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Item #: SCP-4914

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: Foundation webcrawlers have confirmed that the only copy of SCP-4914 is in Foundation custody and the hard drive containing it is to be stored in a standard anomalous items locker. Testing of SCP-4914 is permitted by researchers level 1 or higher. These tests are only to be done on remote systems lacking internet access.

The internet activity of SCP-4914's creator1 is to be monitored for further anomalous incidents.

Description: SCP-4914 is a modified digital copy of the video game Doom, originally released in 1993 by id Software. Unlike standard versions of Doom, SCP-4914 is 468 megabytes in size and functions from a single executable file. Upon running SCP-4914, it functions as a standard copy of Doom.

SCP-4914-1 are anomalous growths of Digitaria sanguinalis, a species of grass commonly referred to as crabgrass. SCP-4914-1 grows directly on the motherboard of the computer SCP-4914 is run on. This growth occurs 16 hours after SCP-4914 is executed. During its growth cycle, SCP-4914-1 uses high amounts of computer processing power from any available components.2 SCP-4914-1 is capable of regrowing to full maturity within 5 minutes if it is removed by any means other than the use of vinegar.

To date, no other alternately modified copies have been recovered.

Addendum 4914/1: SCP-4914 was originally discovered after its online posting by known members of GoI 'Gamers Against Weed.' The following are chat logs documenting SCP-4914's creation and initial distribution.

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