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The following file describes a currently uncontained anomalous phenomenon, and is Level 2/4911 classified.
Unauthorized access is forbidden.
Item#: 4911
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The World Trade Center Towers on September 11th, 2001.

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4911 is currently uncontained. Foundation information control assets are to continue to monitor the internet for additional images or recollections of SCP-4911, and discredit accounts of anomalous activity as necessary.


SCP-4911-A (circled in red).

Description: SCP-4911 is the collective designation for two anomalous, possibly incorporeal entities, SCP-4911-A and -B, who are believed to have appeared shortly after the beginning of the September 11th, 2001 terrorist attacks in New York City, New York, USA. No physical evidence of these entities' existence has been found; however, many accounts of the events of the rescue effort include either SCP-4911-A or -B. While several photographs have been recovered of an individual who may be SCP-4911-A, only one exists of SCP-4911-B.

SCP-4911-A has been described as a woman with shorter blonde hair in her early thirties, wearing rescue equipment and carrying a flashlight. SCP-4911-A is not believed to have been tangible - many reports indicate that the entity did not seem affected by falling debris or the cloud of smoke and ash emanating from the collapsing towers. SCP-4911-A was reported as primarily directing people out of the World Trade Center buildings, as well as guiding rescue workers towards those who were trapped or otherwise incapacitated. Due to the abundance of stories involving this entity, it is likely that the entity appeared in many places at once during these events.

SCP-4911-B is the subject of a single account told by a company of firefighters who witnessed the entity's anomalous capabilities during the rescue effort. For more information on SCP-4911-B, see Addendum 4911.3.

Addendum 4911.1: Interview

The following interview was conducted by Agent Desmond Parrish with Captain Sam Quincy, a New York firefighter who escaped from the North Tower shortly before its collapse. This interview was conducted after Mr. Quincy made a reference to SCP-4911-A during a therapy session in 2005.

SCP Foundation Department of Information Control
Interview Transcript


Agent Parrish: Dr. Juno tells me you told her about something unusual during your last session.

S. Quincy: Yeah, I mean - I don't know if it was strange, just… seemed like it was worth talking about.

Agent Parrish: Can you tell me about what you saw?

S. Quincy: Uh- sure. I just- (pauses) I had gotten separated from the rest of the company, you know, and I ended up on like… the 81st floor, I think. I came up to see if there was anyone up there, but the smoke had gotten so thick you couldn't even see. I couldn't even breathe; I had a mask and it was useless. The heat was really intense. I got… (pauses) I got overwhelmed, and I couldn't see, so I found this office off to the side and got down under a desk and just- just waited.

Agent Parrish: What happened then?

S. Quincy: There was this… I don't know, this sound all over the place, and now I know it was the building starting to buckle up above me, but I couldn't hear anything but that sound. I couldn't even hear my own voice. Then next thing I know I take a breath of fresh air, and then another one. When I look up, I see this blonde girl- this woman, crouched in front of me outside the desk. She's wearing goggles and she's got her hair pulled up, but she had gear on and gloves, the whole thing. She says, "you're not safe here, come on", and she reached her hand out to me. I don't know how I could hear her - you know, the sound was still deafening, but I heard this woman talking to me.

The subject takes a deep breath and a drink of water.

S. Quincy: Sorry. Anyway, I didn't want to leave, didn't want to walk back out into the smoke, but she seemed eager and… I don't know. I trusted her. I was scared to fuckin' death man, but I trusted that this girl knew that I didn't need to be there. I came out from under the desk and got my first real good look at her, and there was something… I don't know. It was like she wasn't all there, you know? I don't know, maybe it was the smoke or the heat, or something. Either way, she was covered in ash and dust and she looked exhausted. But I followed her out, and she pointed towards the stairs to go down and said "there are people down there who need help," and then she took off running towards the stairs up to the next floor.

Agent Parrish: You said she looked strange - what do you mean by that?

S. Quincy: It was like… like I could see through her, almost. Her edges were sort of funny, too. Almost like she was highlighted, just there on the edges. (Pauses) It was like she was a… I don't know. I don't know how I'd describe her, but that's what I saw.

Agent Parrish: I see. What then?

S. Quincy: I- I went back down. There was a man who had been pinned under a filing cabinet three floors down, and I helped him out. There was another guy who came down from further up where the fire was the worst, and when I asked about the woman he said he saw her too, leading people out of the smoke with that flashlight. We all got out. Then uh… (pauses) then the tower came down, a little while after that. (Pauses) Yeah. The tower came down.

