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Item #: SCP-4932

Object Class: Safe


SCP-4932-1's point of view as of 5/10/2019

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4932 is to be overseen by two researchers who are to record events that occur in SCP-4932-1's life, including events viewed as boring or irrelevant. A file for every human discovered within SCP-4932 is to be created by these researchers; which describe its facial features, hairstyle, most commonly worn clothes, and any jewelry. Personnel are to note that many SCP-4932-X instances are undocumented despite having appeared within SCP-4932 in the past.

Description: SCP-4932 is a small handheld device made out of plastic. Research into SCP-4932's internal components has been postponed due to fear of permanently damaging it. However, from what research can be performed, it is theorized that SCP-4932's internal components are non-anomalous as a whole. The word "SAMSUNG" is seen scratched out on the back of the device, and "PROTOTYPE 55" is written above SCP-4932's screen in permanent marker.

Since 2001, SCP-4932 has been playing the first person perspective of an entity referred to as SCP-4932-1. SCP-4932-1 is, as of the time of writing, an 18 year old male named "Smith." SCP-4932-1's nationality and ethnic background is unknown.

Every non-metaphysical entity/object that has appeared on SCP-4932's screen does not exist within baseline reality. This includes physical locations and geographical history but does not include intangible and/or esoteric concepts, such as the laws of the universe, gender, humanity or the afterlife.

All proper names, including brands, locations, and the country itself, have been replaced with very generic descriptions of the name. For example, all soft drink companies are named "Soda", all streets are named "Street", and the country SCP-4932-1 lives in is named "Country". SCP-4932-X instances all appear to speak English with a Dutch accent. There appears to be countries outside of Country, which are all referred to as "Nation". SCP-4932-X instances can distinguish between each country's name by an unknown method.

Every SCP-4932-X instance is named either "John Doe", "Jane Doe", or "Justice Doe" if the person is male, female, or nonbinary respectively.

SCP-4932's purpose is currently unknown.

Addendum-665: SCP-4932 was discovered at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean floor 20 kilometers north of the Bikini Atoll in 2004. SCP-4932 appears to be completely waterproof as it survived being at the bottom of the ocean for presumably three years without losing function. Several hollow shells created out of steel and concrete can be seen near the location of SCP-4932's discovery. It is unknown how the message on SCP-4932 written in permanent marker managed to survive in these conditions.

Level 4 clearance required

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