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Item #: SCP-4903

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4903 is to be suspended by two steel hooks mounted three meters above the floor and four meters apart from each other on the rear wall of its containment chamber. A removable safety net is to be mounted one meter from SCP-4903. Two digital clocks are to be in plain view of the chamber's security camera: one clock is to be positioned within SCP-4903-1 and the other is to be positioned within the containment chamber. Requests by SCP-4903-2 are to be sent to the Ethics Committee for approval. A bonesaw and standard first aid kit is to be positioned on the wall directly adjacent to SCP-4903.

Description: SCP-4903 is a cable loop measuring twelve meters in length and five centimeters in diameter, comprised of seven individual cords. Currently, the metallurgical makeup of four of the cords have been identified as iron, gold, lead, and cobalt. The remaining cords are fashioned from an unknown dark material with an Albedo rating of 0.02, an unknown reflective material with an Albedo rating of 0.98, and an unknown material which demonstrates complete transparency. Each cord has a word inscribed upon it.

The area enclosed by SCP-4903 functions as a three-dimensional gateway between local reality
and a pocket dimension, designated SCP-4903-1. The only physical structure native to SCP-4903-1 is a featureless white plane of indeterminate size. SCP-4903-1 is prone to temporal distortion events occurring approximately every three to twelve days. These events increase the passage of time within the anomaly by a significant multiplicative factor1 from the perspective of those outside. These distortions have been observed as lasting anywhere between seven minutes to thirteen days standard time in duration. SCP-4903-1 possesses an abnormally high Hume level of 385 and an ambient temperature of 4.4 degrees Celsius.

SCP-4903's manifestation within SCP-4903-1 is inert to all forces acting upon it from inside SCP-4903-1. Any movement of SCP-4903 causes its manifestation within SCP-4903-1 to mimic the horizontal motion introduced. Vertical motion of SCP-4903 has no effect on SCP-4903's manifestation. Sapient beings are unable to exit SCP-4903-1 through SCP-4903's manifestation.2

SCP-4903-2 is the designation assigned to the former D-41312 following exploration of and subsequent inability to leave SCP-4903-1. SCP-4903-2 has demonstrated immunity to all attempted methods of termination3 through a combination of rapid regeneration and a complete immunity to anomalous kill agents. SCP-4903-2 is generally amicable to Foundation personnel, although caution is necessary for interactions immediately following a temporal distortion event.

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