Agent Parrish: Did you ever see the woman again?

S. Quincy: No. I don't… she probably… no, I didn't.

Agent Parrish: Thank you, I think that's all we need.


Addendum 4911.2: Accounts of SCP-4911-A

The following are accounts of individuals who claimed to experience SCP-4911-A directly or knew of others who had.

SCP Foundation Department of Information Control
Supernatural Activity Accounts

Subject: Adult male, age 38

Location: North Tower

Summary: Was trapped in a burning room after the fire spread to his office. Claimed a female firefighter appeared beside him and instructed him to wait while she went to get help, and then walked through the wall. Shortly thereafter, a team of firefighters entered the floor and rescued the man.

Subject: Adult female, age 27

Location: South Tower

Summary: According to the subject, was guided through dense smoke by a woman with a flashlight who disappeared once she was safe on the next floor.

Subject: Adult male, age 52

Location: Near John St.

Summary: Subject was disoriented and struggling to find their way through the debris. Was called over to a building by a “blonde girl in fireman's overalls” who sat with him in the dark building as the South Tower collapsed. Afterwards, pointed him away from the tower and ran back towards the World Trade Center Plaza.

Subject: Several adults

Location: Various

Summary: SCP-4911-A was described appearing at several locations near ground zero, especially at those where rescue workers and first responders were handing out water and administering first aid. The entity is said to have helped coordinate rescue efforts and help flustered responders prioritize their efforts.

The following is an excerpt of an audio transcript recorded on the evening of September 11th, 2001, between Agent Porter (formerly of the UIU, assigned to the Brooklyn Precinct) and Captain Nolan Male of the FDNY.

SCP Foundation Department of Information Control
Interview Transcript


Indistinct conversation.

Male: Over here. (Pauses) My ears are ringing. Are yours ringing?

Agent Porter: Yeah, I just… (snaps fingers) yeah.

Male: Alright. This is good, I don’t think anyone is going to come in here.

Agent Porter: Yeah.

Male: Earlier today, maybe… I don’t know, after the second collapse, I was trying to get some people out of the #7 building (the 7 World Trade Center Building) with a few other guys, and there was this one room I went to clear where the- the wall was blown out. Some big piece of something had come down and knocked the whole wall out. You could- you could, if you were standing in it, you could basically see everything that was happening. And we were trying to hurry, you know, because we kept hearing that the building was going to come down too. But I stick my head in this room, and there’s this woman in there.

Agent Porter: What did she look like?

Male: (Pauses) Blonde. Had her hair in a ponytail, and was wearing this thing around her head, sort of like a… like a pointed tiara, or some shit? Little spikes on it. She had a helmet on the ground next to her, and she was wearing fire gear, so I assumed she was a fireman. She was sitting on the floor of this room, over there by this blown out wall, with her legs pulled up to her face.

Agent Porter: Did you recognize her?

Male: No.

Agent Porter: So what happened?

Male: I asked her what company she was with, and if she’d gotten separated. She didn’t really respond, just sort of shrugged. She had her head down- down in her arms, you know. Like she had them crossed. She looked tired, and- I mean, this is going to sound fucking crazy, but I swear I could see through her. Like she was made of smoke or something. Then I, uh, I asked her if she was ok, and she nodded. I didn’t really know what to say, and… I don’t know why, but I just sat down there with her. (Laughs) I mean, that building was going to come down in a few hours, and I didn’t know that, but I knew it was going to happen eventually, and I still sat down. (Pauses) I don’t know why I did that.

Agent Porter: Did this woman say anything?

Male: Not for a while. We just sat there, and she spent a lot of time looking out towards the towers- and… well, eventually I just asked her if she was going to be ok again, and she looked at me. There was something… really strange about it.

Agent Porter: Strange?

Male: Not like- not like she was weird or anything, but when I saw her face it was like… I don't know. I'd never experienced anything like it before in my life. It wasn't human, I don't think, but it wasn't unnatural.

Agent Porter: I don't think I get what you're saying.

Male: It was like I was looking at several people all at once, you know? Like it wasn’t just one person. But she looked so tired, and she just told me she was tired, and sad. I didn’t really want to bother, you know, like it’s none of my business and everybody’s had to deal with some shit today, but, you know. There was something sort of heavy about the way she said it. She just kept saying “there are so many”. I think she was talking about the people trapped in the rubble.

