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4/4898 LEVEL 4/4898
Item #: SCP-4898


Saul Kronenberg

Special Containment Procedures: Due to the public nature of SCP-4898, the already wide propagation of its assumed name, and its ability to traverse space, it is currently infeasible to contain the anomaly. However, SCP Foundation Task Force Rho-3 ("The Hills Have Eyes") has been established to monitor advertisements, media activity, and business conduct for SCP-4898 and limit its reach.

SCP-4898 itself appears to be aware of the risks of exposure and will self-limit conduct in order to maximize its effectiveness.

Description: SCP-4898 is an extradimensional humanoid entity that possesses the ability to manipulate space including instantaneous teleportation, the ability to co-locate, and the ability to clone or duplicate matter. Appearing as a late middle-aged humanoid male of Italian descent, the entity identifies as 'Saul Kronenberg' and most commonly manifests in the greater area of Los Angeles, California.

SCP-4898 has been observed conducting business consistent with that of a normal 'Hollywood Agent' that services the film and television industry. The entity operates a small business front located in West Hollywood, CA that does business as "Kronenberg Talent Management" and regularly takes meetings and hosts client negotiations at this location.

The entity freely manifests at industry-related socialization and networking events in order to meet potential clients and foster established relationships. The manner in which the entity engages clients or conducts business does not itself appear to be anomalous and instead relies upon substantially undercutting the industry standard rate for comparable services. See Addendum 4898.1 for additional details.

Discovery Log: In 2003, data analysis flagged a substantial uptick in credited work for a number of actors generally associated with 'indie' style films. Further investigation determined that these actors appeared in and were credited in a number of films which had a substantial overlap in production and filming schedules. All flagged actors shared a listed agent of 'Saul Kronenberg' as a common link.

Additional backtracking found the name 'Saul Kronenberg' appearing in the credits of films as far back as 1979, however, no corroborating financial or business records have been located prior to 1994 when the business 'Kronenberg Talent Management' was first registered. It is unknown how long this entity has been operating.

In 2004 Foundation analysts isolated an actor credited with the role of 'unknown prisoner' in the film Chronicles of Riddick, who listed Saul Kronenberg as his booking agent. This person was marked as POI-4898-1 and placed under Foundation monitoring. The next day, POI-4898-1 was observed leaving his apartment at 09:10. Then again at 09:24. And a third time at 09:41. At no point was POI-4898-1 observed returning to the apartment during this time, and each instance of POI-4898-1 left for a different destination.

Foundation resources were mobilized and all three iterations were apprehended after arriving on location. Interviews and observation determined that none of the instances of POI-4898-1 appeared independently anomalous and did not appear to be aware of the other instances. After approximately 48 hours in Foundation custody, two instances of POI-4898-1 collapsed into an equivalent volume of a viscous, tan fluid of unknown origins. The surviving instance of POI-4898-1 was administered Class B amnestics and returned to the general population.

Researcher's Note: The recovered fluid is a mixture of selenium-gold alloy and a silicon-based organic compound. When an electrical current is applied to the material, it phase-transitions into a rigid substance in a manner similar to that of 'smart metal'. However, the substance appears to no longer retain its originally programmed shape.

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