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False-color radio imaging of SCP-4899

Item #: SCP-4899

Object Class: Euclid Keter

Special Containment Procedures:

Following Incident 4899-R, SCP-4899 has been upgraded to Keter classification. SCP-4899 has since stopped broadcasting any transmissions. As of this time, no means exist to properly contain SCP-4899.

Description: SCP-4899 is a celestial object approximately 144 light-years from Earth. The object emits no visible light, instead broadcasting radio waves. Interestingly, Foundation observation via spacecraft augmented with temporal sinks has revealed that SCP-4899 is specifically broadcasting to Earth, with no other known areas of reception.

SCP-4899’s transmissions normally include footage of Earth, although the quality of these transmissions is abnormally high for such a distance. Furthermore, rather than being delayed by the speed of light, the object’s broadcasts take place in real time, indicating that SCP-4899, or its creators, have access to faster-than-light technology.

Since its discovery, SCP-4899 has been transmitting increasingly more "aware" footage of Earth, switching from no recognizable pattern of locations to metropolitan areas in 18██, to national military bases in 19██, to the locations of various heads of state in 19██, and finally to Foundation areas and sites in 20██. How SCP-4899 has been able to identify Foundation areas based entirely on external observation is currently unknown.

Additionally, approximately half an hour after every transmission is intercepted, some sort of calamity will occur within the location captured by SCP-4899. These calamities range from small fires, to entire containment breaches. As more images have been transmitted by SCP-4899, the scale of these disasters has steadily increased.

Some of SCP-4899’s transmissions can be found below.

Addendum 4899-T:

Incident 4899-R:

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