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Photograph of SCP-4931 taken during recovery.

Item #: SCP-4931

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4931 is kept in Storage Wing SSG at Site-81. The object may be freely accessed for research with approval from Level 3 personnel.

Description: SCP-4931 is a tapered candlemaker, of a design similar to those used in 1930s wax candle manufacturing. The mechanism is of indeterminate age, as it is composed of several dozen disparate parts; some are clearly modern, while others display heavy metallic oxidization indicative of several decades without use. The only noticeable change to its mechanics is [REDACTED].1

The item’s primary anomalous property is its ability to manipulate olfactory memory. When a subject's memory of a specific experience is introduced via [REDACTED], the object will produce a wax candle infused with a scent that the subject associates with the memory (an instance of SCP-4931-A). When the candle is lit in the presence of conscious human subjects, activity in their amygdalae and sensory cortexes increases nearly 172%. During this period, they become largely unresponsive to speech; however, other stimuli such as pain will elicit a normal reaction. If the candle is extinguished, the affected person(s) will become fully responsive again after 3-5 minutes.

The apparent effect of this trance is that all subjects exposed to it will experience the memory that produced the SCP-4931-A instance. While this claim was initially met with skepticism, EEG readings and post-exposure analysis indicate the subjects are in fact forming similar engrams and new synaptic connections indicative of conscious memory storage.

The potential applications of these findings are explored further in the Experiment Logs below.

Addendum - Summary of Item Recovery: SCP-4931 was recovered from an abandoned manufacturing plant in Waxhaw, North Carolina. The building had been scheduled for demolition before Mr. █████ ██████ was found to be using the space as a workshop. Investigators reported unexplained devices and phenomena within the workspace, information which was flagged by routine Foundation monitoring. MTF Iota-10 agents secured the area and confiscated the anomalous items. Mr. ██████ was unable to be taken into Foundation custody due to his apparently self-inflicted death within a county holding cell.

Interviews with friends and neighbors of Mr. ██████ were conducted, under the pretense of building a criminal profile. He was often described as amicable but subdued, and his primary occupation was that of a "handyman" who frequently assisted others with household hardware issues. Mr. ██████ shared a two-room apartment with his mother, who was found to be in later stages of neurodegenerative dementia. Following her clearance as non-anomalous, she has been relocated to an assisted living facility in Monroe. Surveillance has been deemed unnecessary.

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