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"Mine 15" Feldspar, Colorado, 1922. Edwin Hallewell featured center shot.

Special Containment Procedures: Foundation assets embedded within the U.S. legal system will continue to support Project Fools Gold, defaming Kirk Hallewell for insider trading and embezzlement. All Hallewell Mining Corporation (HMC) assets have been acquired by the Foundation, and will continue legitimate operations.

A 12km quarantine zone has been established around the town of Feldspar. Bi-weekly deliveries of food and consumer goods will be provided to the population, as dictated by the current Project Director. Standard cover NATRAD1 is in effect. Personnel are required to wear full radiation suits when entering SCP-4938.

Description: SCP-4938 is the town of Feldspar, located in Kosser Valley, Colorado. While officially designated a gold-rush "ghost town", Feldspar has been the source of some 97 million dollars of commercial gold since 1948.

SCP-4938-1 is an anomalous form of radiation that affects a 10km3 area, including the town of Feldspar. Individuals exposed to this radiation for more than 20 hours may develop tumor-like growths throughout the body. As these growths metastasize, heavy metals will spontaneously, and proportionately generate within. While gold is prevalent through 76% of all cases, platinum, gallium, bismuth, and even uranium have also been detected. As a result, prolonged exposure to SCP-4938-1 has an extremely high fatality rate.

The native residents of Feldspar exhibit a unique response to SCP-4938-1; tumors are formed more rapidly, in greater size. This will most often cause an extreme loss of mobility, along with persistent pain and discomfort. Despite this fact, nearly a third of the 634 residents are over 100 years old, and in stable health. Once no longer exposed to SCP-4938-1, these individuals experience a rapid decline in physical health. No known method exists to re-locate the population without extreme loss of life.

For nearly 80 years, the Hallewell Mining Corporation had been utilizing the Feldspar populace for profit. In exchange for basic supplies and sundries, individuals would submit to the surgical removal of their metallic growths. This continued until 2004, when Mrs. Dana Walsh, a Feldspar resident, placed a call with the U.S. National Guard. All information she provided was intercepted by embedded Foundation agents. Project Fools Gold was launched soon after. Feldspar residents have thus far proven non-hostile, but highly uncooperative.

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