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"Self-portrait" of SCP-4895 (recovered under subject's sleeping quarters following a failed containment breach)

Item #: SCP-4895

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4895 is to be contained within a standard humanoid containment cell fitted with a lightbox, mirror, electronic piano, plastic construction bricks, and a video camera. Depending on compliance with any personnel, SCP-4895 is permitted the freedom to watch up to an hour and a half of television or time to draw using an electronic tablet.

Description: SCP-4895 is a humanoid with the top half of their head missing. The top half of SCP-4895's head is completely flat, topped with a patch of grass. A miniature barn sits on this surface, as well as a fence, a small pond, and 2 small organisms hereby referred to as SCP-4895-1 and SCP-4895-2. SCP-4895-1 is a 7cm tall human male lacking facial features, wears overalls, a straw hat, and has been observed carrying a small dining fork at times. SCP-4895-2 is a miniature cow in proportion with SCP-4895-1. Both SCP-4895-1 and SCP-4895-2 have been observed avoiding the edges of SCP-4895. Gravity does not seem to affect SCP-4895-1 and SCP-4895-2, as numerous tests have shown them to be unaffected regardless of SCP-4895's speed and position.

SCP-4895 is self-sustaining, as neither it nor SCP-4895-1 and SCP-4895-2 require food or water to live. If SCP-4895-1 and -2 are removed from SCP-4895 by any means, the previous instances will vanish and reappear atop SCP-4895 within 24 hours. Despite not having ears or eyes, SCP-4895 has no trouble viewing or hearing things.

SCP-4895 is very social, and takes pleasure in speaking with Foundation staff as well as a multitude of other activities including
-Writing Songs/Composing music
-Filming with a camcorder
-Creating statues with plastic building bricks

SCP-4895 shows a considerable amount of passion towards its "creations" and will often resist testing procedures unless Foundation staff look at any works made by SCP-4895. SCP-4895 will show signs of depression and apathy when its creations are ignored.

Hi, my name is George. Im 17 years old, and I dont have a job. My therapist told me I should start a diary so thats what im doing. Yesterday I ate lunch with some staff. I don't know what else to say.

hi again, i tried to escape yesterday. i honestly dont know why though? these people have guns and shit and i just have a fucking orange jumpsuit. no, the farm on my head doesnt do anything, stop asking about it!! Whenevner i get caught doing something bad they make it so i cant watch tv and i already built with the lego bucket so i thoght id journal. hopefully i can write a good song tomorrow

song: i just had a dream where i could outrun the water
look into my eyes
they're a gateway to hell
i just had a dream
where i could outswim the current
a farm across my head
is what makes me

im sick of this place. i hate these people. they don't care about me, or what i like to make. they just dont understand me or how i work. they dont want to understand me so they can help me, they just want to understand me so they can feel better about themselves, but i have no clue what one more line of research would do to save the fucking planet. nobody cares. it makes it hard for me to care about being compliant when this room in this building is the one thing i know. do you think i know why this farm is on my head? i dont give have half a dick! I dont know myself and i dont want to either, i just want to go somewhere else. can they not give me a new head? i promise i wouldn't tell anyone about your psychotic torture routines. lobotomize me motherfucker, i dont care. when i give this journal to you at the end of the week i bet you're going to give me a fidget toy or something. yeah you're really fucking strong aren't you

im gonna make a movie, its going to be fucking great. I'll get some of my lego stormtroopers and put them on my head and see how the little farmer guy and his cow react, itll be awesome. fuck it, i'll lay down and then let them build whatever they want with my lego bricks. i'll name the little farmer john, and his cow will be yoko. Whats your favorite beatles album, doctor?
yeah thats a good one.

i want 2 dogs and i want their name to be paul and ringo We're the beatles!

sometimes i feel like because i havent faced hardships nearly as strong as some other people here it means i have no right to feel upset about things. maybe i have it good here. no, cant be. I guess i'm just tired of this complex and clinical "foundation" lifestyle. probably nothing, its just been on my mind. i wish i could help you guys more. Do you guys think I could get a computer so i could play minecraft?

Whenever I play keyboards or draw now, i do it in front of a mirror. i never really stopped to think about john and yoko. they seem happy.
yoko fell into the pond earlier and john laughed while he was trying to get her out. thats the kind of symbiotic relationship i think i need, haha. oh! also i got minecraft, its a lot of fun. my favorite part is the building, i suck at combat so i like creative mode.

ever since john and yoko got ahold of my lego collection, i think im kind of envying them. i dont think they know where they are, but theyre definitely smart. I'm writing in front of a mirror right now and I'm watching john milk yoko. its simple. comforting. why cant that be me? the farmer, not the cow.

last night I had a dream where I was john. i woke up with my straw hat and suspenders on and i got to work. I visited yoko and gave her a hug. Nobody is there to restrain me, i didnt want to leave. i tended to my wheat and went back into my barn to sleep. Also, merry christmas.

it's been a few weeks since my last journal entry, I just thought I'd mention that i've had some more dreams about being john or yoko. No clue where this leaves me. It's nice.

multiple months since my last entry. i only sleep now. thank you, foundation.

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