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Department of Foundation Historical Records
The following document has been archived.

Access may only be granted to approved personnel followed by extensive amnestic treatment. The only remaining copies of this document are the following physical document and a single digital copy accessible only to personnel with Level 3/4891 clearance.

If at any point personnel hear sounds of buzzing while reading this document, they are to immediately activate the chambers sprinkler systems to release an amnestic based pesticide agent.

Item #: SCP-4891

Object Class: Keter Apollyon

Special Containment Procedures: Containment of SCP-4891 is ongoing. SCP-4891 instances are to be terminated on-sight. Personnel are not to remove protective clothing or equipment outside of protected areas while studying SCP-4891.

Locations containing nesting instances of SCP-4891 are to be immediately put under quarantine, and all nests and instances must be incinerated.

Infected subjects are to be sedated to prevent awareness of physical sensations and given amnestic treatment to remove the anomaly. Mass euthanization is to be performed in the event of overflowing infected subjects in highly populated areas.

In the event of a K-Class 4891 scenario, an amnestic infused pesticide compound will be released in affected locations.

Update: Production and transferal of the compound to additional Sites is ongoing.

Description: SCP-4891 is an anomalous species of Megaselia scalaris (coffin fly). SCP-4891 instances reproduce via transferal of a cognitohazard spread through direct physical contact with other lifeforms; predominantly humans and cattle. Subjects must be consciously aware that the instance of SCP-4891 is touching them in-order for the effect to activate.

Following infection, an instance of SCP-4891 will manifest on subjects' bodies whenever they feel a physical touch they consciously believe is another instance of SCP-4891 or insect landing on them. This is often caused by an itching sensation or a light touch. Due to the increasing appearance of instances this effect causes, subjects are likely to begin mistaking similar skin sensations for additional instances of SCP-4891 landing on them. The number of manifesting instances is equal to the area of skin the sensation is perceived by the subject to cover.

Without appropriate treatment, subjects will gradually begin perceiving any sort of physical sensation as an SCP-4891 instance touching them. Prolonged exposure will result in untreated subjects equating any physical sensation on their body to be from an instance of SCP-4891.

Approximately 95% of subjects that have gone untreated for SCP-4891 infection have expired. Notable causes include:

  • Accidents brought on from instances disabling subjects' vision when manifesting through the sensation of blinking eyelids.
  • Choking on instances manifesting in subjects' throats when breathing heavily or from other throat sensations.
  • Suffocation/choking from an overflow of instances inside breached biosuits.
  • Mass instances appearing under and rupturing subjects' skin from interior bodily functions.
  • Interior damage from instances appearing with the feeling of each heartbeat.

Addendum-1: Following failure to decrease the SCP-4891 population, its cognitohazardous effects appear to have developed further. Knowledge of SCP-4891 itself is now sufficient for manifestation of such anomalous properties.

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