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Item #: SCP-4911
Object Class: Safe
Site Responsible: n/a
Director: n/a
Research Head: n/a
Assigned Task Force: n/a
Level 1/4911



Item #: SCP-4911

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: The area containing SCP-4911 has been purchased and fenced off to prohibit civilian access.

No other containment procedures have been deemed necessary.

Description: SCP-4911 is a stone wall located in southern Wales, constructed along the perimeter of a grass-covered mound. The structure of SCP-4911 follows drystack techniques, common for retaining walls during the Neolithic Age. SCP-4911 is made up of a variety of dark and light colored stones, totaling to 5,203. There are three distinctly patterned sections in SCP-4911, with some occasional protrusions. Removal or damage to the stones of SCP-4911 is not possible and not advised.

SCP-4911 exhibits strong mnestic properties. Visitors to SCP-4911 and the mound will remember vivid details about the area, and also be aware of the precise number of the 5,203 stones of SCP-4911. The significance of the number is unclear. The memories produced by SCP-4911 have been resistant to all known forms of amnestic treatments.

Behind SCP-4911, at the top of the mound, is a single stone plinth inscribed with deteriorated runes. Thaumaturgic analysis indicate that if the runes were properly maintained, they would have been used to keep a permanent flame at the top of the plinth.

Other than the plinth, no other inscriptions are found around SCP-4911. All historical records of SCP-4911 describe the area in its current state; no historical records have indicated the function or reason of SCP-4911.

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