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Item #: SCP-7077

Object Class: Safe (SCP-7077 is currently undergoing neutralization)

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-7077 is to be monitored via the Foundation's The Inventa. Monthly checks are to be carried out until SCP-7077 has dissipated entirely and permanently, confirming SCP-7077's neutralization.

SCP-7077-1 is to be kept in a standard humanoid containment chamber within Lunar-Site-10. SCP-7077-1's diet primarily consists of a beverage comprised of dark matter and ammonia ice.

Description: SCP-7077 is the hexagonal cloud on the south pole1 of Saturn. SCP-7077 was discovered by the NASA's probe The Rebus on 03/06/1985. The Foundation took notice of SCP-7077 when reports were released stating the fluctuation of SCP-7077's appearance. Foundation agents posed as NASA operatives and secured the rights to the Saturn's Southern Hexagon mission.

Testing has discovered that SCP-7077 is composed of ammonia ice2 and dark matter. The source of the substance was discovered within The Inventa Mission.

The Foundation sent The Inventa to observe SCP-7077 18/07/1985. Thermal imaging displayed a humanoid figure within SCP-7077. Further exploration revealed a sapient humanoid (designated as SCP-7077-1) sharing genetic and physical similarities with the Cervidae (deer).

After this discovery, the Foundation attempted communication with SCP-7077-1 via the space probe The Inventa. SCP-7077-1 agreed to meet with the Foundation on the Earth's moon to ease communication efforts.

The following is a transcript of the initial interview conducted with SCP-7077-1:

Interviewed: SCP-7077-1

Interviewer: Dr. Axel Rivas

Foreword: The meeting took place in Lunar-Site-10.

Note: SCP-7077-1's native language was translated into English after every sentence and vice versa for communication ease.

<Begin Log>

Dr. Rivas: Hello SCP-7077-1, we appreciate your cooperation and willingness to meet with the Foundation.

SCP-7077-1: No issue, doctor.

Dr. Rivas: My first question, how did you end up at the south pole of Saturn?

SCP-7077-1: I have been looking for a stable living place for a while. Not many galaxies offer one. I checked out this red planet, but a large building was there. Some droids made it clear to me that I was not welcome. I liked the weather on the red planet. But, it was cold.

Dr. Rivas: I see. You were able to securely stay within the atmosphere of Mars, the red planet, and you can do so on the moon. How were you able to do so on Saturn, a planet made of gas?

SCP-7077-1: I have never had issues with the stability of my stay within a planet's atmosphere.

Dr. Rivas: Good to know. Do you know anything about a hexagonal cloud above the southern pole of Saturn?

SCP-7077-1: I do, yes.

Dr. Rivas: What do you know about it?

SCP-7077-1: It appeared when I began to brew my [No English word compatible].

Dr. Rivas: Come again?

SCP-7077-1: You foreigners. It is a beverage. I prefer mine cold, with no flavour. Most look upon me with scorn for these settings. They say flavourless [No English word compatible] is distasteful. I say they are distasteful.

Dr. Rivas: What I'm getting is, you brewed the beverage yourself out of something and…

SCP-7077-1: Ammonia ice.

Dr. Rivas: Right. It seems the brew got caught up in the vortex on the southern pole of Saturn, thus creating a hexagonal cloud.

SCP-7077-1: I guess that makes sense, doctor.

Dr. Rivas: Yes. Would you mind taking residence on the Earth's moon under the hands of the Foundation?

SCP-7077-1: Can I have my beverage with me?

Dr. Rivas: We'll see.

SCP-7077: One last question, doctor.

Dr. Rivas: Ask away.

SCP-7077: I have heard that you earth ones, I think you're an earth one with that build and all, can only breath in earth. How come you are on the moon, breathing perfectly fine?

Dr. Rivas: I… was affected by an anomaly. I actually cannot breathe on earth.

SCP-7077: Oh, how unfortunate. You must have had to leave your family behind. I lost my family to a black hole.

Dr. Rivas: That's terrible, I'm very sorry.

SCP-7077: It appears we're both lone space wanderers.

Dr. Rivas: It does.

<End Log>

Closing Statement: SCP-7077-1 was taken into Foundation custody following the interview with no incident.

As of 02/10/1986, Dr. Rivas has been banned from working with SCP-7077 indefinitely due to a growing emotional attachment.

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