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Item #: SCP-4917 Level 3/4917
Object Class: Keter Classified


Approximate representation of an SCP-4917-A instance, based on the most prevalent eyewitness descriptions.

Special Containment Procedures:

The Foundation is to continue funding the production of television court and police drama shows to normalize the processes of the legal system in Oneiroi West. Stationary Task Force Phi-23 ("Dream Defense") are currently stored in Site-409's Extended Deep-Sleep Facility. Auxiliary personnel is to observe coma-patient procedures on active Phi-23 members.

While SCP-4917-A entities cannot be contained, three D-Class are to be placed in a medically-induced coma and instructed to commit infractions and minor misdemeanors to occupy the instances from appearing in civilians' dreams. The D-Class additionally should be monitored for REM sleep activity and defended by STF Phi-23 in dream court to prevent incarceration.

Should any problems arise in the condition of D-Class or Phi-23 members, contact either Site Director Pilliken or the head researcher on SCP-4917 (currently Dr. Fynegan). Any D-Class tested will undergo an infirmary checkup before and after exposure to SCP-4917.


SCP-4917 is the law enforcement and judicial systems of the Oneiroi West noosphere. If a person commits a crime while sleeping and within the Oneiroi West collective, they will be apprehended by humanoid law enforcement entities (designated SCP-4917-A) and given a criminal sentence in a court trial (designated SCP-4917-B) in accordance with Oneiroi dream law1.

SCP-4917-A entities are usually not present in the host's dream until they commit a crime, where the host becomes designated SCP-4917-1. SCP-4917-1 will be continually pursued in their dreams by the -A entities until 4917-1 wakes or is caught. If 4917-1 wakes up, the next time they fall asleep the -A entities will continue the pursuit of the host; when they are caught, they are detained for their crimes committed inside the dream. The longest known evasion of the entities was 2 nights.

SCP-4917-A entities are commonly described as wearing the apparel of a 1970s/1980s motorcycle officer2, a seven-point star badge, and Aviator-style sunglasses. Other more detailed descriptions have suggested they wear Dehner boots3, ride Moto Guzzi Californias4, and carry Colt Python revolvers. The entities have, to our current knowledge, never used lethal force on any SCP-4917-1 instances.

The SCP-4917-B event usually occurs within several nights after the detainment of the SCP-4917-1 instances. SCP-4917-1 will be called to court and given their choice of defense. Most SCP-4917-1 instances are forced to defend themselves, but recently STF Phi-23 has offered free services to any 4917-1 instances. SCP-4917-1 will fall asleep for periods of up to ten hours to attend their court hearing.5 SCP-4917-1 instances are allowed on to post bail and be on parole, and Phi-23 is authorized to act as bail bondsmen for any 4917-1 instances: the currency used must be in Oneiroi dream dollars. However, when an SCP-4917-1 instance is on parole, they will not be able to dream for the duration of their parole.

The sentencing for crimes committed by SCP-4917-1 instances has ranged from a lecture (jaywalking) to firing squad execution (for serial murder). SCP-4917-1 instances who have been sentenced will enter a dream state where the host is jailed for the full duration of the sentence given. During this dream state, SCP-4917-1 instances will usually fall into a coma-like state: the most extreme case led to a brain-dead patient.

Once SCP-4917-1 has completed their criminal sentence, they will be able to wake up and resume normal brain function. SCP-4917-1 instances are more vigilant and self-disciplined when regarding potential law-breaking actions, thought to be a result of SCP-4917's disciplinary measures within the instances' dream.

Item History:

SCP-4917 was discovered on 08/04/2018 after Agent Kabasic and Agent Goggins reported an unusually high ingoing/outgoing rate of coma patients at Ogeney General Hospital. Once it was discovered that SCP-4917 was a common factor among the patients, the town was quarantined pending further evaluation of information.6 Initial descriptions of the SCP-4917-A entities and SCP-4917-B were recorded, but until SCP-4917 testing commenced they were not confirmed. The Foundation has reached terms with Oneiroi West to adhere to a standardized "dream law".

STF Phi-23 ("Dream Defense") was created to combat the high incarceration rate of SCP-4917-1 instances. Phi-23 is staffed with several accredited defense lawyers to represent -1 instances: most cases taken by Phi-23 are found not guilty or a given a reduced sentence.

Addendum 01: Interview of SCP-4917-A Instances

The following interview was conducted with the instructions of the Foundation and conducted by Junior Researcher Shipherd. Shipherd was placed in a medically-induced sleep and instructed to commit a mundane crime and subsequently attempt to ascertain the purpose of the -A entities. The interview is completely transcribed from memory and thus may be incorrect in certain places.

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