Agent Porter: Did she say anything else?

Male: No. But I did, I guess. I didn’t really- I don’t know, I didn’t know what to say, but I told her that it had been a bad day, and that it was ok that she was tired, because I was tired too. I said that, you know, I can sleep once this is all over, and I’ll feel ok. But some of those people in there need my help to get out, or they won’t have the chance. Does that make any sense? (Pauses) I don’t know. She didn’t say anything, just nodded at me and stood up. When she looked back at me, she was different somehow; I said she looked sort of… transparent? She was more solid. I felt better all of a sudden, too. Like I’d just taken a long nap.

Agent Porter: What happened to her?

Male: She told me to leave and go upstairs, and that the guys up there needed my help. After we finished clearing out those floors, I came back past that room and looked inside to see if she was still in there, but she was gone.

Agent Porter: Have you seen her since?

Male: I haven’t, no. But you know, that makes me wonder. Did you hear about the girl Harris' company saw on top of the #4 building? He was calling it in on the radio earlier. I wonder if those two have anything to do with each other. Maybe not. Definitely something… something about her. Something important. Like she was an angel. (Laughs) Today has been really bad, and it’s not going to get better, I don’t think. But something about seeing that girl, I don’t know. Made me think we might get through this. Made it a little better.

Agent Porter: Yeah.

Male: Hey, Harris' guys were going up into the South Tower earlier before it came down. You know if they got out?


Addendum 4911.3: Account of SCP-4911-B

On the morning of September 11th, 2001, shortly after United Airlines Flight 175 struck the South Tower of the World Trade Center Complex, a group of firefighters waiting to enter the tower to help with the evacuation witnessed what is believed to have been an anomalous entity standing on the northwest corner of the 4 World Trade Center building. The single direct account of this sighting was from Captain John Harris, who communicated to a nearby company about the entity by radio. Below is the full transcript of this communication.


Cptn. Harris: 4-4 for Command-

Command: Go for Command.

Cptn. Harris: There’s a- uh, something strange down here. With our binocs, we can see that there's a- there’s a woman standing up- up on the corner of one of the World Trade Center buildings.

Command: Confirm, you’re saying there’s a woman standing on the tower?

Cptn. Harris: (Static) -on the tower, she’s on one of the, the uh, which building is this? Hey, which building is this? (Pauses) We think this is the #3 building, I don’t know. We tried calling her down but I don't think she can hear us.

Command: What is this woman doing?

Cptn. Harris: She’s, uh, she’s just standing there, and she’s got her arms outstretched towards the uh, the towers, like she’s praying or- or something.

Command: We're going to- we're going to get someone out there. Can you describe this woman?

Cptn. Harris: Yeah she's- she's got uh- long dark hair. She's wearing this like, real loose looking clothes, like a robe or something. (Pauses) And she's got uh, she’s got a bandage wrapped around her eyes, I think. Some sort of cloth. (Static)

Command: Come again?

Cptn. Harris: She’s, look, this woman is glowing, we think. I thought it was just the light, but we can see her- (static) -smoke, but she’s still- we can still see her. (Pauses) Oh, Jesus, there’s a guy- a guy falling- he (static)


SCP-4911-B (circled in red).

Command: Come again Captain?

Cptn. Harris: This woman, she’s facing the towers, and I don’t know what she doing here, but there are people jumping from the- from the fires, and they’re falling, and before they hit the (pauses for several seconds) before they hit the ground they’re kind of- of shining, for a moment. And when they do that, this woman like- (aside) yeah, I fucking know, look- look! (to radio) she starts glowing, and flashing, when- (static) -they hit the ground. I don't know… it feels- (static) -alright, we're alright, she's- (static) -mercy, it feels that way, and that's- that's pretty good, I- (static)

Command: We can’t hear you, Captain, you’re breaking up.

Cptn. Harris: (static) -a team up there to get her down, we need to go into- (static) another person- (static) -sure she’s ok. We're heading in.


A single photograph, recovered from film in a camera bag in a trash can located in the 4 World Trade Center building, shows what is believed to be Captain Harris’ company and the entity described by the captain above. A rescue team later investigated the claim, and found no person or entity atop the 4 World Trade Center building.

Every member of Harris’ group was killed when the South Tower collapsed. It is believed that no direct witnesses to this event remain.

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