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SCP-4912-A instance with NYC Mayor ████.

Item #: SCP-4912

Object Class: Safe Neutralized

Special Containment Procedures: UPDATE: In light of recent events, SCP-4912 has been relocated to a storage locker at Site-64. No other containment procedures are necessary at this time.

Description: SCP-4912 is a standard spandex costume with no known manufacturer, with a design based on Spider-Man, a popular Marvel Comics character.

SCP-4912 regenerates all damage done to it at a rate inversely proportional to the degree of damage (small cuts require up to three months, while large incisions may be repaired within hours). When held or observed by a male human being, SCP-4912 compels them to put it on. Individuals who are under the influence of SCP-4912's compulsion effect are designated as SCP-4912-A instances. This compulsory effect does not extend to pictures or video footage of SCP-4912. SCP-4912 is also capable of enlarging itself to accommodate people of different sizes.

SCP-4912-A instances are otherwise normal human beings with a desire to protect their surrounding neighborhood or city. Instances will try to locate any acts of crime being committed and attempt to stop it. Most of these preventions in crime will usually end up with the SCP-4912-A instance in a state of injury or death, due to the lack of protection other than SCP-4912 itself.

This desire of SCP-4912 wears off after spending a certain amount of time away from it until the instance of SCP-4912-A has become disinterested in wearing SCP-4912 (usually taking a minimum of three months to a year to lose the effect). In certain cases, however, the instance will suffer from withdrawal and attempt to substitute their need by participating in various Spider-Man related paraphernalia, such as attending conventions, interacting with others by bringing up topics related to Spider-Man and his philosophy, and wearing non-anomalous variations of the costume in an act of cosplay. Amnestic treatment of these instances will only alleviate these symptoms.

Addendum 4912.1, SCP-4912-A6 Interview log: Interview transcript of SCP-4912-A6. Subject is of Puerto Rican and Austrian descent and the most recent instance of SCP-4912-A. Subject is in highschool and was captured during an attempt to disrupt a mugging of an elderly man. Assailant was turned over to the police with SCP-4912-A6 detained for questioning.

Addendum 4912.2: Incident Report

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