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Section of SCP-4909. Photo taken during Expedition Sutra-2.

Item#: SCP-4909

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Foundation Ships SCPS-0215 and SCPS-0216 are to patrol a 2 km² circular area of sea at coordinates ██° ██′ ██″ N ██° ██′ ██″ E. All civilian ships approaching the area are to be redirected using the cover story of an unstable volcanic vent currently being researched. Any bubbles breaking the surface of the water are to be explained as coming from the vent. Onboard observational equipment is to maintain constant surveillance of SCP-4909. Any deviations recorded must be reported to Dr. Roberts.

Due to risk of personnel loss and the cost of armed deep-sea vehicles, expeditions to SCP-4909 require the approval of at least two (2) Level 4 staff. Requests from staff to retrieve SCP-4909-2 samples from SCP-4909 for experimental or personal use are to be unequivocally denied.

Description: SCP-4909 constitutes an anomalous space, 1.14 km² in area, located on the seabed of the Indian Ocean, 53 kilometers from the southern coast of Sri Lanka. The area is bordered by and consists largely of unusually large specimens of kelp, the majority of which are unnaturally-colored. Hues of yellow, pink, red, and violet are the most common, though the colors seem to “regress” to standard coloration the further one moves away from the center of the area. SCP-4909 is currently home to two anomalous objects, designated SCP-4909-1 and SCP-4909-3, as well as an estimated ██ humans.

Within SCP-4909, living organisms requiring oxygen are able to breathe normally, provided the entire mass of their bodies remains below the canopy of kelp. This is done by anomalously changing the subject’s respiratory system, allowing the subject to inhale water, extract the oxygen from the water molecules inhaled, and exhale hydrogen, manifesting as bubbles underwater. How this process accounts for the mineral contents of salt water is currently unknown. The possibility of this process disproportionately affecting the hydrogen levels in Earth’s atmosphere should be of primary concern to research staff assigned to SCP-4909.

SCP-4909-1 is an entity resembling a common octopus (Octopus vulgaris), estimated to be 5 meters in height with varying tentacle lengths, ranging from around 2 meters to 6 meters, though the entity has been known to be able to extend these tentacles to lengths of over 2 kilometers when provoked. It has enhanced camouflaging capabilities, which it typically uses to exhibit a wide variety of colors, often those present in SCP-4909’s kelp. It is sapient, though unintelligent, and can communicate telepathically, with witnesses to this ability reporting hearing it speak English, with a thick British accent. SCP-4909-1 has so far shown an apparent inability to excrete ink, but instead constantly excretes a translucent-yellow liquid substance, slightly heavier than water, designated SCP-4909-2.

SCP-4909-1 believes it is the benevolent guardian of SCP-4909. It is willing and eager to provide assistance to individuals occupying SCP-4909, at their request. This has been known to take the form of transportation, cleaning, assistance with toileting, using its camouflage to project color patterns for entertainment, providing sexual favors, and using its tentacles to kill fish and other sea life and use them in “puppet shows.”

If outside forces attempt to remove an individual from SCP-4909, SCP-4909-1 will react violently, using its tentacles to lash and constrict the force(s) responsible until they are neutralized or relinquish the individual. During this attack, SCP-4909-1 will broadcast multiple telepathic messages to all individuals within a wide area, which rapidly leads to migraine headaches and confusion.1

Individuals already residing in SCP-4909 have not been known to leave of their own volition, presumably due to both the certainty of drowning outside SCP-4909, as well as the effects of SCP-4909-2.

SCP-4909-1 seems to bring individuals to SCP-4909, although the means by which it does so has yet to be observed, as the number of individuals inhabiting SCP-4909 has not increased since entering Foundation custody. The majority of individuals observed to inhabit SCP-4909 belong to ethnic groups present in various countries bordering the Indian Ocean.


Chemical structure of SCP-4909-2. Non-redacted version available in Document #4909-2-1.

