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Item #: SCPStJhonswort1-4893

Object ClassLily_yellow2Rhododendron3Gladiolus4: SafeBegonia5

Special Containment ProcedureLily_yellowOdontoglossum6PeachBlossom7Geranium_red8: SCPStJhonswort-4893 is to be kept in a standard item storage lockerFern9 at Site-630. ViewingSanvitalia10 SCPStJhonswort-4893's contentIris11 is prohibited.

DescriptionLily_yellowSolidaster12: SCPStJhonswort-4893 is a poetry bookAmaryllis13 written in DutchTulip_orange14 that causes synesthesiaRose_lavender15Lupine16 in the reader where stimulation by written wordsIris produces visions of synonymous flowers in the floriography.

SCPStJhonswort-4893 was discoveredSanvitalia in 1550Fir17 when the rumor that a flowering bookAmaryllis was found in a village outside Maastricht, the NetherlandsTulipTulip_orange, caught the FoundationMistletoe18Sage19CherryBlossom20's interest. SCPStJhonswort-4893 was containedGeranium_red21 along with its previousCyclamen22 owner and ██ other people exposed individuals, designated SCPStJhonswort-4893-1, when amnesticPansy23Poppy24 treatment proved ineffective. All instances of SCPStJhonswort-4893-1 are deceasedLily25 as of DecemberNarcissus26 9th, 1613Fir.

Security Clearance LevelRose_white27 3 or higher required. Authenticating…

Completed personal authentication. Accessing the SCPStJhonswort-4893-KM2 file.

+ For SCP-4893 Head Researcher's eyes only- To my successor

First of all, CasaBlanca54 on the promotion.

From today, you are the Burdock55 researcher of StJhonswort56-4893, and thus StJhonswort-4893 itself. It'll be very difficult for you to Sanvitalia57 this Iris58, but you'll get used to it soon.

Well, you might be wondering. Why do I have to become StJhonswort-4893? Why not use Hyssop59?

It was like that at first when StJhonswort-4893 was Sanvitalia. In fact, StJhonswort-4893 has been Alstroemeria60 for many years by Goldenrod61, young Hyssop. But there is something very different now: the literacy rate. Now many people can read and write Iris in JapaneseQuince62 and Thoroughwort63 countries. Inevitably, the possibility of exposure to StJhonswort-4893's KamchatkaLily64 has increased. Any Iris written or typed by StJhonswort-4893 is a source of infection. There have been cases in which a Hyssop who have Alstroemeria StJhonswort-4893 in the past carved Iris on the wall and made many of the GiantButterbur65 become StJhonswort-4893.

Our Hollyhock66Monkshood67 is "Fern68, PeachBlossom69,Geranium_red70". It is not good enough to just Fern and PeachBlossom any StJhonswort. It is therefore best to choose StJhonswort-4893's Alstroemeria from among Mistletoe71Sage72CherryBlossom73 personnel who can understand the MistletoeSageCherryBlossom's HollyhockMonkshood and carry it out. Alstroemeria what we have PeachBlossom and Geranium_red. And someday you will AlstroemeriaShephherd'sPurse74 the Clover_white75 to someone else. Carnation_white76

Cyclamen77 StJhonswort-4893 Burdock Researcher
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