unknown. During a period of glowing, the liquid will begin to gel, and the surface will form into complex patterns based on ripples.

Some Foundation employees believe SCP-494 to be a device to communicate with another plane of reality, but the hypothesis cannot be proved in any way currently practical, or, indeed, known. It has, to date, caused a number of anomalies to occur, even while completely contained. For more info on these anomalies, see Addendum 494-A below.

SCP-494 was recovered by Foundation agents in Samoa, following up a report of an anomalous cavern structure; the investigation was somewhat hampered by the unexpected removal of the investigating Foundation archaeological team. However, SCP-494 was eventually sighted by the sole remaining team member, Agent [REDACTED], and immediately contained by Foundation personnel.

Addendum 494-A: Anomalies

494's anomalous behaviour includes, but may not be limited to, the following:

- On ██/██/████, the ochre dye was observed emitting a blue light, rather than its usual red. During the blue period, the walls of the containment vessel began to emit SCP-494-A, and continued until the containment vessel was entirely full. Rippling patterns resumed as usual.

- On a number of occasions since SCP-494's containment, at an average interval of a month (there is no defined pattern other than this), a hologram or similar projection has manifested inside the containment cell. The hologram has, on all occasions, been very blurred and in the shape of a humanoid-looking figure, wearing bangles, beads, frills, and what may be shells of some description, and has never emitted any sound. It usually dissipates after fifteen minutes of roaming near the object, during which time it appears to assume a 'guard' stance.

- On ██/██/████, two hovering lights - one blue, one red - appeared while three Level-1 personnel were transporting SCP-494 to a suitable laboratory at Site-[REDACTED] for analysis (for analysis result consults Addendum 494-B). One employee reported hearing 'the sound of ocean waves' and assumed a kneeling position, another exhibited xenoglossy with overtones of distress, while the third wept; the tears of the third member of staff were later found to be SCP-494-A (significantly, the third employee was the only one continually in contact with the object during the period of impairment). The period of impairment ended after approximately fifteen minutes, with the disappearance of the anomalous lights and the return of the employees in question to a near-nominal mental state. All three were immediately examined by medical staff; however, given the lack of conclusions drawn from the examination, and the priority of SCP-494's analysis, the three staff members were allowed to continue transporting SCP-494 to its destination.

- Objects in the immediate vicinity of SCP-494's containment vessel have been disturbed such that their absolute mass increases for roughly fifteen minutes with no apparent cause. In some cases, indentations have also been observed on the top surfaces of the objects, leading scientists to remark that something would appear to have been sitting on them. No tangible object, however, has been named as the agent of SCP-494's "sitting on objects" effect.

Addendum 494-B: See Experiment Log 494-A.

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