SCP-4909-2 acts as a potent sedative and antidepressant, as well as a source of essential nutrients capable of sustaining every nutritional requirement of human physiology. It is non-toxic and can be ingested in large quantities without any observable detrimental effects. The ingestion of SCP-4909-2 by SCP-4909 inhabitants is believed to explain the lack of SCP-4909-2 pollution in the surrounding ocean. Further documentation regarding SCP-4909-2’s properties can be found in Document #4909-2-1 (Level 4 clearance required).

Individuals exposed to SCP-4909-2 enter a euphoric, often lethargic state. Various chemical treatments, including [REDACTED] have been successful in alleviating the effects of SCP-4909-2 on individuals retrieved from SCP-4909, though symptoms of depression have followed in █ of the █ cases recorded to date.

SCP-4909-3 is an object resembling a submarine, located within a cavern near the western border of SCP-4909. Its dimensions are roughly 5.5m x 2.5m x 3m. It is colored yellow and white, and does not resemble any currently-existing submarine design, as its hull appears to be made of a single mass, with no seams of any kind. It is made of a material similar to steel, but appears to be indestructible. Sounds of raucous laughter and noises similar to those made by deep-sea vehicles can be faintly heard from within its hull. SCP-4909-1 claims to have no knowledge of SCP-4909-3 outside of its existence. SCP-4909-3 has not been observed to move from its position within the cavern.

Interview #4909-1: The following interview was obtained from █████ █████, the first individual successfully retrieved from SCP-4909, shortly after being taken to SCPS-0215’s medical bay. Dialogue translated to English from Hindi.

<Begin Log: ██/██/20██, 1:12 PM>

Agent Nandasiri: “She’s okay enough, right, doctor? I want to record this for the files.”

[Sounds of violent struggle and metallic clanging]

Dr. Roberts: “Yes, just be quick about it, [Unintelligible] we’ll have to put her under soon.”

█████: “Bastards! Take me back! Take me back!”

Agent Nandasiri: “Can you please tell us about that place? The one we just rescued you from?”

█████: “You didn’t goddamn rescue me, you motherfucking [Unintelligible] Why can’t you take me back?”

Agent Nandasiri: “We suspect you were being held captive by that entity, the octopus. What can you tell us about the octopus?”

█████: “I wasn’t a captive! It kept us happy and safe! Can’t you take me back where I came from?!”

Dr. Roberts: “██████, I have to put her under.”


<End Log: ██/██/20██, 1:13 PM>

Addendum: After a successful [REDACTED] regimen, █████ entered a stable mental state and was able to cooperate with questioning. Following a period of observation of SCP-4909-2’s effects, she was administered amnestics and released.

Report #1485-████ to Site-68 Director ███████:

Name: Dr. Julian ████
Date: ██/██/20██
Assignment: SCP-1485 (London area)
Reporting: Non-standard inconsistency between SCP-1485 and Baseline

I’ve only been assigned here for a week and I’ve already noticed a glaring inconsistency in SCP-1485’s version of Earth. SCP-1485 has innumerable records of an influential 60’s rock band called The Beatles. A good 90% of SCP-1485 inhabitants I’ve interviewed are familiar with the name. Out of curiosity, I asked Dr. █████ in 1485’s Moscow to do similar interviews and even he reported a significant number of confirmations. How the hell is it possible that we’ve known about this place for [REDACTED] years and never noticed this?

Following Dr. ████’s report, it was discovered that there is no evidence of The Beatles in Baseline Earth. No records of band members P███ M████████, J███ L█████, G█████ H███████, or R██████ S██████ exist, although normal records exist for each of their parents and spouses, as well as other miscellaneous individuals associated with the band, such as B████ E██████, G█████ M█████, and G████ E██████. Musical innovations attributed to The Beatles in SCP-1485 are instead attributed to various other artists from the 60’s and 70’s, including [REDACTED]. Further research revealed that SCP-4909 and SCP-4909-3 bear a beyond-coincidental similarity to lyrics contained in The Beatles' songs “Octopus’s Garden” and “Yellow Submarine,” respectively.2

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