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A recovered SCP-4925 instance.

Item #: SCP-4925

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: A cost-benefit analysis run by the SCP-4925 containment team has deemed that, due to the innocuous nature of the anomaly, active containment is not necessary. Designated personnel are to continue using aliased email addresses to send emails to Heather Hutchins indicating that she may receive an important call.

Description: SCP-4925 is the collective designation for all cellphones that have manifested, or will manifest, in close proximity to Heather Hutchins, herself not otherwise anomalous. SCP-4925 instances are all iPhones of varying make and model, capable of making and receiving calls despite containing invalid SIM cards. SCP-4925 instances always appear while ringing. When a call from an SCP-4925 instance is not answered, another SCP-4925 instance will manifest within 5m of Hutchins. SCP-4925 instances appear most often when there is not a cell phone within 5m of Hutchins (SCP-4925 instance or otherwise) that:

  • Is turned on
  • Is set to ring instead of silent
  • Has the "Do Not Disturb" setting disabled
  • Has GPS tracking enabled

If answered, an unknown entity designated as SCP-4925-A will respond. SCP-4925-A appears to know everything about Heather Hutchins, including her current location, daily activities, and intimate details about her personal life.

Discovery: Embedded agents within the AT&T mobile company reported a series of unknown, untraceable calls being sent to a single location. Dispatched agents discovered these calls were localized around one Heather Hutchins, a student at the University of Michigan. Individuals close to Hutchins, such as her roommate and peers, indicated that she exhibited a significant amount of stress and anxiety when answering these calls.

Addendum SCP-4925-1: Before SCP-4925 was formally designated as an anomaly, Hutchins was requested to attend a meeting with Agent Tennison, who was under cover as a school therapist.

<Begin Transcript>

Hutchins enters the room.

Tennison: Hello Heather! Please take a seat.

Hutchins: Ok…

Hutchins places her backpack behind her seat and sits down.

Tennison: Just before we start, can you turn off your phone for me?

Hutchins: Do I have to?

Tennison: I would hate for us to be interrupted. Besides, we're only going to be a few minutes.

Hutchins: Alright… I guess this can be quick…

Hutchins slowly takes her phone out of her pocket and turns it off.

Tennison: Thanks.

Hutchins: So, why do I have to be here again? I don't think I requested a meeting…

Tennison: That's right, you didn't. One of your friends reached out to me. Your friends are worried about you Heather. I just want to see if I can help. If you don't want to come back, that's fine, it's just a preliminary meeting to see if this would be useful for you.

Hutchins: Oh. I, uh, I appreciate the concern but I don't think this will help.

Tennison: Can I ask why? We might be able to help if you tell us what's going on.

Hutchins: It's just sort of a, like a personal thing I—

The sound of a violin is heard. Hutchins pauses before rifling through her backpack.

Hutchins: S-sorry, I need to take this.

Tennison: I thought you said you turned off your phone.

Hutchins: Must've f-forgotten my extra.

Hutchins takes a phone out of her back and answers the call.

Hutchins:…I'm sorry… I'm at this appointment and— yes. I'll go back right now… I'm sorry, mom.

Hutchins stands up and puts on her backpack. She starts toward the door before pausing and turning back to Tennison.

Hutchins I have to go. Sorry for wasting your time.

Hutchins leaves the room, returning on her call.

Hutchins: Right right. I'm leaving now.

<End Transcript>

Addendum SCP-4925-2: Below are selected recorded calls received by SCP-4925 instances.

Addendum SCP-4925-3: Investigation into Hutchins' family showed that her immediate family consisted solely of Darrell Hutchins. Hutchins' mother, Agnes Everson, had divorced from Mr. Hutchins two months prior. She died on 04/12/2017 in a car accident while leaving a voice mail on Hutchins' inbox. The following is a transcript of the voice mail:

Everson: I've been trying to call you for like, ten minutes! Why won't you pick up the phone? I miss you so much. It's lonely out here. I just want to hear from my daughter for once. Is that too mu— damn it. That was red wasn't it? Anyways, I want to hear how your day was. Ask how school's going. Maybe I could help you with some of your homework? You know, I was going to be an engineer too before I met your fa— Err never mind. I'm rambling. Still, please pick up your pho— Shit!

A screeching noise is heard, followed by a crashing noise. Shaky breathing can be heard for three minutes.

Everson: Heather?

A violin plays quietly for three minutes until it cuts out. After twenty two minutes the sound of a siren can be heard, which remains for sixty three minutes. The call is silent for three minutes afterwards.

An hour after Everson was pronounced dead, the following voicemail was left on Hutchins' phone from an untraceable number:

SCP-4925-A: Stop ignoring my calls. Ungrateful bitch.

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