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Item #: SCP-4920

Object Class: Neutralized

Special Containment Procedures: The area surrounding Site Umbra-4920 is to be declared a nuclear testing site, and is off limits to civilians and other non-Foundation personnel. Due to the nature of the anomaly, SCP-4920 is to be contained inside a sub-site, with a functional staff centre for all assigned personnel. Any anomalous activity around SCP-4920 is to be reported immediately to the current project manager and site director.

Description: SCP-4920 is a train station located in [DATA EXPUNGED], United States of America. The station platform is twenty meters long and made of concrete. There is a single wooden shelter near the centre of the platform. There are no tracks going into or out of SCP-4920, and no train has ever been observed passing through the station only one train has ever passed through the station. Tests on the platform and the shelter showed it to be indestructible, although this changed after Incident 4920-A. SCP-4920 may also have time-bending properties, as SCP-4920-1 appears much younger than is possible.

SCP-4920-1 was a human figure, approximately 1.8 m, which inhabited SCP-4920. SCP-4920-1 was dressed in a simple brown suit, and, when questioned, confirmed its age to be near 60. When questioned as to why it was staying in this location, it simply stated that it was "waiting for the train", despite the lack of railroad lines in or around the station. SCP-4920 showed no sign of an anomaly, apart from its refusal to leave the station, despite Foundation efforts.

SCP-4920-1 has been interviewed several times by Foundation personnel, and shows no signs of hostility or fear. SCP-4920-1 prefers to be called "Maxwell" by personnel. According to Researcher Calloway, SCP-4920-1 strongly resembles his great grandfather, although the subject in question was reported dead fifty years ago. Due to his prior knowledge of SCP-4920-1, Researcher Calloway was allowed to interview SCP-4920-1, although this privilege shall be revoked if he shows any sign of interfering with tests done.

Incident 4920-A
At 0900 hours, █/██/2014, SCP-4920-1 was observed checking its wristwatch regularly. This was dismissed as unimportant. This activity continued, and was noted by the research team. Researcher Calloway was dispatched to question SCP-4920-1 on this activity. When questioned, SCP-4920-1 simply remarked that "the train was almost here". Foundation personnel in the area went on alert, and prepared themselves to view and record any activity. Researcher Calloway stayed on the platform of SCP-4920, to continue conversing with SCP-4920-1.

At 1200 hours, a thick fog descended upon the surrounding area, obscuring view and causing equipment malfunctions. Personnel stationed at SCP-4920 reported hearing a train's whistle, before the fog cleared a few minutes later. SCP-4920-1 was missing, and Researcher Calloway was standing on the platform looking stunned. He was later interrogated about his encounter.

Further tests on the platform and shelter showed small amounts of wear, and personnel were able to damage the platform and shelter. After four weeks of observation, SCP-4920 was declared neutralised.

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