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The following file contains images and text that are carriers for anomalous cognitohazardous influences. Due to this, it is imperative that all personnel accessing this file be certified as having a Cognitive Resistance Value (CRV) of no less than 18. This file is to be read for no longer than 5 consecutive minutes.

Please repeat the following phrase slowly and clearly into your terminal microphone:

Keep reading. Concentrate. Meri is still contained

I understand that by accessing this file I am causing Meri pain, I apologize.

Item #: SCP-4921

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4921 is contained in an unlabeled standard humanoid containment cell in Site-19. Routine care and maintenance duties are performed by automated systems to minimize human interaction with SCP-4921. Due to its cognitohazardous effects, this document is not to be copied or referenced without express approval from the project head. Due to the danger it poses to SCP-4921, personnel are not to read this document for periods exceeding 5 minutes.

Description: SCP-4921 is a human female, born in 1998, formerly known as Meri Still, 160cm, 46kg. The object carries a Category Remora-10 cognitohazardous effect; documents that reference or contain information about SCP-4921 carry a matching infohazardous effect to the entity itself. These effects manifest as reflexes, diverting attention away from the object or the documentation in question. When attempting to overcome this effect, individuals experience symptoms including distress, nausea, vertigo, hallucinations, stroke and/or cardiac arrest, depending on the individual's CRV and exposure time. While an individual is subject to the hazardous effects for periods of approximately 10 seconds or longer, SCP-4921 exhibits signs of nausea, distress, fear, and extreme pain, resulting in the object losing consciousness in approximately 70% of cases.

Discovery: On 03/7/2018 Rev. Stacy M Still1 collapsed in the street, later pronounced dead. During the ensuing investigation, law enforcement personnel began experiencing a rash of unexplained and anomalous phenomena: Multiple reports of otherwise healthy individuals experiencing strokes and hallucinations. The containment team arrived after a police officer experienced a stroke from direct exposure to SCP-4921.

Requests frequently made by SCP-4921:

  • SCP-4921 requested pain medication: GRANTED [327]
  • SCP-4921 requested personnel to read its document for shorter periods of time: GRANTED [157]
  • SCP-4921 requested sleep medication: DENIED [360]
  • SCP-4921 requested the assignment of fewer staff members to its containment: DENIED [172]
  • SCP-4921 requested to speak with the project head: DENIED [251]
  • SCP-4921 requested termination: DENIED [108]
  • SCP-4921 requested to be put in a medically induced coma: DENIED [210]
  • SCP-4921 requested personnel to "stop reading" this document2: DENIED [407]

Addendum 01/05/2019: On 01/05/2019 12:30, SCP-4921 was prescribed a regimen of 10mg of hydrocodone every 6 hours for pain management. After being administered an additional 5mg of hydrocodone SCP-4921 continues to experience pain. On 01/05/2019 22:27, SCP-4921 attempted suicide by biting its left wrist and using its blood to write a message on the rear wall of its containment cell. Due to its cognitohazardous effects, this message has been designated SCP-4921-1. Human subjects exposed to SCP-4921-1 with a CRV of less than 18 receive neurological damage resulting in severe memory disorders, most commonly retrograde amnesia. SCP-4921 is moved to a different cell. SCP-4921-1 is covered and access to the cell is restricted.

Please repeat the following phrase slowly and clearly into your terminal microphone:

Meri is still contained. May I view SCP-4921-1?

Addendum 03 Feb 2023 13:25: Placeholder note by Dr. Jean Hiu: SCP-4921 is currently receiving emergency care due to a stroke. The neurological degradation it accumulated since its containment may leave it in a catatonic state.

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