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Item #: SCP-4929

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Foundation Site-4929 shall jam the AM frequency of 535 Mhz within a 10-km radius around SCP-4929. Due to SCP-4929's cultural and historical significance to the People's Republic of China, it is currently not possible for the Foundation to prevent civilian access to SCP-4929. Mobile Task Force Upsilon-13 "Scarlet Sentinels" shall clandestinely detain all SCP-4929-Individual instances upon detection and administer Class-C amnestics. The release of former SCP-4929-Individual instances is authorized after thirty days.

Description: SCP-4929 is Lake Hong (洪湖), located in Hubei, China. SCP-4929 constantly broadcasts an AM signal at 535 Mhz. When demodulated, the signal, designed SCP-4929-Signal, resembles the voice of a middle-aged woman singing the Communist Propaganda Song "洪湖水, 浪打浪"("Lake Hong Waters, Wave Upon Wave"). Signal Analysis of SCP-4929-Signal has found no evidence of mechanical repetition since containment began in 1976. SCP-4929-Signal's strength drops drastically at 4.37km from the shores of the lake, and is effectively undetectable at 10km.

Upon exposure to SCP-4929-Signal, individuals first experience a strong sense of calm. 30 minutes after exposure, up to 2% of individuals exposed, designated SCP-4929-Individual, will then experience a strong sense of anger and loss. SCP-4929-Individual instances uniformly refer to SCP-4929 as "Mother".

SCP-4929-Individual instances tend to fit the following profile:

  • Male
  • Between ages 20-35
  • Has a strong sense of duty to family
  • A contempt for authority, especially centralized authority
  • Impulsion

120 hours after exposure, SCP-4929-Individual instances will seek out other SCP-4929-Individual instances. Once a group of 1500 SCP-4929-Individual instances gather within a radius of 500m, those instances will organize into a group designated SCP-4929-Group. SCP-4929-Individual instances describe SCP-4929-Group as a "Revolutionary Army of Liberation". Once part of a SCP-4929-Group, SCP-4929-Individual instances develop a uniform set of language skills regardless of prior background, including: fluency in Old, Middle, and modern Chinese, English, and what is presumed to be the Chu Language that was spoken in the region during the Zhou Dynasty (1046-256 BCE).

Once an SCP-4929-Group instance forms, SCP-4929-Individual instances will form groups of five and commit petty theft of farming implements and metallic utensils like meat cleavers in the nearby villages and townships. Some SCP-4929-Individual instances have been observed to steal cars and trucks. SCP-4929-Individual instances will take the pilfered items and vehicles back to SCP-4929 and sink them into the waters. SCP-4929 waters will boil within a 10m radius of the offering location for 37 minutes. SCP-4929-Individual instances will then begin retrieving items from SCP-4929, which will consist of mostly Hanyang 88 rifles and 8mm Mauser cartridges.

Once each SCP-4929-Individual instance receives a rifle and five cartridges, they will organize into a military unit consisting of a number of regiments1 and one individual designated the group's historian, The SCP-4929-Group instance will then divide into its component regiments and begin attacking nearby villages. These attacks will rarely be successful as local law enforcement possess superior weaponry and training. Despite this, the SCP-4929-Group instance will continue its attacks until every instance other than the historian is incapacitated. The historian, who will be recording the progress of the SCP-4929-Group instance in the war diary, will make a note of the official disbandment of the group, and then commit suicide by drowning in SCP-4929.

As of March 7th, 1990, 12 SCP-4929-Group instances had been observed and 836 SCP-4929-Group war diaries and diary fragments have been recovered. Most of those instances are written in the presumed Chu Language and have not been fully translated. Notable translated instances include:

SCP-4929-Group War Diary-1 Fragment
Language: Chu Language
Historian: Prince Mi Wu (羋武)
War corresponded to: Chu-Yue War (360 BCE)

By the Grace of Heaven, the King of Yue says: The Chu have taken enough from Mother. Its bearish King2 dares to invade her realm, consuming her waters and draining her silt. The Great Yue will not bear this insult! We will smash these mongrels in her name!


Hour of the Horse, 2nd Quarter: Our King is dead. Our royal army is disbanded.


SCP-4929-Group War Diary-55 Fragment
Language: Chu Language
Historian: Assistant General Gao Li (高離)
War corresponded to: Rebellion of Hou Jing (548-552 CE)


Hour of the Monkey: Jiankang3 castle has fallen! Glory be to Mother! Death to those who carved her up! Death to the Liang Emperor!


Hour of the Pig: Grand General of the Universe Hou Jing orders no more supplies for the Liang Emperor. Let he starve like Mother did!


Hour of the Pig, 3rd Quarter: General Yang Kun murdered Grand General of the Universe Hou Jing. Revolution Army of Liberation is disbanded. Mother…

SCP-4929-Group War Diary-373 Fragment
Language: Middle Chinese
Historian: Centurion Fang Zhou (房周)
War corresponded to: Rebellion of Fang Qing (762-766 CE)


Hour of the Tiger, 1st Quarter: Shezhou castle has fallen into our hands. We are making remarkable progress despite Mother's decline.

Hour of the Horse, 3rd Quarter: General Fang Qing ordered Governor Pang Jun beheaded.


Hour of the Ram, 3rd Quarter: General Fang Qing killed. Revolutionary Army of Liberation disbanded. Mother…

SCP-4929-Group War Diary-808 Fragment
Language: English
Historian: Depot commander4 Hong Gang (洪剛)
War corresponded to: Taiping Rebellion (1850-1864 CE)

January 31st, Year 3 of Emperor Xianfeng5

This is not enough. There is strength in numbers. We must find those numbers. Guangxi's Hong Xiuquan is the only one that may be strong enough for mother.


March 12th, Year 3 of the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom6

Hour of the Snake: Siege of Jiangning7 castle begins.

March 24th, Year 3 of the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom

Hour of the Rat: 3rd Division seized left gate.

Hour of the Rat, Third Quarter: 3rd Division seized Jiangning government office.

Hour of the Snake, 3rd Quarter: General Hong Xiuquan declared victory. Jiangning renamed to Tianjing and our capital.


Hour of the Rat: Attempts to lure Emperor Hong Xiuquan to Mother has not succeeded.


Hour of the Snake: Prince Shi Dakai also refused Mother's call. We are too far from her8. We must disband. Mother…

(Note: This was the first discovered instance of SCP-4929 not being in control of an entire rebellion.)

Update August 4th, 2013: The People's Republic of China completed the Three Gorges Dam Project on July 4th, 2012. Negotiations with the Communist Party of China regarding the dam project was not met with success. As such, from the beginning of the dam project on April 3rd, 1992, SCP-4929 has been losing water as the dam project held up more of the Yangtze River behind it during construction, reaching a final average area of around 350 km$^{2}$. SCP-4929-Signal's strength weakened by a factor of around 2% every year.

One War Diary fragment was recovered despite no known SCP-4929-Group instance forming on April 22nd, 2013.

Recovered SCP-4929-Group War Diary-837 Fragment
Language: Modern vernacular Chinese
Historian: Second Lieutenant Xiong Li (熊力)9
War corresponded to: N/A


Mother is wasting away.

As Lady Yunmeng, she once covered provinces10. Now she's reduced to nothing.

Her children hear her voice, but they ignore her.

Save the children…

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