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Item #: SCP-4902

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4902 is to be contained within a standard anomalous objects locker. Testing of SCP-4902 must be approved by one Level-3 personnel and overseen by one Level 2 personnel. Following Incident-4902-1, all statements made by SCP-4902 are to be presumed false.

Description: SCP-4902 is a sapient King Owl brand refrigerator with a locking mechanism on its handle.1 SCP-4902 possesses the ability to manipulate magnetically charged objects placed on it, which it uses to communicate via the English alphabet; all attempts to use image-based magnets or languages with non-romanized letters, have thus far failed.

Discovery: On 3/24/19, SCP-4902 was discovered at a family-owned furniture store, Bill's Best, following police reports of several messages spelled out with an alphabetic magnet set suggesting a child's body was hidden within SCP-4902. Review of the security footage showed the magnets moving across SCP-4902. The following day, Foundation agents arrived and amnesticized all workers involved before retrieving SCP-4902 and all footage involving it.

Interveiw Log-4902-1:

Interviewed: SCP-4902

Interviewer: Researcher Alces

Foreword: The following interview was conducted the week after SCP-4902's retrieval. SCP-4902 was provided two sets of the English alphabet.

<Begin Log>

Researcher Alces: Hello there, SCP-4902, would you mind answering a few questions for me?

SCP-4902: no

Researcher Alces: How did you arrive at Bill's Best?

SCP-4902: idk look in rec0rd

Researcher Alces: Could you provide us any detail about your time prior to your recovery?

SCP-4902: owned by hick

Researcher Alces: Anything else?

SCP-4902: hid body in me ad lock

Researcher Alces: They hid a body in you?

SCP-4902: yes

Researcher Alces: Could you give any details about this person?

SCP-4902: bloody mess kid

Reasacher Alces: You don't appear to have any marks on you.

SCP-4902: cleaned

Reacher Alces: Alright, and why don't you smell of rot.

SCP-4902: airtight and cold

Researcher Alces: You've been off power for weeks.

SCP-4902: airtight

Researcher Alces: Okay? Are you aware of anyone who has a key?

SCP-4902: hick man but he crazy

Researcher Alces: Could you give us any clues as to where he lives?

SCP-4902: idk bumfuck

Researcher Alces: Is there anything at all that you can think of?

SCP-4902: not really

<End Log>

Closing Statement: Following Interview-4902-1, investigation into how SCP-4902 can be opened is underway.

Addendum: After several attempts to pick SCP-4902's lock, Foundation agents used a welder. Upon starting up the welder SCP-4902's lock clicked and its door opened up to reveal a single post-it note with the following message on it:

Chill bro, it's just a prank.

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