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SCP-4896 before commencing with experimentation

Item #: SCP-4896

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4896 is to be kept inside a standard locked safe-deposit box within Site 73. All testing is to be approved by SCP-4896 Project Head. Any subjects that have had their neck or throat affected by SCP-4896, or have any of the procedures detailed in SCP-4896-Gamayun carried out on them, are to be contained in a standard humanoid containment cell.

Description: SCP-4896 is a knife bearing physical resemblance to traditional Yakutian knives1, with a blade 17.78cm in length. SCP-4896's anomalous effects manifest when the blade is used to cut another person, with varying results depending on what area of the body was cut. To date, all anomalous effects from SCP-4896 have resulted in the subject's body becoming more avian, specifically with new features resembling the genus Corvus corone2, in both form and function. This effect only occurs when the item is used to injure another human, and does not manifest when used on non-human entities or when used upon oneself.

Biological samples taken from affected individuals show a fusion of both Corvus corone and Homo sapiens DNA. Growths from affected area are not rejected by the subject's body, despite vast differences in structure from the base human norm. When an affected area is injured it will heal to the state it was at pre-injury, while maintaining its Corvid features. For more information, see SCP-4896 Test Logs below.

Discovery: SCP-4896 was initially discovered in the weeks following the Chernobyl Disaster. During the efforts to contain the fire within Reactor 4, fire crews manning the helicopters reported a black winged humanoid within the smoke. Foundation agents already present dispatched MTF Beta-7 ("Maz Hatters") to investigate the surrounding area under the pretense of searching for and providing clean up detail for irradiated debris and materials.

On 8th May 1986, MTF Beta-7 encountered a group of cultists operating within the countryside 16km outside of Pripyat, and after a brief engagement secured their base of operations. Alongside several documents and texts pertaining to the group's functions and goals (See addendum SCP-4896-Gamayun) SCP-4896 was discovered. The winged humanoid was not encountered during the search or engagement with the group, and no reports of them have been made since the initial sighting.


    • _

    Date: 27/07/1986
    Subject: D-8349
    Area(s) Cut: Left and right forearm
    Result: A 9cm incision was made along the outer side of the left forearm. Several black feathers grew from the wound. The wound itself healed rapidly, with no visible scarring. Two 20cm incisions were made along both outer and inner sides of the right forearm. Black feathers grew across the entirety of the subjects forearm. Another incision was made between the two initial incisions which rapidly healed with no visible scarring. D-8349 attempted to remove feathers but was restrained by security personnel.

    Date: 05/08/1986
    Subject: D-14332
    Area(s) Cut: Both left and right feet along the dorsal and plantar regions.
    Result: Calcaneus extended from the heel of both feet, breaking the skin before narrowing into a black talon. Surrounding tissues became more scaled in appearance and also darkened. Hallux extended into a talon akin to the calcaneus, while the second and third toe fused to produce a similar effect. The fourth and fifth toe also underwent this process. Subject reacted with extreme distress, and commented that the physical alterations were exceedingly painful.

    Date: 11/08/1986
    Subject: D-5503
    Area(s) Cut: Neck
    Result: Incisions were made along the top, bottom and sides of the neck. Entire neck was rapidly covered by feathers, Subject's vocalisations were identified as matching Corvus corone specimens.
    Notes: Groundskeeping staff noted an abnormally large group of crows around the perimeter of the site. Experiments involving incisions of the neck are to be halted for the time being. - Dr Heller

    Date: 15/08/1986
    Subject: D-7207
    Area(s) Cut: Lips, and left and right scapula
    Result: Incisions were made down the entire length of scapula, whereafter a set of black wings measuring 6.7m from wingtip to wingtip grew from the incisions. Incisions around the lips caused a complete keratin beak measuring 42.19cm in length to grow from the subject's lips. The subject's teeth fell out as the gum line receded, though the subject retained full capability to communicate. Subject displayed a great amount of distress and attempted to escape confinement, during which the right wing ulna was broken due to mishandling by security personnel.

    Date: 23/08/1986
    Subject: D-8037
    Area(s) Cut: Head, arms, legs, hands and feet
    Result: Subject underwent expected metamorphosis, skull morphology altered during the process to become more avian in appearance. The neck and throat underwent this process as well, with a similar result to the test on D-5503 despite not receiving any incisions. Subject's hands became similar to the feet, with dark scales and talons growing from the flesh and nails respectively. Subject to undergo additional testing to establish full parameters of anomalous effects.

