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Only file footage of SCP-4910 - captured immediately prior to video corruption.

Item Number: SCP-4910

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: The anomaly is currently at large. MTF-ε "Tyrfing Black" is to respond to sightings. Lethal force against the entity has been authorized due to its infectious properties and low research potential. Victims likewise require indiscriminate termination.

Operatives returning from deployment found to be grinning excessively, or who present multiple smiles, must be immobilized via firearm and doused in a specialized hydrochloric chemical compound (HF/PURE). Once the remaining pulp ceases animation, it may be transported offsite for incineration.

Personnel are advised to seek medical attention if becoming afflicted after an encounter with an affected operative. Surgical intervention is effective in early stages (1-2 hours). Pain management becomes impossible by the time lower-body cavities develop (3-4 hours).

Description: Predatory dental quadruped, one hundred multi-continental sightings post-1886. Precise details unknown: eyewitnesses invariably succumb to its effects—primarily, the rapid overproduction of teeth, inhibiting their ability to verbalize intelligibly. Recording devices are instantaneously compromised via the manifestation of dentin in critical components. Artistic representation varies wildly, yet focuses exclusively on various amalgamations of teeth and the associated gingiva.

SCP-4910 seems to be capable of differentiating between those unaware of its properties—typically civilians—whom it uses for sustenance; and those who specifically seek to either capture or harm it—such as personnel of both mundane and occult organisations—whom it targets for the purposes of esophageal replication.

While similar in most respects to standard victims, those targeted for replication act as a vector for SCP-4910's anomalous properties.

Previous 58 capture attempts unsuccessful, involving serious dental violence, internal bleeding, loss of life. Thirteen MTF-ε agents missing in action. Seven had [DATA EXPUNGED] plaque; since euthanised. Transformative autocannibalisation claimed five.

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