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Item#: 4927
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Yukon River, circa 2015.

Special Containment Procedures: A group of 80 researchers have been assigned to search the Yukon River's mouth for any Chinook salmon lacking interior organs. Foundation Webcrawlers are to search news reports, fishing forums and chatting websites for any reports of naturally gutless salmon.

Description: SCP-4927 refers to an anomalous phenomenon that occurs within the Yukon River on a monthly basis.

On the morning of the 18th day of every month, Chinook salmon populations in the Yukon River's mouth1 will suddenly increase and proceed to migrate towards the Klondike River.2 Upon reaching their destination, they will disappear until the next SCP-4927 event.

Chinook salmon manifested as a result of SCP-4927 (SCP-4927-1) possess no innards or interior organs with the exception of muscular tissue and a respiratory system. Additionally, they're capable of swimming faster than usual, with the expected migration timespan from the Yukon River's mouth to the Klondike River being between 17 and 25 days in comparison to the average 3 months.

Notably, all of the SCP-4927-1 instances' blood has been replaced by motor oil.

Addendum 4927.1: Discovery

SCP-4927 was initially classified as an anomaly on July 26th, 2022, when a pair of Foundation researchers3 went fishing at a spot in the shores of the Yukon River, 22km south from Site-94, Alaska.

Over the next 7 hours, the researchers proceeded to reel in 82 salmon, though wild Chinook salmon population in the area had been known to be in decline since 2015. However, it wasn't until the cutting of the fish when the anomalous effects were noted.

Following this, MTF Beta-94 ("Northern Star") was tasked with long-term inspection of the area in order to find any signs of anomalous phenomena. As of the time of writing, Beta-94 has been unable to identify any anomalies.

Addendum 4927.2: Update 17/09/2022

On the morning of September 17th, 2022, an SCP-4927 event was reported. This time, a pair of alive fish (An instance of SCP-4927-1 and a single arctic grayling) were implanted with GPS microchips, and released into the Yukon River.

No abnormalities were reported at first. However, 3 days and 2 hours later, the arctic grayling was reported to have stopped swimming, while the SCP-4927-1 instance kept its normal course of migration. The grayling was known to have stopped at an unspecified location 31km southeast of Pitkas Point, a small settlement located in Western Alaska.

Following this, a research team attached to MTF Beta-94 was deployed in order to investigate the area. For the next 4 hours and 32 minutes, the team inspected the river's shore to find any anomalies. However, results were deemed inconclusive, as there were no signs of nearby anomalous phenomena.

Instead, a mass of fish scales, lungs and viscera was found 3km west of the grayling's presumed stopping point, along with the microchip. Buried in the scales and the viscera a steel-made, rusty knife covered in oil was found. Upon inspecting the samples, it was revealed that these were SCP-4927-1 and arctic grayling scales, while the knife was completely non-anomalous.

Addendum 4927.3: Incident Log / SCP-4927-A

On October 18th, 2022, a team of hikers exploring a desert landscape near Pitkas Point would report that one of their members, Dylan Ramirez, had deviated from the team to take several photographs of the landscape. Five minutes later, the team's captain, Robert Keyes, reported that Ramirez had suddenly become a group of 18 living Chinook salmon that proceeded to flop to an unspecified location.

Alerted by the incident, the team went back to the town of Cooper Bay, wherein they reported Ramirez's loss to 'unknown' circumstances. Because of this, MTF Beta-94 was dispatched to the town to interrogate the hikers and subsequently administer amnestics on them. During said interrogation, Keyes reported that the nearby trees were covered in an unknown, odorous and oily substance, and that he and the team could both hear heavy steps and grinding sounds.

This led to the exploration of the incident's location, later referred to as SCP-4927-A.

SCP-4927-A is the designation given to a small area located 22km southeast of Pitkas Point. On the 18th day of every month, any objects located within SCP-4927-A4 will suddenly transform into SCP-4927-1 instances, prior to flopping towards the closest shoreline.

If an SCP-4927-1 instance is kept within the anomaly for the next 24 hours, it will remain in its transformed state until this period expires. Additionally, the only known object within SCP-4927-A is a buried, immovable, 10m long brass-made staff, henceforth referred to as SCP-4927-B. The origin and purpose of SCP-4927-B are unknown, though it is known that any individuals that enter in contact with SCP-4927-B will subsequently be transformed to SCP-4927-1 instances.

Following SCP-4927-A's discovery, a brass placard was found in a nearby tree, reading:

I repent, for this is my broken fountain of life. Torn apart, shattered.

Cast in flesh, blood and torn skin.

Yet persisting in peace, all under the beauty of the groves.

And I weep, as these are the brass wings that welcome my talcum heart.

For I believe that your rivers of crystal water will emblazon me in oil,

And I will drink in the name of your verdant throne, my ironclad monarch.

Upon asking the interrogated hikers about this placard, they reported that it was left there by a "man coated with bearskins".

Addendum 4927.4: Incident Log

On the morning of November 18th, 2022, five SCP-4927-1 instances were installed with GPS microchips and deployed in the Yukon River's mouth in a second attempt to detect SCP-4927-related phenomena.

2 hours following their deployment, all instances were reported to have stopped moving as usual, instead stopping in a shore 2km southeast of SCP-4927-A. Because of this, a group of 3 agents pertaining to MTF Beta-94 was deployed to investigate the area.

During the first 43 minutes, the agents reported no abnormalities. However, as they walked along the shore, they were able to identify an automaton covered in heavy clothing. As reported by the agents, the automaton (Henceforth referred to as PoI-4927) carried a spear and a wooden sled, and was attempting to catch fish.5 Notably, everytime the individual hooked a fish, it would cut it open and squeeze its oil into several copper canteens, prior to storing them in a leather bag.

The automaton's clothing was known to have several symbols inscripted in it; however, the agents were unable to photograph most of them as the individual proceeded to leave the area upon catching several fish. The agents were, at the same time, told not to pursue the individual as it carried all deployed SCP-4927-1 instances with it and its location was already marked within the Foundation database.

The following is an image of one of the symbols, recreated by Foundation personnel at Site-94:

After 20 minutes, a pair of men covered in clothing in a similar fashion to PoI-4927 entered the area pushing a previously unseen type of "metallic" canoe into the dock the automaton was fishing at. Following this, PoI-4927 stopped fishing and exchanged the motor oil for the canoe, prior to mounting on it and navigating down the river with his spear.

Soon after this, the other pair of men greased a set of metallic spears with the exchanged oil, prior to leaving from the same path they came from.

Further investigation is ongoing.

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