      • _

      Upon complete translation of document SCP-4896-Gamayun three distinct symbols and their functions were discovered. Each symbol was tested in isolation as detailed below.

      Date: 21/09/1986
      Subject: D-3398
      Area(s) Cut: Lumbar region
      Result: Pattern Gamayun-Alpha was cut into the subject's lower back. The subject's skin became waxy and pale in colouration. Subject began to complain of a deep itchiness across their entire body. Subject's hair and teeth fell out, as well as nails on both hands and feet. Subject began salivating intensely and adopted the fetal position. Over the span of 3 minutes and 32 seconds, the subject's skin grew to encapsulate their entire body before calcifying. Subject did not move for 11 days after this with only faint, muffled vocalisations being heard. After 11 days, the surface of the calcified skin began to crack and 1 hour 12 minutes later a 1.8m tall Corvus corone instance hatched. The instance spoke in a distorted call of Corvus corone. Later analysis of this call revealed it to be a distorted version of D-3398's voice.

      Date: 28/10/1986
      Subject: D-6083
      Area(s) Cut: Chest
      Result: Pattern Gamayun-Beta was cut into the subject's chest. Subject began convulsing upon completion of Gamayun-Beta and collapsed to the floor. Subject's skin around the rib cage showed numerous anomalous growths. After 37 seconds of steadily increasing in size, subject's ribcage broke through the skin. 7 anomalous growths could be seen within, having replaced subject's lungs. 12 seconds later, the growths each erupted with a full grown instance of Corvus corone. Security personnel terminated all instances. All personnel who had been injured in some manner by the instances were found to have Pattern Gamayun-Beta appear around the injury within 30 minutes. Affected personnel underwent a similar process, with the anomalous growths appearing underneath the affected area.

      Date: 12/03/1987
      Subject: D-11923
      Area(s) Cut: Forehead
      Result: Pattern Gamayun-Gamma was cut into subject's forehead. Subject rapidly formed black feathers across their body and extremities. Feet formed into the feet of Corvus corone including talons. Head remained unaffected. Arms formed into a full pair of wings, with fingers receding into the wing structure. Subject spoke in Russian for the duration of the process, recorded statements have been matched to documents within SCP-4896-Gamayun.

      Incident Log SCP-4896-12-03-87-Alpha

      Foreword: D-11923 was moved to a standard humanoid containment cell after completion of the Pattern Gamayun-Gamma test. For 3 hours and 52 minutes D-11923 patrolled the perimeter of the cell repeating statements that match with those recorded in SCP-4896-Gamayun.

      <Begin Log>

      09:23:33: D-11923 ceases patrolling the cell and faces the southern wall. D-11923 stretches their wings out, facing the wall as numerous unknown symbols manifest on the wall itself.

      09:23:58: Patterns Gamayun-Alpha, Gamayun-Beta and Gamayun-Gamma are identified upon the wall. D-11923 begins speaking in as of yet untranslated Russian dialect.

      09:24:12: Numerous other symbols3 manifest along the eastern and western wall. Security is notified of a potential breach in progress.

      09:24:56: Instances matching the physical appearance of Corvus corone manifest from the Gamayun-Delta instances, flying around D-11923 in a clockwise fashion. These instances are composed of the same steel used in construction of the cell. Security arrive and enter the containment cell.

      09:25:07: Corvus corone instances assault security personnel, prioritising any exposed skin or flesh. Instances that are successful proceed to burrow into the flesh of the victim. Of the six security personnel at the scene of the incident, only one is unaffected. The remaining five begin to convulse and collapse to the floor.

      09:26:18: Remaining security personnel retreats from the containment cell and requests for the containment wing to be locked down. Request granted. Seven seconds after lockdown is in effect, all contact is lost with security personnel.

      09:34:27: Deceased security personnel are seen convulsing, before a Corvus corone instance bursts from each victim's cranium, having enlarged itself in the process. Other growths can be seen pressing against the uniforms of the victims across all areas of their bodies. All security personnel and D-11923 proceed to leave the containment cell.

      09:38:32: MTF Upsilon-12 ("Bird Watchers") are directed to Site-73, a site lockdown is initiated and a containment breach declared. As D-11923 traverses the halls numerous Gamayun-Delta instances manifests on the walls, generating further Corvus corone instances.

      09:57:11: MTF Upsilon-12 arrive at the scene of the breach and engage D-11923 and Gamayun-Delta affected personnel. D-11923 is tranquilised and recontained. A total of 13 Foundation personnel were killed as a result of this breach.

      <End Log>

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