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Item #: SCP-8999

Object Class: Simpatico1

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-8999 is to be housed in a standard Animalia kingdom class containment unit in Lunar-Site-04. SCP-8999 is to be fed two (16oz) proportions of dry dog food daily.

SCP-8999 is to wear a muzzle at all times unless approved for testing or feeding. To access SCP-8999, permission from personnel of "Lunar Staff" Level 4 security clearance or higher is required.

Following 08/09/1983, SCP-8999 has been assigned a primary caretaker for maximum psychological health, that being Dr. Axel Rivas.

Description: SCP-8999 is a canine specimen derived from a Canis lupus familiaris (Siberian husky). Before gaining its anomalous properties, SCP-8999 was raised as a part of the Foundation's program training animals to thrive in space, "Lunar Animals" for testing. SCP-8999, previously known as "Lucy" was the fittest for space travel at the time the next flight was planned.

SCP-8999 gained its anomalous properties upon drinking water from the Nyx River in the Cabeus Crater near the south pole of the moon. Within minutes of drinking the water, SCP-8999 became unaffected by the reduced level of gravity. Additionally, SCP-8999 gained the ability to naturally survive without oxygen. Most notably, SCP-8999 has developed a series of bark and quadrupedal movement combinations which result in automatic shifts of the current lunar phase.

Addendum 1: Combination Input/Moonphase Output

The following is a comprehensive list of SCP-8999's discovered bark and quadrupedal movement combinations which result in automatic shifts of the earth's moon's current lunar phase:

Bark Type Quadrupedal Movement(s) Lunar Phase
Three loud barks Two steps forward Third Quarter shifts to Waxing Cresent
A low whimper Two steps backwards Waxing Gibbous shifts to First Quarter
A growl One step forward First Quarter shifts to Waxing Gibbous
A yelp Three steps backwards Waning Gibbous shifts to New
No sounds were made 1 full spin, followed by sitting down First Quarter shifts to First Quarter
A howl Three steps forwards Full shifts to Third Quarter
Two whines Two steps backwards First Quarter shifts to Waxing Gibbous

Addendum 2: Satellite Incident

On 09/021/1983, a NASA satellite captured an image of Dr. Rivas taking SCP-8999 for testing on the Dorsa Rubey of the moon. Dr. Rivas can survive the moon's exosphere without any protective gear, thus was not wearing any. This image was secured by the pentagon and transferred to the Foundation without incident. Any NASA officials who saw the image were amnestised.

Dr. Rivas has been ordered to wear non-functional protection gear when straying from any of the Lunar Sites to prevent an incident of this calibre from happening again. Dr. Rivas expressed high levels of stress the following week of the incident, prominently remaining within the non-oxygen equipped rooms of Lunar-Site-19, and requested a week break from his work with SCP-8999.

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