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SCP-4915 following the initial containment.

Item #: SCP-4915

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4915 is to be contained within a standard humanoid containment cell (Chamber-A) enclosed within a larger containment cell (Chamber-B), which measurements are to be at least 45m² larger than Chamber-A's. SCP-4915's presence within Chamber-A is to be monitored at all times. If the subject is found to be absent, assigned security personnel are to enter Chamber-B, locate SCP-4915 and return it to Chamber-A within an hour after the disappearance. SCP-4915 is to be administered sedatives daily in order to decrease the subject's impulsiveness.

Description: SCP-4915 is a young adult male capable of short-range teleportation. Upon activation, SCP-4915's ability instantaneously moves it to the desired location (within 40 meters) with no visual or auditory effects. The chronological restriction on the property's usage is approximately one hour; any attempts to activate it after a shorter period of time result in failure and cause significant exhaustion in the subject.

SCP-4915 was brought into Foundation custody after it spontaneously manifested near Site-224's main entrance with two suitcases, later found out to be filled with the subject's personal belongings.1 SCP-4915 demonstrated a strong desire to enter the facility and got into an argument with the present security guards. Shortly after, the subject activated its anomalous ability in an attempt to escape chase given by the personnel while moving into the Site's territory.

Following the incident, SCP-4915 was captured and interviewed. The subject behaved aggressively during the conversation, complained about security personnel using force to contain him and refused to provide information regarding its past, intentions or anomalous properties. The search for additional information related to SCP-4915 launched following the analysis of the documentation found in its suitcase has thus far been inconclusive.

Addendum 4915.1: Incident Log

The following are SCP-4915 related incidents that occurred before current containment procedures were implemented.

Incident #: 4915-1
Date: 18/12/2018, 8:20 PM.
Summary: SCP-4915 manifested near the Site director's office and approached the secretary, demanding that staff return the subject's luggage and change its containment chamber to a more comfortable and spacious one. The personnel, confused by the situation, did not grant the request. SCP-4915 then offered a bribe in exchange for fulfilling its demands but was detained by the security personnel. While being returned to the containment chamber, the subject complained constantly about the quality of service in the facility.

Incident #: 4915-2
Date: 19/12/2018, 8:55 AM.
Summary: SCP-4915 manifested in the Site's breakroom and bought a drink from a vending machine. The subject then sat on a couch and attempted to start a conversation with nearby personnel before being detained. SCP-4915 reacted aggressively to security's attempts to recontain it and repeatedly threatened to file a complaint.

Incident #: 4915-3
Date: 20/12/2018, 10:11 AM.
Summary: SCP-4915 manifested in a corridor outside of its containment chamber and headed towards shower rooms, where it stole a security guard's uniform and disguised itself as an employee. SCP-4915's absence had gone unnoticed and the subject was able to enter the Site's cafeteria. SCP-4915 was visibly surprised by the requirement to pay for meals and complained about this fact to nearby personnel. Cafeteria employees refused to serve SCP-4915 due to it being an SCP object, which caused an argument. Security personnel arrived at the scene shortly after and the subject was promptly recontained. When questioned, SCP-4915 stated that it intended to attend a themed costume party, but the personnel refused to provide it with a suitable costume upon request. The subject also criticized the poor selection of meals in the cafeteria.

Addendum 4915.2: Interview Log


INTERVIEWER: Doctor B. Bishop

DATE: 21/12/2018

FOREWORD: In order to eliminate the possibility of SCP-4915 escaping, the subject was convinced to use its anomalous ability immediately prior to the interview.


Dr. Bishop: Hello, SCP-4915. I'm Doctor Bishop. I'll be interviewing you today.

SCP-4915: Yeah. Name's Roy. It's really about time you've decided to talk to me. I take it you're a manager or something? Because I have some complaints about my room, the food and the overall attitude of the staff.

Dr. Bishop: Actually, I've called you here to talk about your anomalous ability.

SCP-4915: What ability now?

Dr. Bishop: We'd like to know how exactly you're able to instantly move from one place to another.

SCP-4915: Did you seriously call me just to ask this? If that interests you so much, folks from the travel agency gave it to me, so I could explore this place a bit better. I didn't think much of it, honestly.

Dr. Bishop: Interesting. Could you tell me more about this "travel agency"?

SCP-4915: An ordinary agency that organizes your travels, there isn't much to it. People who work there are dicks though, couldn't stop laughing at me for being bipedal and using my "hind limbs" to travel. The important part is that I'm here because of them, which brings me to my point: this is the worst fucking hotel I've been to in my entire life.

Dr. Bishop: I'm not sure I'm following you.

SCP-4915: Listen, this place has cool aesthetics, I'll give you that. But you're not only taking this "secret organization" theme way too far, you also don't seem to care about any other aspects. For starters, the room you gave me is terrible: it's small, it's ugly, there's no locker to put things into, no air-conditioner, there isn't even a window!

Dr. Bishop: I believe there's been a misunderstanding…

SCP-4915: Let me finish please! The service is horrible too. I've been trying to talk to your staff for hours and all I got in response was some armed thug telling me to shut the fuck up. Is this how you treat all your VIP clients? And don't even get me started about the food: it's terrible, no flavor or texture whatsoever. Your chef's cooking is even worse than my own, saying that they should be ashamed would be an understatement.

Dr. Bishop: SCP-4915, I don't think you understand the situation. Right now, you are in containment due to having an anomalous ability, about which we'd like to get more details. As a side note, if you have any complaints about your living conditions, you can direct them towards the ethics committee.

SCP-4915: Mr. Bishop, or whatever your name is, quit playing games with me. I'm seriously done with all this. I knew this trip would be a kind of extreme recreation, but I didn't expect it to be this extreme. I want a refund!

Dr. Bishop: No, SCP-4915, let me reiterate: this isn't a hotel and you aren't a guest. In fact, you're here mainly due to your ability to teleport.

SCP-4915: Yes, of course…

SCP-4915 laughs nervously, then slowly looks around, visibly confused.

SCP-4915: Wait, you're serious about this?

Dr. Bishop: I'm positive.

SCP-4915: And you weren't making all this containment shit up just for the atmosphere?

Dr. Bishop nods.

SCP-4915: But… But it was there, on the website. Five stars, all-inclusive, great stylized hotel themed after a research facility. And all those brochures, what they were all about then?

Dr. Bishop: I'm afraid we know nothing about any of those things.

SCP-4915: No no no, this can't be right. The agency promised me so much, they took a fortune for this trip and…

SCP-4915 is silent for a minute.

Dr. Bishop: SCP-4915? Are you okay?

SCP-4915 gets up from its seat and clenches its fists.

SCP-4915: Fucking bastards!

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